Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Have These Clutters?

As you keep on blogging, enjoying the news online, surfing the Internet for new wave of music and laughing out loud to those crazy videos downloaded in the Internet...but, take a look in your space? Is it similar to these?
If it did, why not take an hour to re- arranged your space before hitting the computer? It would really make a difference once you tried it. I had these problem too, few years ago. Not to this degree though. This is laziness and living like a pig.
Take an hour to clean certain area in the house and of course, start in your own bedroom ( the comfort room, the closet, the cabinet ...etc) and by doing so, an hour each day ... it surely made a difference. Isn't it nice to declare that you are a certified clutter free person? LOL!
Speaking of closet, one of my activity before new year is to sort the clothes that i don't use and give it to charity. Some really goes to my relatives who loves "hand-me-down" extravaganza moment. LOL!
Seriously though, it really helps a lot if you give away those things that you don't use for a decade. Why bother to keep? That can make your storage into a freak clutter place. Share your blessings to those who have nothing.
If you have a kitchen like this, please think twice! You know that it is not healthy. An hour to pick up those boxes, stack the hamper and shoot the plastic bags in the garbage can is super easy. Why ignoring these reality?
This might be an exaggeration but if you are almost into this situation, YOU ARE SO FIRED! .... nahhh.... joking, there is a hope my friend.
I really don't know if this is a clutter space or abandoned house. It gives me a headache if I have this kind of place...OMG! The thing is, you have the choice to keep it clean, just find time... told you, an hour/day is a big step in a year. Imagine 360 hours of cleaning? Just do it now.
If the stool is not worth keeping, learn to let go and throw in the garbage.
Boxes and bags and gifts given to you 5 years ago and still untouched? That is really bad habit.
This bedroom just needs arrangement..... the furniture's, change the bedsheets and pick up the clutters and put into the right places. Easy....if you find time.
This room looks so small because of the clutters. While blogging, do the laundry, you won't sweat at all. Cleanliness really starts from with in you and the will to have a clutter free house is up for grabs.
This is a nice living room and the fire place was hidden and covered. What is the matter with that? It is a fact that it should always be the focal point in this room. Maybe they change this into an office? What do you think? Really a mess!
Finally, A NO! NO! Give the dish washer a chance to help you with these clutter. Very untidy, unhealthy and this can be a good sight for uninvited guests that are crawling from your bathroom up to here. Then, you rush to wash one glass for a gulped of milk...ewww....the cockroach used it first. Go now, clean a bit. Have fun blogging anyway.

Great Hunger of 1932-1933

The year 1932-1933 in Ukraine history displays a gruesome event that the whole world reacts in great concern. It is the year when Joseph Stalin, the most ruthless leader in Soviet Union, set in motion events designed to cause a famine and destroyed the people who are seeking independence from his tyranny. The result was very massive and devastating with an estimated 7,000,000 individual died in this place. Even though this area was known at that era as the breadbasket of Europe, the people were deprived of the food they had grown with their own bare hands. 

Millions starve to death. How cruel was that? Stalin imposed collectivization, a power that seized all the privately owned farmlands and livestock. This is the place where 80 percent of the people were traditional village farmers. They call this event in the history as Golomodor meaning "mass hunger" or "great hunger" then, later on transformed into holodomor to sound like a holocausts therefore can be considered as genocide. But, according to this event is not a genocide but only an ineffective economic policy of the Communist governments of the Republics of the Soviet Union. With this argument, please visit the website and learn more about The Holomodor Truth.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Am A Cancer Person

I got this from Cecile and Joops, I enjoyed reading their Astrology signs and I was thinking I should try mine. Here it goes. I don't know about the kisser, freak, takes pride of 0ne's self...LOL.... this is really fun. Grab it and buzz me about your result too.

Love this Picture

I took this picture when our car was on a halt, traffic in Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Florida. I love this place. Just look at the picture, it tells everything as is. We hang out in a restaurant with friends here. Very cozy and simply just NICE.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Talk About Taxes

Are you in need of a tax relief? There are so many taxpayers who owed to the IRS and if they did, they also owed a state tax . State Tax collections exist to get a hold of the taxpayer and they are usually more aggressive with their practices. Whatever methods they used, they're still regulated by tax laws and have to offer relief to all taxpayers who are eligible. Most of the states have resembling forms of the Offer in Compromise program. They will also allow a Payment Plan and exemptions from penalties and interest if the correct procedures are submitted completely. So, if you are in need of a state income tax help, there are Tax Specialists who are experienced in challenging all the methods of the State collection practices and methods. These professionals will maximize your good financial standing while pushing for your interests and acquiring you the tax relief that you need.

