Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Fit

Men look good when they are in good shape and it holds true with women as well. They can choose the clothing and the colors they want with no holds bar. They will always look good and confident. What about men who are in the category of big and tall? It all depends with the person. If you wear this size, there are so many stores out there where you can buy big and tall jeans which can fit you right!You will always look good when you know how to choose the right clothing. King Size Direct is the right clothing store for you because they have the wide selections of t-shirts, jeans, polo shirts in the best style that you need. They also have shoes, belts, coats and sweaters which I am sure you will need for this winter season. Check out the Website today and find the clothing that you need. Choose the design and prints that are comfortable to wear. There is a clothing style that makes you look smaller maybe because of the color that you picked. Visit the Website now.

Hush Hush from Bloggers

It's been a month that I started to feel lost of interest in blogging. All I want is just sit back and do nothing at all. I lost track of those times that I share interesting topic. This feeling is not new though. And I know, my interest in blogging will come back.

Anyway, what's new in business? Crisis! Well, business is great since Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Blogging is somewhat business too because half of the times, bloggers monetized their blogs. There's a big hush in Twitter and Facebook platforms and it's about the low-paying ads of the advertisers. For a fact, online marketing ads are working great. Every time you open a Website, somewhere along that page has advertisement and when you click it, someone earns and the other got the sales. But, there are advertisers who has low budget and pay less amount to marketing agencies. Therefore, this marketing site is having a hard time looking for bloggers who accepts the low paying ads. Most advertisers who has low budget are the ones who demands more effort from bloggers.

I guess everyone is in crisis these days. But, I cannot blame why bloggers rejected the low paying tasks of advertisers. It is not worth the hassle and not worth the time. Why settle for $6.75 when more advertisers can pay you $25 for 200 words right?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Beautiful Draperies

We beautify our home using wall decors, home accessories and window treatments. Good textiles and beautiful fabrics used for window treatments can significantly turns the room to a sophisticated look. The draperies are decorative accessory in itself because it emphasizes the design and the texture of the fabric creating a positive ambiance of the room. Draperies can make your home beautiful, achieving that sophisticated look.When you have a room in the house with high ceiling and with huge windows, consider using the draperies. You can check out Brylane Home Website and find the colors and designs that appeal to you. Window treatments are an excellent way to add your style to any room in your home. Create a whimsical room by using the draperies. The shades of the fabric will definitely bring texture to the space. Make it personal and make it your own design. Visit the link and find the draperies that you like and add it into your room. This Website has so many selections of draperies and the price is right on your budget. Check it out now!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Spiritual Development

If you feel lost and alone, how do you counter-act such situation? Do you hate God? Do you blame your misfortune to other people? I will not blame you for having that sentiment. But, if you take time to listen to the problems of other people, you will realize that your burden is not bad at all. Do you want to listen to something that is inspiring? Spiritual Development is what people need and whether you like it or not, you need that in your life too. We are only human and we are vulnerable with pain especially when we feel rejection. We thought that what we did is not enough and we tend to shield ourselves by being withdrawn.

You and I know that we need friends and we need our family. Communication is important and we need to express ourselves to be heard. When no one is listening, God will. Talk to God thru prayers. When we call our friends and they are unavailable, the signals to heaven are all the time open. Prayers are the key to finding peace and understanding. Give it a chance today and be humble that you need God in your life. Where do you start? Visit the Website Humanistic Spirituality and you will find peace.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Coats

Our friend works in an airline company and we asked her if she could provide us a cheaper ticket to New York. She told us that she will go with us for two nights. Now, I am excited for the trip and I plan to go shopping for winter coats to wear for that trip. My friend wears plus size clothing. I thought about shopping for plus size coats for her as a Christmas gift. I think it would be a great idea. If I don't have time in NYC, I can always hop online. Roaman's Website is her favorite online store and they have beautiful selections of winter coats. I will buy my gift from that site if I don't find any deals in NYC because it is very convenient and I am sure she will love the design of their coat I pick out for her.

