Sunday, September 29, 2013

Footwear Wishlist: #Avia #Fila and #HeartSoulIona

When I am depressed, I shop! This is not helping me at all but, I give in to my mood. Here is what I found at today. I love the shoe designs of Avia Shoes but, this American brand is expensive. Did you know that  the word Avia is derived from a Latin word Avis which means bird? Now, check out the logo, it is concise! I was checking for on sale products at Kohls and I found this for only $27.97 which is a great buy for this brand.

Comfortable and fashionable speaks greatly in this type of footwear. Great buy for $34.97 if you compare it with Isabel Marant wedge sneakers which cost for almost $700.

Fila brand will always be my favorite and this running shoes is only $29.97 at Kohls.

These three shoes are on sale today so; there is a big chance that their prices could go back to its original price. If you want them like I do, buy it now! Okay, you may think twice LOL.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

September is We Love Angel Month

I am bored today! Oh yeah, and because I am bored, I will go shopping hahaha. Thank goodness that I am a Forever Angel so; my shipping for this month is FREE. I did my online shopping yesterday and here I am, ready to order (again). This is not good at all!

Okay, here's what I ordered and all of these are for my mom :-) . Upon check out, I will be paying $50 plus tax and I will get two amazing freebies. I will be posting photos when the product arrives.

Pink So Clean Body Lotion

Pink So Fresh Body Lotion

Pink Sun Kissed Body Lotion

Pure Seduction Body Lotion

Lastly, the pressed powder is mine. Check out the Beauty products at Victoria's Secret site today. Remember, if you are a Forever Angel card holder, shipping is free for the month of September. Upon check out, do not forget to use coupons. I always use three. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why You Should Get Help from an Online Marketing Company

The way business is conducted today is very different than it was just a short time ago. More business is done on the Internet each year. Not only is more business done on the Internet, but also a higher percentage of overall purchases are being done on the Internet each year. This makes it critical for a business to have a presence on the Internet. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring an online marketing company.

Can Internet Marketing Be Done In-House?

The natural instinct of some businesses is to do things themselves. In the case of Internet marketing, some businesses will naturally want to do it in-house rather than hire a company to do the work. However, this is not a matter of convenience, but rather a matter of expertise. It is certainly possible to hire an expert to come in-house to do the work, but a single person may not be enough to do all that needs to be done to market your business on the Internet. Therefore, it may not be as economical to bring the work in-house as a business owner may suspect.

Unseen Benefits of Outsourcing Internet Marketing

One of the unseen benefits of outsourcing the Internet marketing is the strength of numbers. When you outsource, there may be a team of three or four or more assigned to work on your account. However, those assigned to your account can also call on the expertise of the hundreds of others in the company. This makes it far more likely there will not be a problem that someone in that company has not experienced before. There is strength in hiring an Internet marketing company. Another aspect to this is that the company you have hired will have other clients. When there are changes to Google’s algorithm, they will be able to draw on the data from all clients they work with to make a determination on what the new best practice should be. All of this combines to make sense in hiring an online marketing company. It is a great way to get your Internet marketing started for your business.

Monday, September 23, 2013

iPhone5c : How to Insert and Remove the Sim Card

Today, hubby got his iPhone5c and I set it up for him. It was pre-ordered few days ago from T-Mobile site and he did not pay anything except for the tax about less than $30. If you are curious, his monthly payment for this phone is $22 plus tax and it is good for two years. There is no contract. He is not required to get the Data which would actually cost about $35 (that's in my BB phone). T Mobile offered him a Data for $20 so; he grabbed the opportunity. He wants to access the Web and his music in Pandora while we are having road trip. A week ago, he cancelled his XM Radio which is good.

Inside the package:
- iPhone 5c
- Apple Ear Pods with Remote and Mic
- Storage and travel case
- charger
-nano sim

My husband picked the green color. It is glossy and the phone is truly built in solid quality despite of being branded as the cheap iPhone. All the features are the same except, the back cover is made of polycarbonate. It is not priced low enough though. For $100 more, one can get the iPhone 5s so; for me, I will gamble my $100 to get the most advance iPhone which is iPhone5s.
Honestly? I am not the materialistic type. LOL. I am happy with my two year old Blackberry Bold. There is no need for me to get the iPhone5s right now. Let's see in few days.

The accessories included are great looking and original apple product.

The sim is located on the side and tray is not steel, it is plastic but in great quality. To eject it, you need a pin to push the weeny hole. If the iPhone5 has the tool, it didn't come with the iPhone 5c. Yes, you can use this phone worldwide as long as it is an open line because there is a sim slot on the side.