So, if you are a victim of spousal tax circumstance, you can be protected by IRS innocent spouse.
They will help you negotiate your entitlement as an innocent spouse in order to free you of this tax burden. By taking careful action with the forms and due diligence, these Specialists becomes your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

IRS 941 is an employee withholding tax that the IRS imposes upon your business. Each business quarter the tax is due, but if not paid, penalties and interest will be added to the tax owed. When these taxes are ignored for the longest time, the government can close down your business and seize all its property in order to pay off the taxes owed. Neglecting this tax is seen as the pinnacle offense according to the IRS. So, the Tax Specialists comes in and can help you. They can normally pitch and secure a lower settlement while also getting the accompanied penalties and interest lessened. Call them now at 1-800-405-8360. They provide a free and private consultation about your specific situation at hand. Feel free to ask them about any questions or concerns you may have.

Have You Ever?

I love this kind of meme...what is a meme anyway? LOL... Well, what I know is that I love this tag and I love the blogger who gave this to me. She is a mommy to two adorable sweet kids and a wife to a devoted husband. She stayed home to take care of her babies and I find it very impressive. Rose, thanks for this tag and thank you for remembering me always.

I would like to pass it on to: Darling, Grace, Cookie, Veta, Quinnie , Cecile, bena, Claire,honey,peppermayo, Zoefar, Elizabeth, Illynn, Madz, Nancy, Bhing and Iris.

Have you ever been on TV? Not that I know of. But, we do have singing engagement in our city activities which was covered by local media and we did a concert in Ateneo de Davao, Davao City, Philippines. Maybe, but, there is no big fuss on it, right Dharlz and Cookie?2.Have you ever sung on public?Yes. Oh yes. LOL! I did solo too in our Teacher's was fine but, in a contest ? Terrible.....LOL!3.Have you ever dyed your hair blond?

Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?Yes. That was when I was 9 years old and I did not know. I ate so much because it taste like chicken. When I knew it after, it didn't affected my appetite. I still like the taste. But, never eaten since.5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?Yes. That was when a suitor sent me a Rose Bouquet on my birthday and I hated it so much and all my family were having fun teasing me.6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?HUH?7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?I never did. I always hired my uncle or cousin to do the cooking stuff.8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?I think I did. I just don't recall the event. Maybe it was not embarrassing.9. Have you ever done volunteer work?Yes. So many times. Wish I could do it here too.

Reducing Debt

Most of us have debts. It is undeniable and a fact that we have obligations to pay and sometimes we are ruined financially. Even if we have business, we have job, we are earning yet, it is a reality that we are facing debts in different levels. Do we want to be tied up in this situation for the rest of our lives? Of course not! 

That is why Reduce Debt comes in to rescue us. is an educational service dedicated to provide the consumers a financial education and resources that they need. They can provide as much resources as possible to consumers in debt. They offers debt consolidation services to help you reduce your debt. Their program will help you reduce your interest rates and stop the harassing phone calls from your creditors. 

Reduce Debt will also help you establish a working budget. They will consolidate all of your payments into one lowered monthly payment and by doing so, it will be easier for you to track and pay your bills on time. Stop your worries about debt problems. Ask help and start reducing it through debt consolidation program. The time is now. Call them at 1-800-296-0237.

Nolesse Oblige Award

This award was given to me by Dhemz, sorry for the late posting. This is pretty interesting by just reading the rules why this was passed on, it would really warms the heart.

Her posts inspired me because she talks about family, experiences and child nurturing. Over all her blog is a family oriented. Keep it up girl.
1.The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures and beliefs.
2. The Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions.
3. There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.
4. The Blog is refreshing and creative.
5. The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

The Blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following steps:
1. Create a Post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award.
2. The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post.
3. Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or older Post to support.
4. The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions.
5. The Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.

Now, I am passing this award to the following bloggers:
Grace, Youngest, newhottopic ,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Luxury Kitchen Designs

I just found this kitchen designs in and I was truly amazed by looking at the photo gallery. They have traditional, transitional, contemporary and they even have other rooms gallery to show how they can help you have a luxury kitchen like this. Can you afford this kind of luxury kitchen? Yes, you definitely can. The lighting fixtures, the color of the tiles, the elements shown added the luxurious ambiance in this very elegant kitchen.

