Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia Supreme 80% HCA

The first time I heard about Garcinia Cambogia was on TV and I was curious to try it myself. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to review this dietary supplement and I was really thrilled about it.

When I am not in my best mood, I bake and stay in the kitchen a lot. I noticed that for quiet sometime and with that being said, gaining weight is expected (of course)  ... and that's the reason why I wanted to try this product. I maintain a certain weight and if lbs are added on a daily basis, honestly, I get nervous. I love taking this dietary supplement, Garcinia Cambogia because it suppresses my appetite therefore, I don't eat that much and I do not crave food like crazy. That's really a good thing. Taking 2 capsules 30 minutes before my meal has become my routine already. It works for me since I take this dietary supplement for few weeks now, 

Shipping and Handling:

It is really important for me that when I receive the product, it should be in good condition and so far, my expectation exceeded. The bottle is big and it contains 180 capsules, sealed perfectly and the packaging is good. The product arrived on time.

About the Product:

-  Garcinia Cambogia contains 80% HCA and 1400 Mg servings.
-  This dietary supplement is THIRD PARTY tested, and verified for HCA standardization.
- Used premium quality extracts containing hydroxycitric acid (HCA) produced from highest    quality Indian and Asian Garcinia Cambogia fruit rind.
- Garcinia Cambogia is PURE QUALITY.
- Garcinia Cambogia is stimulant free and promotes a balanced, lighter mood by boosting Serotonin levels.
- This product is allergen-free and uses a vegetable capsule with no fillers or binders.
- Manufactured in world class GMP certified facilities in the USA.
- This is free of contaminants and toxins.
-  Quality and safe.

For more information visit the Website today. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Riki iPad Cover from #Maroo

I can't contain myself from the excitement when said yes to send me a free product for my #iPad. This is actually my second product from them. Here's the first #iPadcover that I received : A Drogo Leather Case iPad Cover. If you please, kindly check it out and tell me, what do you think?

In the meantime, let me tell you about this product that I got. This design is called Riki, a premium stitched leather iPad cover. The product arrived on time and is in great condition. As always, the shipping and handling of their products in this company is excellent! As what I expected it to be, it looks exactly the same as it is in the picture.

The product is quality made. If you are familiar with a Maori tribal flag, the Riki design projects what it is. When I was looking which design I wanted to have, I was drawn to Riki. Little did I know that this design represents strength and growth. Perfect! It's what I need right now. Literally though, this iPad cover is sturdy and I know that this will truly protect my iPad.

Product Features:
- Premium patterned leather design.
- Smart magnet sleep/wake functionality.
- Patented SG Bumper Technology which securely protects the iPad.
- Portfolio style for 360 degree protection.
- Foldable front cover for easy typing and video viewing.
- Stylish non-scratch interior.
- Stylus holder
- Interior pocket flap with business card slot.
- Elastic hand strap to enhance comfort and grip
- Total access to all buttons and jacks.
- Opening in cover for full camera functionality.

As what Maroo promised, my iPad will be tightly secured because they are using premium leather material and with Riki design, I know they can fulfill that promised. The Riki iPad cover was designed with four separate types of leather and that's amazing already, don't you think?

For more information, please like their page in Facebook and follow them in Twitter
You can purchase this product at Maroo website.

So far, I am so happy with my new Riki iPad cover. For sure, I will be using this for so long. I highly recommend that you should check out this iPad cover.

I received the product for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally and believed will be good for my readers. I am not compensated with this post. All opinions are my own.

The iPhone5c : Hubby's First Smartphone Choice

I know that a lot of you right now are hearing negative reviews of iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I am a Samsung Galaxy user, I have the Note3 and I love it. It's a perfect phone for me especially the size. Before that, I have an iPhone 5S gold and I love it as well except the size. It is too small for me so; I returned it. I am a fan of both iPhone and Samsung. Anyway, this is iPhone5c and the color is green, hubby's first choice of smart phone.

We both love the features and since we have an iPad, we are both familiar with how an iPhone works. Siri is very convenient to use and my husband loves to use it more than I do. When it comes to the camera, the resolution is perfect that is why; we use the iPhone in taking pictures more than my DSLR. It is just convenient you know.

Quality made, that's what an iPhone is. No matter what others say about an iPhone product, I can personally say that an iPhone is the best phone there is.

The husband is contented with his iPhone because it's what he needs and it works for him. He does not like a bigger phone like my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If it is smaller then, he would probably choose it.

