Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freeport Harbour

When we arrived Freeport Harbour, I told to myself that finally I have seen Bahamas. We were having breakfast at 6 AM at the Garden Restaurant in the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship. We wanted to see the sunshine that is why; we were up so early and besides, we wanted to dine early too so that; we will be the first to go down the gang way.It was a cloudy day and earlier, it drizzles a little. When we finally went down, we head to the terminal just few meters away, where transportations are waiting for the tourists. All fares are written boldly on the information board so; it was very concise.

We hired a van and paid $5 per person each way. It was old but, we rode comfortably then, we routed a rugged road. There's nothing to see but, dirt road, trees and badly hit houses in ruins by hurricanes. Too bad because they are huge houses but were abandoned. We went to the Treasure Bay Casino and Market Place in Port Lucaya and bought souvenir items. Later, we look for a hotel to use their Free Wi-Fi just in time when the rain started pourin' hard. The view of the beach along Port Lucaya is awesome! We were back on the ship before 5 PM.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suede Soft Microfiber Plush Seating

We bought our living room set at Rooms To Go about 2 years ago and we love it every day. The design is contemporary and it is very comfortable for lounging. This is called Hollis living room set and we bought the sleeper, chair, ottoman, love seat, one cocktail table, lamp shade and one end table plus a bonus of 50" HDTV and console.My husband likes earth color so; this suede-soft Microfiber plush seating in mocha color is just the right furniture for us. The dark brown faux leather base color balanced the living room set. We have it for two years now and it still looks good. It is very durable and stain resistant. Our living room is such a comfortable place in the house because of this beautiful furniture. In fact, I sometimes did my blogging activity right here. I am so comfortable browsing articles and checking some Websites: as well as checking some online images. Hubby and I enjoys our living room and this comfy lounge.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

U.S. Silver Eagles

Silver has been a rare metal and it is precious like gold. These precious metals play an important role as currency. It is more regarded as investment by most collectors. Why do they collect and invest in it? There are so many reasons for that. I have seen the few collections of my cousins and it brings back a glimpse of history. A silver coin is long lasting and durable. Its design and mint mark gave us an understanding of the past; the history.

One of my cousins buy silver coins as an investment. Silver coins were among the first coins he ever collected because according to him, it has high value. Aside from that, a silver coin is not subject to decay and has a stable value as well as intrinsic value. They become valuable because they are rare.

Silver coins are used thousands of years ago. Tracing back from history, the kings collects coins as a hobby and the more they have it, the more wealthier they are. In the olden days, using the silver coins are easily tradable.

The U.S. Silver Eagles is an affordable and cost-efficient way to start in investing a precious metal. It is a sound hard asset investment aside from its beautiful and shiny design, it is easy to buy. The silver coins are widely recognized.

I saw the 2011 collection of my cousin. It was an American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set. The set includes five coins in a lacquered presentation case. It was a pretty collection. He bought it for about $300.

Anyway, I should mention that in 1792, the United States first began minting silver dollars. It continues to produce silver coins. While the silver half-dollar was first coined in 1794, it was in 1916 that the U.S. Mint was produced. The Walking Liberty Half-Dollar was widely considered as America's most beautiful silver coin.

Anyway, if you plan on investing, you can buy the American gold coins, gold eagle coins and American silver coins. Whichever you prefer and for sure, they are an awesome collectibles and all are good investments as well.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cocoa Beach Pier

This is Cocoa Beach Pier located in 401 Meade Avenue Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. Locals and tourists hang-out in this place because it has the great location to watch the sunrise, good spot for fishing, shopping and dining a sumptuous sea foods. We went there yesterday to watch the big waves brought by Tropical Storm Isaac.There were few people on the beach. Some surfers who are not afraid to take the risks are enjoying the big waves. There was one paraglider who are so brave and was not afraid with the harsh winds and rough waves. Most people just look at them from the Pier.There was one TV channel who was on standby/reporting for the latest development in the area. But, most of the people stays indoor enjoying the food and listening to the live band.The rush of waves below us are rough and it's totally different atmosphere indoor. People came here to have a good time just enjoying the food, the music and cool weather.Cocoa Beach Pier is a nice place to relax because when you are dining, you will also enjoy the beautiful view of the Cocoa Beach. When you come to Cocoa Pier, you should visit Mai Tiki Bar located at the end point of Cocoa Beach Pier. It has an entrance but, no biggie because the view from Mai Tiki Bar is truly spectacular.

Friday, August 24, 2012

VIPRE Antivirus 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GFI. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had an old Dell computer which I seldom use. It is so slow and hang after few minutes of using especially when I browse images and open my social media account. I quit using it for months but last week, I was given a Vipre Antivirus Software to try for free. I was adamant to use it at first but, I did try to download it to my Dell PC anyway. It was the best decision I ever made for it solved my problem. As you can see, there are 267 risks that was fixed by VIPRE and that's what I like about this software. It protects my pc from this point on.
VIPRE antivirus
I was so thankful and relieved that I downloaded the software because for days, I have been using my Dell PC for browsing and able to use it for video chat with my family back home. I was amazed to note that I chatted with my mom for more than an hour in good quality. Unlike before, it's like a drop call all the time. Vipre fixed whatever virus that's in my PC because it works good now.

I used other software before and it just slows down the performance of my PC. Having VIPRE Antivirus is a lot different because for one, I enjoyed using my PC now and it's a lot faster than before. You should try it! VIPRE Antivirus will surely deliver the result that you needed such as powerful protection and high performance.