Hubby and I supposed to visit New York during the lighting of their Christmas tree but, our friend requested that we will go after the event. As long as I can visit New York for Christmas Holiday, I am totally fine with that. I am truly happy that she will come with us because when it comes to shopping, we get along so well. Though we have different sizes, her plus size coats should come from her favorite online store.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tebowing and Tim Tebow

The new fad in the US especially those who follow football is TEBOWING! Three years ago, I am not interested with Football because I love to watch Basketball. Football game is an American culture in itself so; I watch the game to better understand it. The first game that I watch was College Football and the team that my husband cheered was the Gators. I immediately noticed the man who has the bible verses on his face. I admire the fact that he wants to relay the message of God using the bible verses written on his cheeks. My husband told me his name was Tim Tebow. I became his fan. "Sa mga taong hindi naniniwala sa Diyos, galit sila sa kanya!" Of course, his detractors started attacking him because of this. It seems that praising God is a big NO-NO! What is the matter with this people? The more people love him and adored his achievements, haters and atheist react! It offended them every time Tim Tebow praises God. " Parang nasusunog ang kaluluwa ng mga taong di naniniwala sa Diyos. Dami talaga makikitid na utak sa tabi-tabi". Despite his achievements, Tim Tebow is humble and honest. When he answered truthfully about virginity question saying he is still a virgin, his answer was scrutinized. "Dito, parang mali kung ang tao ay virgin pa! Ano ba naman, twisted ba ang utak ng mga detractors na ito? Eh, sa atin, saludo tayo sa mga virgin pa, dito parang nandidiri sila?" His detractors tried to break his character but, Tim Tebow will soar high with achievements. Every time he did a good job during the game, he bend down his knees and praises GOD. He gives total reverence to GOD. While fans and spectators cheered him for the scores he gave to the team, he praises God. That is admirable and Christians are so happy for that. "Pinoy na pinoy po si Tim kahit Amerikano sya! Kaya, bigyan natin sya ng suporta, manalo o matalo man. Wag maniwala sa mga bintang!" By the way, he visits the Philippines frequently. His parents are Baptist missionaries and they built a ministry in Pinas. Tim was Born in Manila, Philippines. Yayyy! Go and check it!

Shopping for Good Deals

It will be too early to buy for valentines lingerie but, there is nothing wrong to check out the latest style today, right? What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you want to treat your wife for a nice vacation in Bahamas? Are you planning to buy her the jewelry that she wanted most? Women love a nice vacation and it will surely melt her heart when you give her one. How about giving her something to wear so she can be naughty with you? Marriage is not meant to be boring so, surprise her with lingerie on Valentine's Day.

Do not forget to pamper your wife by giving her what she desires most. Express your love by giving her something to wear on that special occasion. There is an inexpensive gift item that is very sexy to give. How about giving her set of under garments? Women love to collect lingerie in different designs and colors. When you give her sexy lingerie, it will surely boost her confidence as a wife and as a woman. Most of all, give her your time on this special day. Create a memorable moment with your wife on Valentine's Day.

The Best Way to Study

I have high regard for law students. Law is not an easy field to study. When they graduate and pass the board exam, the demand from their profession is constant study on the latest cases. If they miss important detail in a case, they cannot win it. Anyway, when I was in the University, I work in the main library. Law students come to the library more often than the other students in the campus. They read books with thick pages and they are so studious. Learning the cases such as Pennoyer v. Neff is easier especially when they use Quimbee. It truly simplifies the information that they read. It is like reading the important facts and details of the case.

Quimbee provides a summary of the casebook therefore; law student can save the time spent reading. The zest of the case is provided in blue print by legal professionals so; what they read is reliable. This company helps simplify the casebook readings of Law Student and they provide thousands of casebook summary. Law students can access it when they subscribe at Quimbee. It is very affordable. Visit today and subscribe!

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18.0 MP

I saw this item at TARGET with this price $649.99 Reg:$799.99, a saving of $150.00. This is Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18.0MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens - Black. This is actually cheaper than what can offer ($749). At Walmart, it is $699.98 but, with a value bundle: Canon Bag, Bonus 58" Tripod, Bonus 4GB Memory Card and 50 bonus prints. This is also a good deal right? While at BestBuy it is $899 but, it includes a Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III zoom lens.