For me to set up, I used this clip to push the tray out. The sim should be registered to T-Mobile company to transfer the old number to the iPhone5c.

Okay, be careful not to misplaced the sim coz it is very tiny. When you take the sim out, make sure your space is clear or else, it will disappear and will be buried from your messy things.

For Video help on how to insert and remove the sim card:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cleaning the Messy Rooms with BISSELL

This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

When one of our renters moved out to another place, she left the house empty and dirty. My husband and I tackled the general cleaning of the condo unit. We wanted to keep it ready for the new tenant to come in 4 days time. It was tough and we are running out of time and not to mention, out of resources as well since the renter did not give us a month notice. To hire a professional to clean the property is way to expensive so; we bought a BISSELL Power Glide.

The carpet in the living room/bedroom was already brown and has stains from cigarette burns. Thank goodness of PGLO, we manage to clean the house completely. The new renters moved in on time.

For cleaning tips, hubby and I vacuum the whole place. The hard to reach areas were never a problem because PGLO has a long stretch hose and the 27 ft chord makes our cleaning easy. Before I forget, you can purchase PGLO at $20 off and free shipping using the pro code: POWERGLIDE.

Here is good news for everyone! If you want to win a great product, enter to win a BISSELL PowerGlide with Lift-Off Technology and more. Check it out today!
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The iPhone5s Has Finally Arrived

The perfect password is the fingerprint and that's the innovation catered into the iPhone5s. Unlocking the phone is now easy and effortless. The iPhone5s is 2x faster in both CPU and graphics performance too. Okay, it is secure all right but, what if the owner of the phone is asleep or passed out? It is still not safe because anyone can open the phone without his knowledge using his fingertips with out permission. That's a possibility you know. Typing the password might not be convenient but, it is more secure, don't you think?

Features of the iPhone5s:
Incredibly thin and impressively light design
Fingerprint identity sensor
With 64-bit architecture chip
Better and faster camera
Extraordinarily powerful smartphone

Faster performance

true-to-life graphics

With new energy efficient A7 chip

With new M7 coprocessor

Supports OpenGL ES 3.0 A7

Has all-new image signal processor

Fingerprint Identity Sensor

I always forgot my pass key and because of that, I turn off that particular security feature in my smart phone. If you are forgetful like me, iPhone 5s is the best phone to have that addresses that issue. It is convenient, faster and easier to use so; with fingerprint identity sensor, iPhone5s is truly futuristic! Yes, the iPhone 5s has a Touch ID feature, first ever fingerprint identity sensor on iPhones.
This feature is convenient and highly secure way to access your iPhone5s. The fingerprint can also approve purchases from iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store. This is neat! When iPhone reads the fingerprint, it knows you as the owner of that phone. Now, if you trust other people in your circle such as your family, the Touch ID will let you add multiple fingerprints too and they too can use your iPhone5s. Your phone knows you and the people you trust.

Choosing Between the Four Main Religions

Many people are looking to get involved with a religion. Religion not only adds meaning and purpose to life, but can also bring you closer together with other people who share your beliefs. Before choosing a church, it is important to understand the four different types of religion. After selecting a religion, you can then choose a specific church, or choose to attend a non-denominational church such as Platt Park Church.
Islam is one of the most disciplined religions, as it is strict in rules and customs. Believers worship Allah, and consider Muhammad their most recent prophet. The Qur’an, Five Pillars, the Hadith, and the fatwas are all essential components of the religion that guide rules and customs. Islam has over one billion followers and is mostly common in Africa, the Middle East, and Western, Eastern, and Southeast Asia.

Buddhism is different from most religions in that it is not centered around a belief in God. Buddhism is centered on the search for a way to end human suffering and is led by a Buddha. There have been many different Buddha, one for every era. Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths (teaching of dharma), Karma, the Noble Eightfold Path, and Samsara. Additionally, Buddhists believe in rebirth and strive for Nirvana. The religion also consists of meditation, honoring Buddha, and worshipping at the temple. This religion began in India and is currently also practiced in Southeast Asia, China, and Japan.

Judaism began in the Middle East and now has over 12 million followers. It was started by the prophet Moses and uses the religious text the Tannakh (which includes the Torah). Jewish followers believe in God and follow the Laws of God, the Torah, the Oral Laws, and Dietary Laws. They also practice prayer, attend synagogues, and believe in Halakha.