It is easy to download even if you are not a computer savvy. For more information, you can check it out at or like VIPRE is indeed one of the best antivirus program which is available today.
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Boring Week

I was so bored this week. I just don't know why. I can't seem to find an inspiration to do the things that interest me. I guess I need to start going to the library. It seems that I miss reading a good book. Even though we go out almost every day, it's just a routine and not exciting anymore. Maybe, I will start exploring Brevard after Tropical Storm Isaac passes this weekend. I hope and pray that it will not become a hurricane.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hydro Quad

Water is important for maintaining the functions of our body. It is essential for good health simply because, it is the source of life. We need water and we are required to drink at least 8 glasses a day to keep a healthier body so; we can focus our daily tasks. For years, I do not drink tap water even if it is warm. I am drinking bottled quality water because tap water is not always safe. It might be expensive but, putting our health in the line of risks would be a big mistake. It is better to be safe than sorry especially when something occur unfavorably.

I visited the Website and this company has a product called Hydro-Quad which is a better alternative to enjoy water for other uses in the house. Hydro-Quad is a one-time investment and those who have it enjoyed using the processed water for bathing, cleaning and laundry. Hydro-Quad is for general purposes and it purifies the water as well as prevents hard water scaling from plumbing and appliances. It will definitely bring savings in the long run.

If you plan to use clean and purified water in all your daily home chores, check out the site for more information about Hydro-Quad and other products that they have.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Free Style Cruising

When my husband and I found a vacant jacuzzi, we changed to our swim wear right away before anyone could jump in. It can accommodate at least 4 adults but, on a particular night, guests stay indoor especially when it's drizzling outside. The jacuzzi was all ours for at least an hour then, a family of three joined in with us and they talk about cruising to Norwegian is so far the best among the cruises they have.They say that the amount they paid for Norwegian Cruise is a well-worth spending because of the Free-style accommodation. One can eat anytime they want without time restrictions. One can enjoy dining to anywhere they want without having to sit with the same people for the whole trip. One will enjoy both buffet style dining as well as fine dining in many restaurants that they have. According to them, NCL"s Free style cruising is a great concept.In other cruise lines, the guests will have to choose as to what time to eat for every meal. If they can't show up, the meal is gone and they have to order their food at extra cost. My first cruising escapade was enjoyable, fun and exciting. I would definitely do it again in Norwegian Cruise Ship.

Energy Efficient Homes

I was telling my mom the other day that I am still building momentum toward finishing my home project which was long delayed for two years. She just smile and told me there's no rush. When I save enough budget to construct the other half of the property then, I will be good.

This time, I will hire a home building company to take care of everything. It was such a hassle when I hired more than a dozen workers and commit to include their food and lodging. It took half of the budget which I already planned. That mistake will never happen again but, there's always a first time huh?

It's always my dream to have an energy efficient home to reduce my high energy bills. Aside from the fact that it helps protect the environment, it is comfortable to live knowing the home is efficient just like the homes which had constructed.

When I visited, I admire the houses featured in the gallery. I enjoyed viewing the exterior design as well as the kitchen and dining design that they have. McKee Homes feature high efficiency heat pumps which provide year-round heating and cooling. Their home design includes low-e windows and patio doors, air-infiltration barriers and of course, proper insulation which is really important.

Though we are experiencing an economic recession especially in real estate business but, some companies are thriving to success. McKee Homes is one of them because they build quality homes and energy efficient homes as well.

Stay in the Isle Hotel in Biloxi Mississippi

Once a year, my husband and I visit the Gulfcoast of Mississippi. We love this place because of the beach and most people are friendly and family-oriented. I noticed that most activities and festivals that they have are centered to family so; every single member of the household will truly enjoy.I love spending Mardi Gras in Mississippi and the whole family would go to nearby towns like Ocean Springs, D'Iberville, Gulfport, Pass Christian, Gautier and Pascaguola. Christmas in this place is fun too. It's always good to live in a place with friends and family just nearby huh?

Anyway, after we moved to Florida about two years ago, when we visit Biloxi, we always stay in the ISLE Casino and Hotel. We love the view from the Bay and it is centrally located. The price is affordable; the food is great and I so love the buffet. Hubby loves to play the slot machines of course, he was never lucky.

We stayed in this hotel twice and so far, we are satisfied with service. When we can't sleep at night, we go down and play the slot machine or enjoy the affordable good food. If you plan for casino hopping in Biloxi, you should stay in this hotel. You will have the best sunshine view or sunset view, you will enjoy the seafood at affordable price (now, I am hungry LOL), and it's one of the favorite casinos of my late father-in-law. He won many times in his favorite slot machine without spending a $100. We were just envious! Have a good vacation in Biloxi!

Sheepskin Products

A week ago, we went down to Port Lauderdale for a breathe of fresh air. The place was gorgeous as we drove the Beach Boulevard and when we found a cozy place to dine in, all we could think of was to sit by the outdoor gazebo.

When we dine in, my husband noticed a slanting red mark along my neck and it was obvious that it had to be from the seat belt. I don't feel anything but, since I was wearing a sleeveless, it looks awful as I look at it in the mirror. Hubby and I decided to buy a seat belt cover before we drove back home.

There was a shopping area along the beach so; we mixed along with the tourists. The store sells premium brands and they have both sheepskin seat covers and seat belts available at that time. My husband bought one at least I will be protected from another marking from the seat belt. It works for me but when we got home, a friend loves it so much. Since it's her birthday the next day, hubby gave it to her as a present.