Big Sale For Black Friday

Whewww! Our minds right now are set for the sale that we love on Black Friday! Do you have a wishlist? I would like to share some of the items that I would love to buy this Friday. I was checking online and I want to wait for the big event on Friday! I am not dying to buy these stuffs if the price stays at the top of my range :-) . There are important things in life that I prioritize so; if the price won't go down on Black Friday, fine with me (",). Here are my wishlist:

This is the new Madison Embossed Croc Lindsey Satchel from Coach. I will definitely check out the Outlet Mall, Orlando has two outlet malls so; I have two places to check out.
This is Nikon D3100, color Red 14.2MP Digital SLR Camer with 8GB Memory Card and Extra 55-200mm Lens. Well, these are the expensive stuffs that I have been watching the price for months now. I love the color red for the DSLR. If I can find a good deal with the D90, I would really love to buy it. I would definitely buy the DSLR than the Coach (",). I check Walmart and Bestbuy for electronics and I thought these two stores have the best prices. Do you have any suggestions?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Junk Removal Company

Last week, we found a home and we bid on it. In less than 24 hours, our bid was accepted so; we proceeded to the inspection and the report had major problems. We backed out. Right now, we are back to square one. During the time that they accepted our offer, we were ready to move. Boxes were ready in the living room and one renter was already waiting to move too. I throw some of the tiny junks to the garbage but, the big items were not allowed. So, I left the junks outside the yard and in less than an hour, things were gone.

Anyway, if you have junks in the house, what would you do? If you keep it for years, you will become hoarders. Get rid of them now. You should call Piney Point Village Junk removal and this company will help you at reasonable price.

If you have nothing to do, start the clean-up in your attic and basement before it comes to worst. It is fun to do with your family and you will get used to it. But, if you do not have the time, ask a professional help now.

MCO Parking

When we went to Miami, we were disappointed with the parking space that we booked online. The place was unmarked and there was no shaded area for customer accommodation. While waiting for our free transfer to the Port of Miami, it was raining so hard and we were soaking wet. We thought that mco parking is much better than the parking spaces along Miami.

So, if you are looking for a parking space in Orlando, just click the link above. If there is no one around to pick you up or drive you to your destination, it is much better to drive your own car and leave it in a safe parking space. Visit the link above and find a parking space which is nearest to the airport. Most company provides free transfer accommodation which is really a necessity. The rate of parking space is on a per day basis so; if you click the link above, it provides the list of parking location in Orlando. From $4.75 to $9.99, you can find a convenient parking space in Orlando. Visit the Website and make your reservation today.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Care

Our family is important. If one member encounters a problem that is really hard to handle, we are there to help and support. When someone needs a professional help, it is not our call. But, we can recommend an institution that has the facility to handle the post traumatic stress disorder treatment. The picture above is a soothing location that fades the stress away, isn't it? The beautiful landscape and the quiet environment helps the patient pulls back her confidence and self-respect. This is a good treatment facility for women that need a retreat from the burden of stress. When we care for someone in the family who suffer emotional stress, convince her to stay in Brookhaven. This institution is the right place for women who suffer from mood disorder and mental health. Brookhaven is a very comfortable place to live just by looking at the environment which has a healing power. Well, the staff and the people behind this institution guarantees that your love one will be provided with the comprehensive recovery treatment that she needs. For more information, visit Brookhaven Website today or call them at 877-817-3422.