The bottom line is, people has their own say whether they like an iPhone or Samsung depending on how and what their phone is for. The availability of the apps matter a lot too. As long as it works on the individual's lifestyle whether it is an iPhone or Samsung, it truly depends.

I advice that you should try to get both phones first and try it for a month then, you will know which phone will work out for you.

When I asked my husband if he will upgrade to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+, he said no because of the size.

As for me, since I have two lines, personal and business lines, I plan to get the iPhone 6+ , upgrading my Blackberry Z10.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Do You Budget Your Money

Budgeting can be stressful! It is truly hard to live according to our means but, if we sacrifice and do just that, greater glory comes at the end. How do you budget your hard-earned income? I will not pretend to be good at this but, let's just remind ourselves that when we do this, we eventually get out from being broke and feeling miserable every payday. Before I forget, try to listen to The Dave Ramsay Show on the radio. When it comes to money, this guy talks sensible. After all, he is the trusted money expert in America. Well, I listen to him once in a while and I thought ... you should to.

On Pay Day, there's two things that you should do:

1. Save- Right before you budget your money, make sure you set aside an X amount of money and deposit it to your savings account. Even if the budgeting is too tight, there is nothing could go wrong when you set aside a certain amount on your savings account.
2. Budget - I am sure you already know what to pay for the whole month. For example, bills for water, electric, food, gas company, phone and TV company, and so on. You basically know what to pay so; even if the due date is in two weeks time, pay them anyway. That saves a lot of your worries and besides, you will not use the money intended for that bill payment.
Shopping and dining out should not be frequent especially when the budget is too tight for the month. Buy groceries instead that would last for two weeks. If you have an extra money, save it for rainy days or spend it on special occasions.
Good luck!

Friday, September 12, 2014

#AminoAcids : Branch Chain Amino Acids #Review

When was the last time that you went to the hospital? Either you went there for a general check up or visited someone, hospitals are not a pleasant place to go to. Unless you went there to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby, hospitals are dreaded by many. Most of the time, we go to hospitals because we are sick and that's not pleasant! For me, I don't like to see the agonizing pain of the patients and the sight of family members who worry the financial aspects of the situation. I can only sigh! We don't want to get sick that is why; we strive to be healthy.

I believe that when we and our loved-ones are healthy, happiness will flow right through it. It's worry-free! As best as we can, we strive to live healthy, eat healthy food and if there is a need to take a dietary supplement, we need to because it is part of practicing a healthy living lifestyle.

Two weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try the #BCAA dietary supplement. BCAA stands for
Branch Chain Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein. This dietary supplement supports the muscle growth. I am not a dietary supplement dependent but I take it when I am sold with the product. I see to it that it’s what I need. What I like most of this BCAA is that; it is a veggie capsule and no other ingredients added to it. To live healthy is to have a balance diet and when I can't get enough proteins from the food that I eat daily, I take dietary supplement. Check out the recommended dietary allowance below:
The following statements are what #BCAA claimed for:

1. Enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis
2. Equalize Muscle Building Between Young and Old
3. Increases Fat Burning and Supports Fat Loss
4. Supports Hormone Balance During Intense Training
5. May Improve Strength Development with Training
6. Enhances Endurance Performance and Decreases Fatigue
7. Decreases Muscle Soreness & DOMS for Greater Training Frequency
8. Prevents Muscle Loss During Long Duration Exercise
9. Improves Insulin Health and May Reduce Diabetes Risk
10. Correlate with Longevity and Are Therapeutic.

I can't tell if I experience those upon taking the dietary supplement for few days but this I know, amino acids are important to our health. Amino Acids in the form of proteins make up our body weight. Since there are over a dozen of amino acids and categorized into Essential and Non-essential, our body MUST have the right combination of both and other nutrients for protein maintenance. Amino Acids are essential in our body because it also helps repair the tissues and they form antibodies to combat viruses and .... many more.

I am glad that I tried this dietary supplement. By the way, the shipping and handling in this particular product is satisfactory. I can't blame the company/seller though because when I receive the product, it was packed together with my other orders. Since I have an Amazon Prime, the shipping was free. It was not wrap in a bubble so; the bottle was smashed but the capsules were fine.