She has sheepskin rugs in her living room and bedroom. It keeps her feel warm especially when she's on it and enjoying a relaxing evening with a hot chocolate on winter time. She must have love sheepskin products because she didn't stop until we finally give the seat belt cover. Man, she was so happy like a little child.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Having Fun with Bahamas Cruising

It's been almost a year since hubby and I had our first Bahamas cruise adventure. It was actually a last minute travel because we had no preparation at all. When we saw a $250 per person package on a Bahamas 4-day cruise, we immediately took advantage of the offer.

We drove all the way to Miami which was our Port of Call and parked our car at the parking garage at the port of Miami. We paid $36 for 4 days parking and it was a secure area plus free shuttle. We were transported from the parking garage to the cruise terminal.

Upon arrival, guests have the preference to carry their baggage up to the check-in counter or give it to the staff of the cruise ship. We chose to carry our light baggage. The custom officials at the check-in counter asked for our passport and state ID. It was smooth and fast then; we were given an ID card which we can use on the ship for any transactions. We were directed to our cruise ship's gangway and the cruise ship photographers started taking souvenir pictures of all the guests.On board the cruise ship, we were given free drinks and the fun begins. There's music, happy faces, dancing and since we were hungry for lunch, we immediately went to the restaurant serving a buffet. We sit on the top deck where we see people swimming in the pool as we listen on a live band while waiting for the ship to start rolling to Freeport, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau.

The captain announced that everyone should participate to the Muster Drill and most of the guests complied. Of course, some thought that it was not important which was illogical. While the ship is sailing, there are so many activities on board which keep the guests entertained. There are variety shows, comedy shows, game shows, karaoke and more. There's no dull moment while you are cruising because you can do shopping, have fun in the casino, enjoy a spa, go the gym, play basketball and so on.

At Freeport and Nassau, hubby and I explored the islands. We went to their beautiful beaches and experienced a ferry boat ride. Great Stirrup Cay is all about the beach, food, party and relaxing. It's living a good life in four days and for $250 per person, that's a deal breaker huh? Are you curious at the offer shown above for $59? Call 1-888-875-4243 for more information about the offer. You might get lucky to have that 2 night Bahamas Cruise offer right?

This blog accepts advertising opportunities and creates affiliate partnerships. As a result, I earn compensation to some of my blog post. These opportunities and partnerships help me keep my site running so I can continue sharing great deals.

More Gadgets for Blogging Activities

Oh yeah, I am using this tree laptops for my blogging activities. First laptop is an old Dell which I bought from my husband for $100. I used it for browsing, visiting blogs and watching videos online.

Next is a Toshiba brand which I used exclusively for blogging and banking. The last one is my Apple iPad2 which I won from a contest given by Bumble Bee Tuna thru IZEA. I used my iPad2 for social media activities, watching TV as well as listening to iPod.I have a desktop which I will soon send back home for my cousins. I do not want them to use the PC of my mom so; I will sed one for them soon.

I have an old Compaq laptop which I will also send to my mom which she can use in her room. I am keeping my ACER Netbook because I like the color and it's handy like my iPad2. Hmmm... I got 6 PC's and hubby got 2, a laptop and an iPad2 as well so; in the house, we have 8 computers (wink).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Basement Developers in Calgary

I have been watching shows that flip houses, remodel a garage, splurge a kitchen, build a functional bathroom as well as enhanced the curb appeal at the front yard. The biggest hurdle that home owners have to face in remodeling is doing the basement into a functional area such as family room or man cave. When we think about basement, we imagine dingy and used for a storage room.

Some homeowners wanted to use their basements to generate income so; they hastily made a decision to renovate. I saw people trying to renovate it but, as I said earlier they have to hurdle problems such as the foundation of the house, insulation, plumbing, heating, vapor barrier, electrical and so much more. When the property is old, more problems are likely to appear which I would suggest; never fool with it and give the job to the experts and professionals. That way, you save your money and you don't waste your time plus, it is a hassle-free so; just give yourself a break.

There are basement developers in calgary that improves the appearance of basements into a contemporary living room or renovate it as an income property suite. Make sure though that you hire a reputable, licensed and bonded company and their track record is excellent. If something goes wrong in the middle of the project, your property is safe and protected. Hire a company that does the project on time and according to the contract which both you and the developer agreed upon.

Some developers vanished after they did the business with you and they do not follow up. Make sure that you hire the developer that renovate basements professionally and follow up the area after a month. A company that follows up with the project after a year is even better because you could tell that they are committed for customer satisfaction.

Glade Products

We have a newspaper subscription for years now to keep up with current events. Aside from the news, we took advantage of the coupons inserted in the newspaper. I used restaurant coupons most of the time for we dine out a lot. I just cut the good deals such as FREE stuffs and buy-one-take one coupons. For this week, I found two coupons that have buy-one-take-one offer and since I used Glade products a lot, these 4 items are good deals for $5.37 minus the tax. I know there was a $5 coupon for one of this item but, it runs out.Right now, I still have to go over with my Sunday paper coupons. I might find good deals you know and usually, I share them all in my tweeter account Follow me and I would definitely tweet some good deals. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day everyone.

Search Engine Marketing Firm

Our lives breathe and live in technology world! Yes, we are. Look around in your kitchen as you start your day or as you click that button to open your car door. Almost everything around us is digital and thanks to technological innovations for we go forward and advance to a greater prosperity of mankind.

As you drink your coffee in the morning, you probably check your messages in your phone; click a button to turn on your TV, listen to the messages in your answering machine and of course, signed in to check your emails and checked on what's the latest on social media world. That's typical life that most of us have at present.