Indoor Water Parks

I have few magazine subscriptions that feature the beautiful tourist destination in the US. That is where I saw the awesome pictures of Indoor Water Parks in Texas. This park is located along Grapevine; known as Great Wolf Lodge where endless water adventure awaits the guests. It is a water park which all members of the family enjoys because each age group will have their own place to hang out. Toddlers will enjoy the Cub Paw Pool where it features the spray of water while they play. The wolf walk and story time activities are entertaining for the toddlers too because they can explore the place and listen to stories. The activities at Great Wolf Lodge bring family together. Parents can create the quality time with their teenagers too at the crooked creek and Howlin' Tornado areas. Teens love the adrenalin rush activities so; take the time to be with them in these adventures. If you have a little princess in the family, you should treat the princess to a kid spa for pampering. It would be a fun activity for making them special. You and your family will surely create a memorable experience through the rides, attractions and activities at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Beach Down Cocoa

When we went down south towards Miami, we stopped in one of the beaches along the high way. There was a public area where people can access the beach for free. Hubby and I bought a Chinese food for lunch and we had a picnic on the beach. The waves are moving like crazy and the sea was rough that day.There were three young men doing the surfing up ahead. These waves are dangerous in fact, there were warning signs along the entrance to avoid the water for strong currents and rip tides.There were few people on the beach having a sun tan and one couple just walk down the shore. From time to time, there were motorists stopping by to take pictures of the big waves.
The shorelines were a mess pushing these sea plants off towards the shore. There was no storm but the sea was rough. I cannot imagine how devastating it would be if a hurricane hits this place.
If the water is calm, this beach is a nice place to hang out.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Freestyle Cruising: Norwegian Sky

October 2011- This month is special ( sort of ) because my husband and I had our first cruising experience through Norwegian Sky. It was the best according to some of the acquaintances that we have had while on board the Freestyle Cruise. When I was checking the cruising suggestion sent by a company through email, I was tempted with the last minute booking.I saw there were really affordable prices on the last minute cruising. It was actually half of the regular price so, since the four of us had free time to go, we book it. We are all newbies in cruising to Bahamas that is why, we love it. The picture above was taken inside their elegant STARDUST THEATER located at Decks 6 and 7 in the Aft section.
The Hallway heading to the Mandara Spa and Salon at Deck 11 in Fwd Section of the Norwegian Sky. We were just exploring to the different decks to familiarize where to go for special events that day. This way, we had the terrific adventure to get a feel for the ship. See the crowd below? We went to Stardust for the show called: On Broadway, the Sky Production Show. It was a grand night and spectacular presentation!
Freestyle Cruising is an easy, carefree cruise experience with top-notch crew members and most of them came from the Philippines. I would say 90 percent are Filipinos in fact, the Cruise Director Richard Matic is a Filipino. He is the brain behind all the entertainment and activities on the ship.The picture below is the hallway heading to Stardust Theater. We did rock the night away during the first day! The show in Stardust was spectacular because of the sounds and music from soul and folk to rock n' roll. The pictures and videos were not permitted during the show though.After the show, we went to Dazzle's Nightclub at Deck 6, mid section to enjoy the show called Sing it, If you know it. We had fun with this crazy game where we had to guess the song and again, the band came from the Philippines too. Oh, they were awesome!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home Buying Experience

The house on the left is located in a quiet neighborhood and it is priced as of today $32K with 3/2 in 1,196 with a big yard already fenced in. You should consider the amount of money added to the property cost. This property is a good deal because it is located near the shopping center. When buying a house, you should consider the convenience of the following: grocery, hospital, church, malls etc. It all depends upon what you want to access regularly.Buying a house is so stressful and it will consumed your time and gas money. If you are not patient, you will end up buying the property which is not your dream house. It will go back to what kind of house you are looking for. If you asked me, I prefer a two storey building but, it also depends on the budget and the location of the property. I want my property that is located in a neighborhood like the picture above or better. I want to see neighbors!Location- it is really simple. Do you like a quiet location? Let us sub task the location such as: quiet neighborhood with neighbors that is located in either side of the property or quiet neighborhood because your property stood across the woods? If you hate the traffic, you probably prefer the woods as your neighbor night? Well, just make sure that hospital is nearby or grocery is with in the driving distance. It is easy to buy a house but, to re-sell it in this economy? You will sweat a lot to sell in the market once you learn that it will not work for you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Live Healthy

I was watching the Biggest Loser this week and I admire the participants drive to lose weight. If we are overweight, there are so many things that we cannot do, right? Do you have problems losing weight too? Do not waste your time thinking about your weight because it will never help you. The time is ticking so; you need to act now! Find ways to stay healthy by choosing the right food and not only that, you should exercise too to burn your calories.

