Friday, May 28, 2010

In Hollywood

It was Monday afternoon when we decided to visit the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. We spent few hours touring the place. I promised myself to come back and spent few days to really visit the place. It's almost 10 PM as we enter the Kodak Theatre and we spent few minutes right here. Some of these establishments were closed for the night and so; I was not able to do my shopping spree. Anyhow, these are the photos taken while we sat in one of the benches upstairs.

The place is awesome at night.

I love the design and decorative features in this building.

After taking pictures of this place, we went out and took pictures again to some celebrity names on the Walk of Fame. I found the name of Sandra Bullock and my night was complete! Shallow happy thoughts huh? But, I was! Later that night, we visited Beverly Hills area.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Turtles on our Backyard

Remember Finding Nemo the movie? Crush is my favorite character, the sea turtle who advises Marlin (clown fish) about raising children. Oh! the movie was truly heartwarming and the young and spoiled turtle was bubbly cute. Well, since we live inside a statepark, the sight of cardinal birds, turtles and deers are common in our area. In our backyard, turtles are our frequent visitors especially this season. These species are protected but, this particular turtle had a crack on his shell. Maybe some animals attack this poor creature. I was just checking the backyard when I saw this turtle. It was early in the morning but the heat was a scorcher. I gave the turtle a piece of bread but the creature just looked at me. When I showed the turtle that I am eating the bread, it then popped out its head and start chewing. It was fun seeing the turtle having a good breakfast. If only I can keep it as a pet but, I can't. Anyway, I might check again the next day if the turtle comes back.


My hubby upgraded one of our phonelines which was due last April. He decided to order the latest HTC phone and I must admit, I love his phone. The screen is big and loaded with 16GB microSD card. I watched the Transformer movie which was pre installed, the quality of the picture was awesome! One thing more, unlike my Blackberry which the cover was a plastic, HTC HD2 is a solid metal and glass! Double awesome!It has 576MB of RAM, a huge contributing factor which is like my first desktop computer. This is a phone and so handy, it is like having a pc in your pocket! Cool! Highly recommended!

Hubby's HTC HD2 includes:

•1GHz Snapdragon Processor
•4.3-inch, 800 x 480 capacitive WVGA Touchscreen display
•microSD slot pre Loaded with 16GB microSD Card (supporting up to 32GB cards)
•Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, and Light sensor
•WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS
•576MB of RAM
•3.5mm Headset and Micro USB Data/Charging Port
•Transformers and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen preloaded
•Blockbuster Movie App: Movies for rent or purchase

with Accessories:

•HTC HD2 Handset
•Micro USB Wall Charger
•USB Data Cable
•3.5mm Multimedia Stereo Headset
•Pre-Installed 16GB memory card w/ Transformers 1 & 2
•Black Gel Skin
•Getting Started Guide

Friday, May 21, 2010

Folding Laptop Table

My husband gave me a surprise gift when I arrived from my vacation. He bought me a computer table that I can use when I am on the bed. I just love it because I can also use it for breakfast in bed. It has a tiny lamp that emits exact amount of light that I need to see my keyboard.

This is a good buy and a good gadget for bloggers like me who wants to blog in comfort. I recommend this folding laptop table to those individual with "lappy" as their constant gadget in use.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In The Arms of the Angel

I was browsing to youtube website looking specifically to this song. I like the tempo of this song and my husband loves the tempo and the lyrics. This song was composed by Sarah Mclachlan for JONATHAN MELVOIN, keyboard player of SMASHING PUMPKINS who died of heroin overdosed.

Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it ok
There's always one reason
To feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction ooh beautiful release
Memory seeps from my veins
Let me be empty and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you feel
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

So tired of the straight line
And everywhere you turn
There are vultures and thieves at your back
And the storm keeps on twisting
You keep on building the lie
That you make up for all that you lack
It wont make no difference
Escaping one last time
It's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

You're in the arms of an angel
May you find some comfort here
Some comfort here

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil Spill Preparation

Here in Ocean Springs Mississippi, the city and its people are making extra preparation to keep away the crude oil from the shoreline. The fatal explosion of an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana last April 20, 2010 gives a total blow in the fishing industry and eco-tourism industry in the Gulf Coast. This BOOM is just a prevention and hoping that it will work for good. We saw Mayor Moran today in the Beach area with some news men facilitating the group of volunteers who are on standby for clean up on the shoreline.
It is high tide earlier and it brought some dirt from the from the sea. The volunteers clean up the trash to avoid contamination of the area. The smell of the crude oil was so strong that some say might trigger illness. Residents were advised to stay indoor. At this moment, it is a " wait and see" kind' a mood for all of the people here in Gulf Coast. We are hoping that the oil will not move this far towards our area.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Arcade Game Online

What do you do when you have a spare time? Do you go out and do shopping? Or, stay at home, do gardening and re-decorating your house? I am a homebody most of the time so; that's me doing those activities. But, when I am bored and feeling lazy, I play funbrain to keep me going. I would say if I have spare time, I play arcade at home. If you are a teenager who play games online, it is understandable. We need this kind of game to keep our minds alert. It is fun to play online games especially if it doesn't affect our regular routine as a student or a parent. There are so many things to do in a day and playing an online game is an activity that has its own time. I do play games that energize my mind to think and forced me to create a strategy to outsmart the opponent. It somehow improve my mental ability and cognitive domain. These are positive sides that I get when I play online games. I have my favorite games that I always play and it gives me adrenalin rush. It gives me the energy to feel active once again and when I am done, total boredom is gone. It gives me a sort of energy to keep me going on my "real world" tasks. When I was a student, I play more than 20 hours a week. Now that I am older, I play less but, I have time to do arcade game online still.

Exterior Shutters

When we own a property, projects that beautify and improve the look of our home is endless. We love to renovate our bedroom to make it cozy and making sure that kitchen and living room's color scheme should compliment to each other. It's always a delight to the eyes to having a well manicured garden and installing new exterior shutters are likely to happen. Shutters are important add ons to protect the glass windows in our house. It can also make our home attractive and pleasant to look from the exterior side. Select the color of the shutters that compliment to the color of the whole house. Having all of these done, it adds value to your home property in time.

I was looking at the houses in the Gulf Coast area and almost all of them used exterior shutters. They really look good and in fact it attracts my attention to it. The wood design and the color made it more attractive especially when the house is colored white with deep colored shutters on it. Anyway, we never get tired when it comes to home improvement, don't we? My next project is the garden area, what's yours? It is springtime and planting flower plants and having a vegetable garden in the backyard is another project that I am dealing as of the moment. Let us make our home a nice place to enjoy everyday with our family.


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