When we used our computer, iPad, digital gadgets and used the Internet, we are in the virtual world but realistically, our lives are much more easily having technology access with just a tap of the finger. We can shop online without leaving the house or we can study our lessons and attend a class online without having to hurry for early morning commute.

I would say thanks to the online geniuses and expert on digital marketing solutions for without them, searching for a school, a business, a service company, a product and anything is easy to manage.

Marketing firms work jointly with businesses globally to enhance an effective marketing campaign. Businesses continue to exist with the help of marketing firm, marketing tool and by optimizing their businesses and services, online users can easily find them.

If your business or company is in Middle East or your services cater for Middle Eastern, you might want to check on middle eastern ppc management. Advertising your business thru PPC or pay per click is the most affordable and a sure way to get customers and clients. It will optimize on-page and off-page; add paid placements using contextual advertising as well as paid inclusions.

Middle Eastern search engine marketing firm has the ability to promote your website by increasing your visibility in search engine focusing in Middle East area. With SEO, it will adjust your website content for higher ranking in search engine result pages.

The middle eastern search engine optimization firm will not only deliver the result but, will help your business attain the goal of your business. When your business is searchable by online users in the Middle East then, you'll get more customers and clients which mean that it will yield sales and business success.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Decaf Coffee

My mother drinks coffee and she always requested a decaf. She drinks coffee on a regular basis but, just one cup a day which is good you know. The picture below is Wolfgang Puck signature decaf coffee and I got it for free.It taste delicious and I like the taste. Of course, I patronized Chef Puck because he is one of the best celebrity chef's around.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rusty: Labrador Retriever

Right now, I miss Rusty. His breed is a Labrador retriever and he has this beautiful dark brown hair. He is not our dog but, one of the dogs of our neighbor in Mississippi. They are known as the keeper of nasty dogs in fact; the animal control in the area knew them. Some of the people who went jogging and biking in our area were attacked by their dogs. None was badly hurt though.

One day, while I was at the front yard doing my gardening routine something was pushing me from behind. When I look around, lo and behold! A big dog was staring at me and I was so scared. Somehow he knew that I was petrified so; he lay down and showed a very friendly face. I didn't know where he came from. He just watched me and when my husband came out to check, he was confused why there's a dog.

He called the dog, pet him and Rusty loves the attention. Our neighbor was yelling his name and he ran back home. From that moment on, Rusty came by to see us every morning while I do my gardening. I work on a night shift and when I go to work, Rusty was outside the garage waiting as if wanting to say goodbye. Hubby and I pet him and would tell him to go home then, off he goes wagging his tail. He is so adorable, smart and like a kid.

My late father-in-law loves Rusty in fact, he would buy pet supplies online and fed him. My husband bought a ball and toys and gave it to him as well. I don't think that the neighbor knew about Rusty's visit in our property. We thought Rusty needed care. We play ball and he knows smart commands like roll over, crawl, bring the ball, drop the ball and we were just so amazed. When we moved to Florida, we had no time to say goodbye to him. We miss him a lot.

Anyway, if you have a dog and needed pet supplies, order it online because it is hassle-free and the price is affordable. It is easy to shop online than heading to a pet shop. You definitely will save time and money. Try The Pet Medicine Company because they offer free delivery on orders over £10. Check them out.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gorgeous Miami Beach

Gorgeous beach isn't it? This is Miami Beach, a great place to enjoy the radiant sun. Miami is dense and urban nature so; if you like to party and wear a bikini, Miami Beach is the best destination to visit.

Most of the streets in Miami are pedestrian-friendly and many locals uses bicycle to get around the city. Actually, when I was there last week, I saw locals and tourists driving in their sports car.Miami is rich in culture, arts and history. The first thing that you will notice in Miami Beach is the city's Art Deco District. You will admire the 800 structures of historical significance dated 1923 to 1943. There are ship-like railings, porthole windows, and a hotel that looks like a wedding cake. If you are in Florida, take time to visit Miami Beach. You will like it here for a sunny vacation.

Bankruptcy Attorney

It is sad to note that there are so many people lost their job because the economy dived down rock bottom. Many companies exist for years cannot support their business any longer and left with no choice but, to close down. Poor thing, the employees had to suffer as well.

When employees lost their job, their families are the ones affected greatly. They needed the job but, there is no job available because business owners cannot afford to hire employees. One friend told us that their company is in business for 43 years but, they had to close. It was so sad!

The real estate business was hit hard. People who lost their job had a hard time paying their mortgage and car loans. It saddened me to see a foreclosure property because I know in my heart that a family had just lost a house.

If you have a friend or family who are in this situation, help them. Inform them that there is a way. They can ask help and hire a bankruptcy attorney. Skrupa Law will guide them and finds a debt relief so; they can have a fresh start. If you live in Omaha, find an omaha bankruptcy attorney in your area. When there's no option left, you should file a bankruptcy.

Patio Pavement

I was doing a small project today. I started doing the patio pavement at the backyard. I finished taking the grass in one area and put down 28 pavers. This is not a rush project but, I am trying to do each area everyday. It might take me a week or less. Since I am so excited to use the gazebo, I might finish in 4 days. Hubby and I are excited. I will share the picture next time (wink). Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Internet Reputation Management

When I am busy, I do my shopping online. It is very convenient; saves me time and money; hassle-free and I can browse the product that I want at my own pace. As a consumer, I shop in a reputable company for easy return if I am not satisfied with the product and usually, they have excellent customer service who assist complaints.