They say, Luxury is not all about the price tag. A well designed and finely crafted kitchen will come in reality by budgeting realistically and shop accordingly.Just work with a professional kitchen designer who can guide you through the complex planning process. Your luxury kitchen designer will assist you by making selections and recommendations based on your wants, needs and budget. And is ready to help.
Luxury Kitchen Design reflects your tastes and fits your lifestyle. Luxury in the kitchen is really all about the feeling you get from carefully selecting, owning and ultimately enjoying the finished project. Today’s kitchen is much more than a place to prepare a meal; it’s about the look, the feeling, the experience and the emotion of living in a luxury environment. Call them now at 248.669.1300 and visit their site.


Do you know this politician? If you want to say something, say it here. I am giving this space for everybody who wanted to give comments. This is your place.


Are you interested about hypnosis? Or do you want to learn How To Hypnotize Someone? According to Encarta Encyclopaedia, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness and heightened responsiveness to suggestion; it may be induced in normal persons by a variety of method. So, you can influenced people that you just meet by using hypnosis. 

Learning is the key. Steven Peliari, a world famous master hypnotist and Chairman of the International Hypnosis Association reveals all the secrets you need to hypnotize others without them knowing for your own benefits and financial reward. He had just released a hypnosis course called "The Art Of Covert Hypnosis"

It includes a 10 hours of audio content, a 322 page ebook spanning 20 chapters , a revision and exercises manual and a 16 Week study Guide. The program covers these basics in its first 3 chapters, then it teaches another 17 more chapters worth of advanced hypnosis techniques. Just visit the site for more information.

Sunset in Waterford Lakes

We had a great time in this place and I love it. If you love a busy place, a whole area of food chain, 20 cinemas and a place to unwind, this is the place. Location: Orlando, Florida.

Talk About Mommies

It is a big moment when a woman finds out that she is 9 months away of becoming a mommy, excitement soar up high. Planning and buying things are just one of the activities. Here are some of the top lists:
The 2009 Super Bolero Strollers are suitable for infants and toddlers up to 55 pounds and compatible with select infant car seats. This can be use whenever you are in uptown, downtown and across town. Bolero's one-hand fold, one-hand operated backrest and one-hand steering make it easy to be on the move. The firm and padded backrest reclines flat to supports infants head and shoulders and that makes it so comfortable. A one-hand operated fold design results in a compact free standing stroller for storage. Because of the one hand backrest recline and one hand steering making strolling simple. The white reflective canopy has a special coating makes the canopy a breeze to wipe clean and keep bright. And this help keep baby cool and comfortable in the sun and are easy to spot at night. For other choices of colors, visit their site for availability. The Baby Cribs come in a set complete with baby fitted sheet, pillow sham, pillow insert, crib skirt, bumper and a quilt. This is very colorful, contemporary and a 100% cotton poplin bedding which Lawson-Fenning developed in collaboration with Sight-Two. This features fun patterns in unexpected palettes. The designers have composed uncommon visual vocabularies derived from common objects, nature and everyday things to create charming and colorful prints that delight eyes of all ages. Sight-Two has designed abstracted floral patterns for the crib like Pea Berry in shades of blue and white.Maternity Clothes which are stylish like this one is a breath of air for pregnant women. A Jules & Jim maternity dress has unbelievable comfort & versatile style for entire 9 months and into Transition. Check out for more collections of maternity clothing in this site.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Highway 98 Of Florida

These are just few of the scenery that I love about this highway. As long as the sky is clear and the weather is fine, this road is very exciting route to travel.
I saw many gift shops like this one and the prices were really remarkable, very affordable.
Oh I love the view of the seaside. Well, if hurricane comes, this is not the right way to pass. I don't see any sea wall really. Isn't this place very inviting for a weekend getaway?
One of the trip which is forested but still very close to small towns.
See the silhouette ? Looks like an art painting.
I just love the sky and and the earth meet. Fascinated by it.
This is actually a vacation house a little bit distant from the road but, look at the wooden bridge, very long and the view fronting this house is truly fabulous.
There are no rest area in this highway so, hotels like this one is available like a mushroom.Another hotel, the view is fronting the beach.
I lost count how many bridges like this that we passed by.
Over looking the bridge, crane down...
Some vacation houses and cottages back to back view of the sea. More to post. I hope you like the pictures more than I did. Take note: I took the pictures from the car with 55m/hr speed.

Russian Stock Market

My father-in-law was sad because he is losing in stock market. Yet, he is very positive that it will soar up again soon. The stock market really fluctuates like what is happening now. But, he is determined to keep it because after all, he is not really losing. He just lost what he gained. Anyway, if you want to gamble in stock market just visit Russian Stock Market. In this site, you can buy and even sell in Russian Stock Market. Check it out yourself and goodluck.