To order this product, check out #BCAApromotion in Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#ProductReview : Propresser Professional #GarlicPress in Stainless Steel

I am truly delighted to have this product for free. Thank you #Orblue for this opportunity. The product arrived in excellent condition with in two days. So, when it comes to shipping and handling, I am very pleased to receiving it.

I was not really expecting how my new Garlic Press would look like once I receive it but I tell you what, I was impressed. It looks exactly as how it is in the picture, great looking and in high quality standard. I saw it advertised in a video and I told to myself, I want one! I am one of those who dreaded to peel and mince garlic. I know that's an exaggerated word but, there's truth to it! As much as possible when I prep, I don't want to slice or touch it because it is sticky and the smell would linger in my hand for quiet sometime. Therefore, using a garlic presser is truly a great helper in my kitchen!

Quality Product - The moment I used it, I can tell that this garlic press is very durable. Every detail is quality made and very sturdy when I hold it. It looks elegant too considering this product is made of 100% solid stainless steel. It is solidly built as well as easy and simple to use so; I think this product is made to last for a long time.

Minced unpeeled cloves- I love the fact that when I want a minced garlic, it will be ready in seconds and I don't have to peel. Time saver right? Well, I tried both ways and each time, minced garlic comes out easily. The skin of the garlic was left in the basket when I used the unpeeled clove. This product is good because one clove yielded enough as what I expected which means, no garlic is left in the side of the basket. Nothing is wasted. Every minced garlic comes out is on my small dish. It is fine enough the way I like it. Effortless- that's how I feel every time I used this garlic press.

Easy to Clean- After using, I just rinse it and all the tiny pieces inside the basket (if there's any) came off easily. It is a time saver because I don't have to struggle to clean it.

The minced garlic that comes out in the garlic presser is pretty much in the same size so; when I used it in my dish, the garlic flavor spreads out well because the garlic sautéed evenly. No big chunks and no tiny bits of pieces that when it is sautéed too long have the bitter taste to it, nothing like that. All in all, I am happy with this pretty garlic presser. Check out the short video that I took using my Instagram.

To see how this works, you can watch the video HERE.
You may order the Propresser Garlic Press Stainless Steel in Amazon.
For more information please follow them in Facebook and Twitter.

I received this product for free. Regardless, I only recommend the product that I used personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am not compensated with this post. All opinions are my own

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hang-out by the Poolside

The other day, I feel like singing so; I plugged my magic sing and started selecting my songs ... alone, LOL. Well, the husband was trying to steal my microphone away just messing up with me. As much as possible, I don't want him to hold the microphone or else, neighbors will start complaining, LOL.

Our neighborhood is cool. No one bothers anyone even if the music they played were loud. Well, I know .. it's loud but didn't disturb the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood since everyone loves to listen the music especially by the backyard. 
Most of us have swimming pools and loves to hang out by the poolside with music on the air. My next-door neighbor has a retro synth and when the children were home, they played it all day long. The good thing was, they play it so well and when they sing, it's a harmony. Awesome to listen really!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is It Fall Yet ?

I can't believe that it's September already. One thing for sure, it means Christmas is less than 120 days away. Oh I am so excited for the holidays you know. I love to see the streets decorated with Christmas lanterns and Christmas lights. There's something about Christmas that makes me feel more jolly and happy. Do you feel the same way too? But before all that joyful excitement, I can't deny the fact that fall should come first. That means backyard nightmare! Back where we live in the Space Coast, I only have to endure raking the leaves from the one big tree at the front yard.

Every other day I have to rake and gather the leaves around the base of the tree or put them inside the 40 lb construction bag. Whewww! That was tiring! But then again, it became part of my exercise routine and 'twas a stress reliever than a pain in a butt. Besides, the cardinals and the love birds love to hang out by the yard right after I am done raking. Check out the bird bath.

After doing the backyard chores, I go for a ride around the neighborhood. Since I am not an expert rider, I need to stop for every passing cars. The good thing was, there's few of them really so; bicycling is fun around here. I usually made 3 rounds around the 3 blocks so; I was truly exhausted after but, in a good healthy way.

After taking a break, I water my roses at the front yard. What a refreshing sight.

Fall is sure lovely in places up north and other places but, in Florida, it's mostly dry. Fall is lovely when I see the leaves of the trees are changing in gorgeous colors. I saw that when we travel to Missouri. I can still remember how lovely are the mountains in Tennessee. What a wonderful place!
So, are you excited for the fall? Are you planning to play and cover your pets under those pile of thick leaves?


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