My shopping experience is not always perfect. There were few incidents that my orders were sent to the wrong address; merchandise was lacking and I had to pay the product. When I tried to contact the company, they wanted proof that I was charge. It was obvious that they charge me and it's their job to investigate the incident. I was not refunded and I bring my complaints via Internet.

The internet reputation of a company reflects as to how they provide service to their clients and customers. When I am satisfied with the service of a company, I recommend them to my friends. When I like the product that I bought from a store, I provide positive review but, when they do not respond to my complaints, the company will surely get bad reviews from me. I think, it is just fair!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Gazebo

I woke up late today and was having a lazy day (again). I was so bored and can't even start to blog so; to make the most of my time at home, I went to the backyard and assemble our newly bought gazebo. It took me an hour and was satisfied with what I had accomplished. We wanted to hang out in our backyard but, the gnats are terrible. This gazebo provides shade, and style in our backyard. It is 12ft x 12ft wide and 117 in height. This is a good space to relax and next week, I will start my patio project.
Anyway, this gazebo is built around a durable steel frame and it was easy to assemble. It has 2 sections of privacy walls and 4 sided mosquito netting which we needed for protection from bugs. This gazebo is a beautiful addition in our backyard. The canopy is UV-resistant polyester and it won't fade in the sun. When I am done with the patio, I will post the picture of this gazebo in this blog. Come by next time.

Medical Billing Software

When you go to your doctor's appointment, some of your medical obligation was being paid by your insurance. You will be billed a reasonable amount if the medical procedures are not covered but, you don't need to do anything. Medical Billing will process it for you and claim it to the insurance companies so that the health care provider receives the correct payment for whatever services being rendered to you. To make all the processing easy, they use quality software such as: ub-04 software.

This is a medical insurance form filling Software Company that created software aiming to help people in this industry. Their software assists them in filling out medical billing forms as well as medical insurance form.

They created these software's: Dental Association Fill and Print EDI Software which is obviously intended for dental claims which feature automatic addition. It calculates the charges automatically. It has EDI file creator which allows the user to create a single print image file from multiple claims. The UB-04 Fill and Print NPI Software features advanced printer alignment that calibrates the form to the printer. It also has an auto fill feature which makes the processing faster. UB-04 EDI Clearinghouse Software provides the user an immediate access to electronic remittance as well as claim status inquiry and more. Meanwhile, the HCFA 1500 EDI Clearinghouse Software and HCFA 1500 Fill and Print NPI Software are both ideal for Institutional Health Care Claim and Medicare/Medicaid Claim.

Using the ub04 claim form offers fast, organize and easy to fill up forms so; it is hassle-free and saves the time.

Bubba Gump Restaurant in Port Lauderdale

Hubby and I don't really plan if it's a short road trip. When we are bored at home, we just explore places that we have never been. We drive for few hours, check out cool restaurants, take pictures and drive back home. A week ago, we decided to drive down AIA and just enjoy the scenic route. We drove from coastal Miami and we arrived in Port Lauderdale then, saw this building facing the beach. Oh yeah, this place has awesome view of the beach. Bubba Gump Restaurant is located at Seabreeze Boulevard in Port Lauderdale. We dine in the outdoor, in their covered patio and we enjoyed watching the people swimming on the beach.Remember Forest Gump the movie? This restaurant was inspired by it. Bubba Gump Restaurant is all over the United States and they also have locations in other countries such as Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines in Makati. This is my first dining experience at Bubba Gump Restaurant and I enjoyed my visit. The food is good, the ambiance is great, and the price is right on the budget. We are looking forward to visit this location again sometime.

Functional Kitchen

Three months ago, we bought a house near the beach and we have been enjoying living in it since we gutted the whole kitchen. It was a dingy, outdated and just a total mess area in the house. The project took 4 days to finish and now, we have a functional and one of our favorite hangout rooms in the house.

Purchasing the kitchen cabinet was not hard at all. I figured out the color, measurement and the lay-out so; workers will have no interruption in their job. The fun part was buying premium brands of faucets, stainless sink, cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances, beautiful countertop, backsplash, lighting fixtures and more. My husband and I wanted our kitchen to have a relaxing and contemporary appearance. So far, we are happy with our kitchen and it is the heart of our home where we enjoyed cooking our meals.

We chose the highest quality products that have the elegance in visual appearance and meet our standard. The planning and buying of materials were easy because we have been watching home shows on TV. Somehow, it helped us with our decision in the selection of kitchen products and accessories. We are happy with our kitchen and it feels great to own a house. For now, our next project is landscaping the back yard. Oh, I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Disk Backup

Losing data is terrible especially when you forgot to back up your files right? You need to do something today, backup your files to recover your data after accidental deletion or corruption.

Data loss is a common experience of computer users in fact; when my computer got a virus, I lost all important files saved in it. The worst scenario of that experience was; there's nothing I can do to recover my files. If I were you, backup your files now and you will have nothing to worry in the future. Though backups represent a simple form of disaster recovery, not all backup applications are able to reconstitute a computer system therefore, it has limitations.

Organizing a storage space as well as managing the backup process is complicated especially if you are not computer savvy. But, when you have the software, it is just a click of a button and your files are safe. It will optimize open files and live data sources as well as compression, encryption and de-duplication.