Parade Paraphernalia

I got these things from the Citrus Parade. This is new to me actually because in the Philippines, they are throwing out candies and goodies to the crowd as a souvenir. Here, they are throwing out beads and it was really fun. People who got these stuffs wear it and they wore it even after the parade. I got 3 beads and a keychain from Delta Airline. I love these stuffs.

Prom Dress

Are you looking for prom dresses like this? I am so excited to share with you about these fabulous gowns.Their collections are really stylish and very elegant. You will feel so comfortable with the fit and style and the selection of their formal dresses, homecoming gowns, dresses, pageant and cocktail dresses are all created from America's top designers. Some of these famous designers are Mori Lee, Jovani, Clarisse, Paris, Mauri Simone and Niteline. Not only that, you can find here the shoes and accessories to pair with your gowns. You can even find selections with the price under $100. So, if you need these gowns right now, call them at 1-877-900-7766.

You can also visit another site that has the same fabulous line of gowns. The nationally advertised Prom Gowns is right here. In fact, they are the company that provides the prom dresses and gowns for America’s Prom Queen, an ABC reality series. They were chosen as the supplier of the majority of the prom dresses and gowns worn by the contestants during the elimination and final episode of the show. Their collection includes the designs made by the top designers such as Mori Lee, Jovani, Alyce Designs, Riva Designs and Clarisse. And their designs were featured in major magazines like Seventeen, Elle Girl, Teen Prom, Teen People and many more. No wonder that Prom Dresses can bring out your best and a night worth to remember. Visit the site right now or you can email them at

Hollywood glamour and elegance is what this site is all about. The 2009 prom dresses collection by Mori Lee will be found here. The Paparazzi line of slim fitting gown is a top choice for those who wants to stand out on that big event. Sexy cuts and sleek fabric were chosen by DEBI Award winning designers to create prom dresses that make a statement of individuality and maturity. While not the perfect choice for just anyone, the girl who feels at home in a Paparazzi gown is one who is ready to make her mark on the world.

Making a statement by wearing prom dresses on such a special night is what women dreams of. Make it an affair to remember by wearing a Mori Lee Collection by Madeline Gardner. Her collection not only includes prom dresses but also bridal and bridesmaids gowns, quinceanera/vizcaya gowns, dresses for special occasions, party dresses and even for flower girls. The fabric she used in all her creations are all stunning and made with high quality materials. You will be amazed how wide the selections Mori Lee in this site. Check it now.

So, prom dresses, pageant gowns, mother of the bride dresses, formal dresses, Quinceanera gowns, formal dresses or ball gowns are all right here in these website. These gowns were created to give you the style you need in affordable amount . Special occasions are not a problem anymore, special dresses are all right here. From Cinderella to gothic themes or fantasy island to Venus, they got it all. They have a wide selection of everything you need. All you need to do is click and visit this site now. Enjoy shopping.

Good Morning Bloggers

I am just excited today because I am now living in this new place. Got to do some errands, grocery and those stuffs. But, after that....blogging and blogging. So, having a good day too? Picture taken from our road trip.

Training and Teambuilding Tool

Back in the Philippines, a TV Show featured a private company having a weekend retreat and used team building activities that really promotes camaraderie and trust among others. has this innovative approach that builds bridges and relationships using TOOBEEZ Teambuilding. TOOBEEZ is a giant, life-size version of a classic children's construction set...sort of big Tinkertoys. The activities includes Encouraging creative thoughts, Promotes critical thinking skills, Developing coordination and motor skills, Enhancing problem-solving, Reasoning and Building bridges. The activities were focus on Trust, Respecting Others, Communication,Teamwork / Cooperation, Citizenship, Responsibility, Uniqueness, Caring and Perseverance. If you need more information, check this website now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Farmers Market In Florida

I love traveling on highway 98 Westbound. It was so much different on highway 75 and I-1o because here, you will see lots of towns, little shops, garage sales were everywhere, passing the Citrus farms, state parks, beaches, cottages and this fruit/vegetable stand.This is called Farmers Market, all of these fruits and vegetables were produce by the local farmers fresh from their garden. You will find many of these along the highway and the price is super amazing. Yap! You read it right. Grapefruit is 3 for a $1 and tangerine 6 for a $1.The closer look of the fruit stand...The lemons...
The strawberries..I call this white onions, guess they have another name of this....The grapes, my favorite.Cucumber, beans and many more...I really recommend this highway 98 if you plan to travel from the south of Florida going to the northern state. The highway has four lanes and there are less 18 wheeler trucks on the road. Driving is easy and fun.


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