If you are searching for an original provider of the HCG Diet, click the link of HCG Diet Programs. This company sold HCG to thousands of contented customers. Visit the Website and read their testimonials. You can also check them out in their Facebook page: and get to know other patients that uses HCG Diet. Here is the Website link: if you need more information about HCG Diet. Bring back the life that made you so proud and build back your confidence. To live longer, you need to eat healthy and focus on a healthy diet with the help of HCG Program. Visit the Website today and check out the programs which are good for you.

I Love Ikea

What more can I say but, I just love Ikea. The dresser, bed frame, cabinet, book shelves, futton, kitchen wares and home decors that we have came from Ikea Home Furnishings.I love to assemble all the things that we bought from this store especially the big book shelves and the bed frame. If you are busy and impatient, their item is not for you but, you can pay extra when you have them assemble the product for you. Do you watch a show in HGTV channel where they fix houses? Most of their home accessories came from Ikea such as the rugs, window treatments, wall decor,and other stuffs.
Well, this is not an American store but, Americans love their quality home furnishings. Basically, when you visit this place, you have something in hand when go out the store. You can always see things that you need for your home. Check it out in your area and I know you will learn to love it sooner than you think (",).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

His Choice

Some people have vices that are not good for their health. They are always on denial and smoking is just one vice that can kill them if they do not seek for help. It is hard to quit because it is already in their system. Are you one of them? Do you smoke? Do you want to quit smoking? You can actually find other ways which can aid you out from smoking.

Check out an electronic cigarette company for some alternative ways on how to take smoking out from your system. I have a friend and he wanted to quit smoking. He found this electronic cigarette and he has been using it for months now and it works. E-cigarette is an electronic device that tastes like the traditional cigarette. It is more cost effective and more convenient than traditional cigarette. He said, e-cigarette is truly the smart choice for smokers. He uses it anywhere. Do you want to try it? E-cigarette has different flavors that you can choose from. Just visit the link above and check out the price of their starter kit. Check it out today!

Coach on Sale

Black Friday is in few days and you should save that shopping money for that day! As for me, I am a busy shopper whether it is a name brand or not, the quality of an item is what matters most. I was in Prime Outlet Mall in Orlando with a friend and I found out that 80% discount is already unbeatable so; I bought two items. I save $400 for my purse and a sling bag. Anyway, shopping is addictive right? I have my reasons why I am busy shopping these days so, I went to Coach website and found another good deal. A Brendi High Top Sneaker is on sale for $59.
This is the store of Coach at Prime Outlet Mall.
I also bought Barrett Sneaker for $49 and its a deal breaker! I bought it online at Coach site. You might check it out and before you purchase the amount, try looking for a coupon, you might save more.
I have two sneakers to enjoy for the summer next year! Awesome deal right? Oh well, I save more than that because I found a coupon online and Coach accepted the code. Try it that way and you surely will save big bucks!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pins For Sale

Are you looking for an online store that sells pins for a good cause? Variety of pins such as nursing pins, military pins, breast cancer pins and military pins are sold in Pin Mart. I support the Breast Cancer Awareness last October by wearing the t-shirt that I bought. The amount that I paid gives back a portion for a cause. There is a need for us to support this cause because it aims to raise awareness for breast cancer. I support the need to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. I also bought a pin that has the logo of breast cancer awareness and I have it as an accessory on my sling bag. We should support the campaign to increase awareness of the disease because cancer is a devastating disease. Anyway, I have my own share of supporting a good cause. How about you? There are so many good causes out there that need our support. The most important is that we show that we care. So, if you want to buy pins, check the link above.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Celtic Jewelry

Irish traditions are interesting. They have a century old custom that is why the maker of celtic jewelry sees to it that they keep the design as unique as possible. The Celtic jewelry design has a great deal of fine detail and complexity. When you visit the link above and view the selections of Celtic Jewelry, you will really see the difference compared to other jewelries. It is easy to spot and distinguish a piece of Celtic Jewelry even with a wide range of different pieces of jewelry in the local jewelry shop. It has distinctive design and entails deeper meaning too such as the Pentacle and Triquetra. I like the pentacle which is often used as a symbol of faith by Pagans, and most especially by Wiccans. My mom has a Triquetra jewelry which was given to her by my brother. She loves it because it represents the Divine Trinity, part of the belief of most Catholic. Well, these are just few symbols why Celtic Jewelry is unique. If you are looking for Celtic Jewelry, visit this Website today.