If you are looking for a secondary storage solution or Disk Backup, Nexsan is one of the leaders in production of data storage that you should check out. Their product is good for flexible data storage such as digital media, backing up cloud data and more. It has built-in features to help you protect and recover your data. If you need a highly reliable solution, consider Nexsan.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taking a Break for a Big Meal

I have been trying to finish all my tasks before the day is over but I think, it's not possible. My stomach is growling and I am craving for a big meal. I should take a break for now and enjoy my kitchen. I will make a chicken macaroni salad, grilled spare ribs and have a thirst quenching sweet iced-tea (wink), how's that for a big meal huh? Let's chow! Picture later!

Website Hosting and Design

Online business need to be functional especially when they already made a name in the business industry. Clients and customers visit the Website to gather more information, to purchase a product or book the service being provided therefore; supply the needs. If you own a business online, make sure that you tap someone who is expert on online traffic management as well as provides website hosting and design.

Not all clients and customers are computer savvy so; your online business should be appealing, informative and easy to navigate. Look for a company that offers excellent customer service, affordable, have the knowledge about SEO, web design, domain names and more. When you encounter trouble in the future, you know that they will be there to help you fix it out. You will lose big time if your online Website starts to dwindle down.

SEO is also important when you have a new Website. When online users search for services that you offer, your Website will be visible if you optimized it correctly. If you don't, your business will not show up in the search engine. That is the reason why you need someone who has the knowledge in all these such as Visit the Website for more information.

The Miami Beach

Hubby and I started driving down the area of South Beach which is also known as SoBe or simply The Beach. This place is one of the most popular areas of Miami Beach. If you would like to see topless sunbathing women; OMG, come to this area because it is tolerated here. Remember Miami Vice TV show? They shoot it here. This place is considered as one of the richest commercial areas on the beach though, poverty and crime still remain in some places near the area. You can tell as you listen the news in the morning.Ocean Drive is Art Deco District and is beautiful but, always crowded. We decided to drive North to look for a nice place which is not crowded to take some pictures. Did you know that the New World Symphony Orchestra is based in Miami Beach, under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas? Now you know (wink).We passed by Lincoln Road which runs from 16th and 17th Streets is a nationally known spot for outdoor dining, bicycling, rollerblading and shopping. It also features art galleries of well known designers, artists and photographers such as Romero Britto, Peter Lik, and Jonathan Adler.

Golf Clubs and Golf Putters

I would love to plan a trip to a charming 9-hole walking course that sets amidst a beautiful and relaxing environment. Playing golf is exciting and fun because it involves fitness. Just imagine following a casual 9-hole stroll.

Most of the golf courses have beautiful landscape which one can enjoy even the sight of waterfowls will be expected to wander out of the surrounding woodlands. Not to mention the undulating greenery of grass and shady trees; added the nature-perfect scenery of golf courses.

I have been to a golf course to watch a game but, not as a player so; I would love to experience playing on a tee time with my husband. Isn't it exciting to wear golf shoes, polo-style shirts with collars paired with slacks or Bermuda-length shorts? Oh well, I will make it happen for just 15 minutes away, two golf courses are just waving for my business with them.

Anyway, are you browsing the Web for golf clubs, gloves, golf drivers, golf putters, hybrid golf clubs, golf wedges, travel wear, head gear, bags and other accessories? You should check out for they have hundreds of quality golf clubs and accessories to choose from. This site has the list of PGA and LPGA players and you can take a peek of the products they are using in their golf bags. This site is a one-stop-shop so; you can order the products in this Website. For more information, click the links of today.

Awesome Miami

When I was in the Philippines, I love watching CSI Miami. I was fascinated with the Hummer which the CSI's were using in the show, amazed with the tall buildings and admire the beautiful mansions along the Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island just to mention a few. Seeing them for real and being here is just wonderful. The mansions even look grand and beautiful. Driving down MacArthur Causeway or US 1A was just remarkable.I love the beach in Miami. Do you want to know what's fun when we drove down Beach Boulevard? Seeing the tourist in bikinis and some locals driving in their Corvette and Lamborghini. Just AWESOME!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Awards and Recognition

Work ethic is important and if we love our job which is the source of our livelihood, we will value hard work and diligence. We come to work on time and get along with co-workers. We strive to become reliable, shows our initiative and even pursue new skills to become better in our workplace.

Workers aim promotion which means better pay. Though it entails greater responsibility, one would gladly embrace it because it is a career accomplishment. The ladder to success is not easy so; workers had to show their worth to the company.

Any companies would love to keep the workers who have an outstanding work ethic. They appreciate workers who help their business yield to success. For that, they gave awards and recognition for workers who excel and made outstanding contribution for their company.

Able Trophies is here for all awards and trophy needs of companies. This company is North America's premier provider for employees and corporate awards. They also specialized in personalized gifts and promotional products. Crystal Awards are given for employees who deserve the recognition so; if your company needed to buy these products, you can check it out at Able Trophies. Products such as Crystal Awards, Glass Awards as well as Crystal Globe Honors for corporate.

Did you know that Crystal Awards and Glass Awards are popular choice for employee as well as corporate recognition awards? These products are elegant and beautiful. For more information, check out the Website today.

Driving Down Miami Beach Boulevard

After I picked up my Schengen Visa at Biscayne Boulevard, hubby and I went to Miami Beach. We just drove down the A1A route and this place is jam packed with tourists. All buildings are mostly hotels and resorts as well as condos. I noticed the beautiful architectural design on every buildings which clearly shows the preservation of their heritage and culture. It looks really nice.
This place is a tourist district and the heart of action. You will enjoy shopping, dining and the access on the beach is just a walking distance. Miami Beach is truly an exciting place to have a vacation. If you want serenity and tranquility, check in to a resort and you will feel relax with the ocean view.I took a picture of this wall paintings/murals in one of the buildings in Miami Beach. It's interesting to note that yeah, you will spend money while you are in Miami Beach. Too many cool sports car driving down the road; and good food.We live about 4 hours drive so; Miami Beach is not that far to drive for a short road trip. More photos to come. Thanks for stopping by.