Finally, the religion with the most followers worldwide is Christianity. It is a religion centered on God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Like Judaism, this religion began in the Middle East, but then spread across the globe to Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The religion is centered on the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Common Christian customs include prayer, song, and partaking of sacraments. Christianity differs from many other religions in that there are many different sects with differing beliefs. If you choose the Christian religion, you must then focus on choosing which sect to join, or you can choose to attend a non-denominational church such as Platt Park Church.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Gillette Venus and Olay Razor

Last week, I received my free Gillette Venus and Olay Razor. They have a promotion in Facebook and I was lucky that I was chosen as one of the recipients of the sample. This product exfoliates for skin renewal. It has a sugarberry-scent from an Olay moisture bar which helps lock in moisture to the skin.

It has 5 blades for a close, smooth, and long-lasting shave. It has softgrip handle for confident control. The Venus and Olay™ razor’s 5-blade technology exfoliates for surface skin renewal. It has a SoftGrip® handle for confident control. The good thing about this product is that, All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles.

I have been using it for days and I love it. Check it out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Spa Day Can Help Manage Stress

 How are you feeling right now? Sometimes people can be too concerned with the past or the future to really focus in on their present condition. Sadly, the present condition is the state where people spend all of their time. It is important to allow yourself to enjoy the present by visiting a place like the G2O Spa in Boston. Everybody needs to relax now and then. Those who are kind and giving can sometimes find themselves all out of kindness and generosity. It costs no money for a person to be kind and generous with their emotions. However, giving of oneself emotionally can be expensive in other ways. Working with people and being generous with your emotions can be like using butter. You can spread the right amount of butter over the right amount of bread and have a delicious piece of toast. If you try to spread too little butter over too much bread you end up with something that leaves you wanting more. If you feel like you’ve been spread too thin by your relationships and responsibilities, it may be time to refill your bucket full of more lovely butter. Taking time for relaxation is a great way to recharge and recover emotionally.

Save Your Life from Chronic Stress

You’re all about taking care of other people. That is a great way to live your life. Helping people will always bring goodness back to you in a circular pattern. People you help will tell people that they want to help that you are the person to see about their problems. This will bring you wealth and joy in many forms. Just remember to make time for yourself. No person is immune to the effects of stress. Over time they can wear you down and make you less helpful to others. When you’re feeling low on positive energy just remember to charge your batteries. A place like the G2O Spa in Boston can be great to visit anytime you need to unwind. Releasing your stress will allow you to fill back up with positive energy to distribute to the people who need your help!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lancome Beauty Products: 6 Free Gifts with $35 Lancome Purchase

If you are planning to shop for great deals on beauty products this week, visit and check out their Beauty and Fragrance page. I am sharing this great finds that I saw because it is truly a good deal. If you visit the site and order $35 worth of Lancôme beauty products, you will get 6 items shown below for free plus a cosmetic bag of your choice of color.

I always shop at Belk when there are great deals like this.

Check it out now. Take note also that they offer Free shipping in all Beauty and Fragrance Products. Take advantage of this good deals this week. Enjoy Shopping!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach Florida

This is the Ron Jon Surf Shop located in Cocoa Florida. If you hit the beach in Cocoa but, forgot to bring your swim wear, this is the place to go. The good thing about this shop is the location which is near by the beach.

The parking space is not a problem. They have a spacious lot for public parking.  If you are shopping in this area for all your beach wear needs, I tell you, you will enjoy to shop here.

Ron Jon is located on a busy area in Cocoa so; if you get hungry, finding good eats are just around the corner.

Inside the shop, you will find beach wears, surf boards, beach accessories and more. You will also enjoy your shopping moment here for they have a live band that entertains you with great music while you shop.

This shop has everything that you could possibly need and if you love surfing, you can buy surf boards here too. They have different brands and prices varies according to their quality and brand name..

Sports gear that you need for the beach, they have it all here.

Shoes, t-shirts, flip flops, caps, swim suits, just name it and for sure, they have it! Dress code to shop? Nothing! I saw women in bikini shopping for sunscreen and sun wear so; you should come by and shop here.

Okay, the prices varies but, they are affordable. If you are also looking for souvenirs, they have it as well.

Check out their surf boars. See the 6,000? I know that is not the most expensive surf board around but, yap ... surfing is an expensive water sports huh?

That's the main floor and I was at the second floor looking down at the live band performing. They are great!

If you happen to visit the Space Coast, check out Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Florida. Enjoy shopping!


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