Foreclosure Homes

Real Estate in Florida is in crisis! When you drive down in any streets in Orlando, you can find foreclosure homes and short sale properties easy. The price of home property here is unbelievable! If you are a home buyer, this is the right time to buy! If you are a seller, you need to compete and make your property appealing to the buyers. Hubby and I were looking for a house and we have been viewing houses for more than a year now. Last Friday, we called our realtor and we found 4 houses that we like. The house below is one of them. Did you know that this is located in a quiet neighborhood and all the houses here are huge and well-kept?This property is worth $48K. Because the property has only 2/2 bedroom-baths, we bid for 45K. This price is unbeatable and we cannot find a property like this in a beautiful neighborhood in Orlando. This is ready to move in with new carpet, newly renovated bathroom and a spacious car garage. This is the street and some houses were hidden on the trees. The distance between houses are not that bad. The back yard is huge and fenced-in. The malls and groceries are just outside neighborhood.
I can live in this neighborhood. At first, we thought this is a very isolated location, but after driving for less than 5 minutes, the groceries and busy streets are just nearby.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Wishlist For Christmas

Do you have wish list for Christmas? It's kind of weird that at this time, I have no material wish to share to you. My greatest wish for this Christmas is Good Health and Happiness for my family. Anyway, I have all the gadgets that I need so; I think I am contented right now. But, I can share the wish list that I would buy for my family back home though. If it can't make it for Christmas, at least they have something to look forward to. I am an impulsive buyer before but, I learn that shopping should not be that way. There are a lot of coupons and savings available for consumers and all we had to do is keep using it. Check out www and finding the good deals are too many to resist. They have coupons here that you can use easy. When you order online you just use the code when you check out. It is great when you get 10% to 30% discount right? This Website is easy to use because when you order something in a particular store, you can check out the coupons in here. Visit the Website and enjoy great savings!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finding a Dentist in San Antonio

My nephew did not sleep well last Friday. His gums were swelling so badly because of his braces. He made a dental appointment but, his dentist went for a vacation so; he was in pain for the last two days now. He got an antibiotic and it gives him somewhat relief. Oh he cannot wait to go to his appointment on Tuesday. But, he was kind of hoping to find a dentist as good as the dentist in Texas. The Best Dentist in San Antonio has developed a system that helps anyone who has problems with major jaw and tooth alignment. Anyway, I hope he will not suffer more pain because I know how agonizing it is when gums start kicking in. He had his braces for months now and he is not comfortable with it. The dentist told him to wear it all the time so that he will get used to it. But, he did not listen and have it only for few hours a day. That forfeits the purpose of having the braces in the first place, right? Well, I just hope that his agony will end soon and I hope his new dentist is really good.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Artic Red Rugs

I was re-arranging the Florida room yesterday and I saw our Arctic red rugs stored in our big silver chest. I have been searching for it in the storage room but, I must have transferred it in other place and forgot about it. Anyway, I was just happy to have found it because I need it in the bathroom. I thought it is nice to lay it as a runner rug because it gives the color pop. It highlights as good accent in the bathroom. I love this rug because it has the thick fabric and so soft to the touch which I really like to play with my bare feet. Anyway, if you love red colored rugs, check out The Rugs Warehouse because this Website has huge collection of different shades of rugs. I love deep red color as accent in a room. Whether you like traditional or modern red rugs, you will find the shades that you might like in this company. Various shades of plain or plush shaggy red rugs that I am sure you will love is right here. Check it out today. They have the Aspen and Aurum designs as well as the materials made of synthetic and acrylic products.


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