Travel and Spa

Most of the time when we travel, we hope to find a place to relax and enjoy nature at its best. Waking up with the glimmering sunshine on the bedroom window, sound of the waves on the seashore and good food to enjoy and satisfy our palate. We all need to pamper ourselves once in a while because we work hard to earn a living so; we might as well take the time off and relax in a spa.

All luxury hotels and resorts offers spa services such as facials, paraffin treatments, massage, waxing and tanning as well as permanent makeup. The latter service is very popular for on the go women and for those who can't do their daily make-up due to their ailments. I have known quite a few who had their brow done and it surely made them looks great. If you are interested, click the link above for more information about spa services.

If you feel low and tired, you can actually lighten up your mood when you visit barrie spa. Facials are soothing and rejuvenating or, take advantage of their massage services. It is total relaxation for it will soothe your tired body and loosen your muscle. Don't work too hard! Take a break from work, travel and enjoy a good food and have a relaxation at a spa.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trump International Beach Resort

We went to Downtown Miami yesterday to pick up my Schengen Visa then; we drove down to Miami Beach. I was blown away as to how gorgeous, elegant and luxurious the Trump International Beach Resort which is located in Sunny Isles Beach. OMG! I was so excited to see the Trump towers knowing Donald Trump owns them, the Real Estate business tycoon.Isn't it gorgeous? I tried to check out their rates. The range was $202/night to $895 with an ocean view excluding Deluxe Rooms and Suites which have even more expensive rates. It was alright considering this is a luxury resort. We spent $200/night when we stayed at Intercontinental Hotel; dang staying in Trump International Beach Resort is worth the money. Not to mention the fantastic amenities and the awesome view of the Ocean!

Business Bookkeeping Tool

Some of our friends have businesses of their own mostly offering services such as plumbing, massage and spa, notary, painting and landscaping. They are sole proprietors of their small businesses and they are doing okay despite of the economic problems that we are all facing at present. They managed well on the financial aspects, on how to find for prospects and clients but, they rely to the professional when it comes to accounting reports for their taxes.

Every month, they are so meticulous in recording their expenses, invoices, accounts payable as well as receivable and so on. They have a business bookkeeping tool which helps them organize and process all their accounting transactions. Having the right tool makes their business records organize and easy to track the income, expenditures and the cash flow.

How about you? If you own a business and needed an accounting tool to consolidate your business finances, you should check out the products in They have accounting tools that will definitely help you get organized in all your bookkeeping and budgeting concerns. You need the right tool to manage your business, track your spending as well as monitor your banking account. For more information, visit the Website now.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marina Village in Atlantis

When we arrived in Nassau, hubby and I decided that we will explore Atlantis in Paradise Island in Bahamas. It was cloudy that day so; we choose to stay indoor in Atlantis Resort and just wander what's inside this grand hotel. When we left, we went down to Marina Village which is about 65,000 square ft of vibrant and beautiful bazaar.It has five unique restaurants namely Johnny Rockets, Carmine’s, Bimini Road, CafĂ©’ Martinique and Seafire Steakhouse. This place has 21 retail outlets and local entertainment such as Quantum, Carlo Milano, Starbucks, and many more. It also has a collection of carts that shows the Bahamian artistry.The 21 boutiques and shops features luxury of fashion and beautiful handmade crafts from local Bahamian artisan. We went to the Village Creamery which is an ice cream parlor and bought some ice cream bar which was truly refreshing. Some stores have more tourists coming in to buy beachwear. This bazaar has stores that sells fine jewelry, watches and clothing to crystal and everything which tourists could possibly be looking for such as Dooney & Bourke, Versace JC, John Bull and Solomon's Sea Treasures.The place is very clean and I seldom see locals except that they are employees of the stablishments. I would surely love to visit this place again sometime.We just follow the way towards the ferry boat. We took a ferry boat ride as we head back to the port in Nassau where our cruise ship, the Norwegian Sky was. If you cruise to Bahamas and Nassau, you should check out Marina Village in Atlantis, Paradise Island. It's only $5 fare (van) and $3 if you choose the ferry boat.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Join the Rewards Program at Famous Footwear

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Nike Initiator for Women

Do you wanna know the latest good deals that I found online? This is Nike Initiator for women, original price is $55 but, I bought it for $33.99. I wore this as my running shoes every morning. This is made of breathable mesh upper and lining and it keeps my feet cool and dry. It features Phylon mid sole which serves as a cushion. It has flexible rubber out sole for long-lasting traction. It is comfortable to wear and so light. I was hoping to buy something bold in color but, no available in this design.Check it out in Kohl' and you might find it on sale too.

Mudd Wedge Sandal

Here's another on sale item that I bought at Kohl' This Mudd wedge sandals are a natural beauty don't you think? It is made of woven upper and cork-patterned heel. It is very comfortable to wear on casual attire and in any ensemble. It is a platform wedge heel design which offers stability and comfort. The buckle closure has elastic insert which provides a flexible and comfort. It has a lightly padded foot bed. This wedge footwear has 4 1/4-inches heels and 1 1/4 inches platform. The original price is $54.99 but, I bought it for only 18.67.If you want to check out some shoes that are on sale, please visit Kohl' now.

Online Studies

If you are a stay at home spouse, do you have idle time? If you did, what do you do in your idle time? When kids are at school, house chores and errands done, do you just take a nap or watch TV? There's a productive way to use your idle time, enroll in Mortgage Education. Select the training course that suits your preference such as Online, Online Instructor Led, Live/Webinar Classes, Non-Accredited Mortgage Law Library, and Non-Accredited Exam Prep. You should select the accreditation type whether Continuing Education, Professional Development, Pre-Licensing, or Late Continuing Education. If you made your choice then, proceed and finish all the steps then, say good bye to idle time.

To keep up with what's new around you, you should strive to learn new things and improve your educational attainment. Learning is power and it is not hard to attain even if you are a stay at home person. Once you completed the course, you can work at home as a tax preparer as your sideline. You own your time and you are the boss once you work at home. Your family is still your priority but, make the most of your spare time. Start weighing your decision now.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Intercontinental Hotel in Miami: Room Review

A week ago, hubby and I went to Miami for a day. I had an appointment located in the heart of busy buzzing Miami. Being unfamiliar in the area, I should say that the public parking in the city is terrible and valet parking is expensive. It got me confused for a second when most people (acquaintance) speak Spanish than English. We decided to just stay in the hotel across my appointment venue just to avoid the traffic the next day. Online, the hotel rate starts at $139 and that's what we have. It was an expensive rate compared to other cities that we have been to but, the location is excellent so; it was alright for me.Our room was on the 24th floor and when I step out from the elevator, I noticed a strong smell of that level which is not pleasant compared to the other floors below. I was thinking, we got what we paid for so; that floor must be the cheapest in the hotel. Who knows? The room is not impressive but, just alright. The beds are queen size, has an office nook, and I noticed right away the wrinkled bedsheets, not a good sight (thinking about the rate). Our room has the city view and it was perfect. The bay window was great especially at night. I was actually hoping for an ocean/water view but, it didn't matter. I was tired from our 4 hour road trip so; I check if they have a complimentary water. NONE but, they have complimentary coffee.I love the curtains of this room because they run with a remote control. This hotel has a WiFi but, guests have to pay for it to get the access. It's not a complimentary which is a big disappointment. I need to finish my work online and the cheapest rate per day is $11 per computer so; I sign up for it. Our bill for one night totalled 206 including the valet parking and tax. Whoaaa! I can get a suit room for that amount in Beau Rivage Hotel on a Mardi Gras season!

Overall, this specific room was alright but, I think it was not occupied for days, it smells damp. The complimentary coffee container is dusty and carpet needs air freshener. I don't want to blame the custodial because I know they really work hard. Maybe, they just lack the manpower for them to overlook some delicate details.

Healthy Lifestyle: Toning Abs

My husband is now trying to change his daily routine. He strictly follow his cardio exercise and eats healthy food aiming to tone his abs. We both wake up early in the morning and do jogging for few blocks. Sometimes we ride our bike to the next neighborhood and back just enough to sweat out. We also did yard work and gardening twice a week which is a good form of exercise since it involves stretching as well as the resistance principles such as lifting the 20 lbs flagstone when we did a DIY patio project, it works well for both of us.

He is not aiming for six pack abs; he would laugh about it when I teased him. He is too old for that. All he wanted is to tone his abs and thereby enjoy a healthy body. That goal is possible for him especially when he is now having a healthy diet, did regular exercise and planning to buy a flex belt. He was able to read about this product at and he was inspired by the reviews. I am also looking forward to use this product. Both of us can use it as I am aiming for a flatter stomach.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reminiscing my Time as a Classroom Teacher

Yesterday, I was viewing some of the pictures that I was tagged by some of my friends in Facebook. As I was looking at their classroom pictures, seeing the happy faces of children on their Nutrition Month celebration, and having the good time sharing their food, it just dawned on me that I miss my job as a classroom teacher.

The day before Recognition Day, I migrate to the US. I was at the airport when my co-teacher called the names of the honor students of my class. Some active parents knew that I was leaving for good and some were caught by surprise.

My decision to quit my job and find a new career was a relief for me. I had to wake up at 4 AM and start commuting at 5 AM from my home to my workplace. I go home late finishing my lesson plan, clean the room, and setting my class for the next day. Sometimes, one of my co-teachers, who died last year of cancer, had to sit in my room and wait for me. We go home at dusk time. I arrived home between 7-8 in the evening sooo tired from school and traffic. Sometimes, I sleep without dinner and waking up at 4 AM the next day ... oh, and most of the time; I skip breakfast (mom nagged me all the time for that) ... such a tiring routine for 12 years huh?

I made a request for transfer to a nearby school in the uptown where I live. My application was piled on the back seat. I love my work. I love my 60 students and I had no complains with all my supportive parents at school and the community. I enjoyed the company of my co-teachers and though I was not the favorite of one of the principals in my school, I had no grudge with anyone.

I am not a healthy person I should say. I had migraines almost every week (slight smell of gasoline and scorching heat would get me sick) but, I was always present at school. In one year, I probably had 1 or 2 absences. I am so proud of my students. They are well behaved especially when I had migraine attack. When I had migraine, I would throw up in the bathroom while they are doing their seatwork. They are such beautiful children.

I was the tiniest teacher in my school and I was living the farthest too commuting 6 times in a day. I told myself, 12 years is enough. I should think about my health, my life and my family so; I filed a resignation. I am happy right now. I just miss my classroom and everything in it. Most of all, I miss my students. The last batch is in fifth grades now. I just wish them good luck :-).


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