Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Balloon Vendors

When there are parades or any town activity in Mississippi, balloon vendors are there. When I was a child, this sight is not only colorful but, amazing to my eyes. It made me want it all! This is a good business especially when people are doing it in seasonal.They sell balloons, hats, dolls, toys, beads and many more. The good thing that I observed about this vendors, they sold a lot! A nice hat cost from $10 to $20 when the parade/shows are on going. After the parade, they sell it half the price and still they are earning. What a fun business to do huh!

Popular Leisure Activity

Bingo is known to be the most popular leisure activity in UK. Playing the free bingo no deposit usually require a player to download a software. It really depends because sometimes, they use Java Script or Adobe Flash to play the free no deposit bingo. Normally, if the person is aiming to win big amount, the user is required to fund the account. So, if you want to play no deposit bingo, you are responsible for your decision to play an online bingo no deposit. Just be aware of the consequences though. Find the site that is reliable and you should remember that when you play, you could either win or lose. So, if you want to create an account be responsible.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Efficiency Property

Did you know that this efficiency condo is worth $15,000 and seller accepts cash bid only? The neighborhood is gated, nearby a bus station, grocery stores, gym, restaurants, banks and many more. We tried to bid but, there's too many who are interested. We did not get this place.The condo that we bought is similar to this efficiency property. We decided to have an income property because this is the right time to buy a condo unit since the real estate is crashing down.There were actually two people who are interested to rent this place. So, since this is ready to move in, she can actually rent the place and move in by July 1st. This is really good for two persons who just want to start a family and saving for the future. Or a student who wants to be independent. This is easy to rent because the neighborhood is safe and the rent is lower too. This is not for me though, hehehe.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monte Carlo Movie

This post brought to you by Monte Carlo. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was watching Selena Gomez interviewed on TV today and got excited to learn about her latest movie Monte Carlo. It's about Grace, her character as an ordinary girl having a dream vacation in Paris that turns unlikely but surprisingly she becomes an accidental heiress. Grace accompanied by her best friend and half sister discover that the greatest adventure is finding out who they really are. This movie is an exciting movie to watch with friends but, most of all for mother and daughter bonding. If my mom is here with me right now, I would have a memorable bonding moment with her watching my favorite Selena Gomez. Take a peek of the Monte Carlo movie trailer below:

Starting June 29, you can purchase your movie tickets ahead of time through Fandango. Bring your daughter, laugh and get thrilled by watching this romantic comedy in Theaters this Friday, July 1st. Visit the Facebook official Monte Carlo movie page and please click LIKE and get acquainted with other fans. As for me, I have to watch it with my "mother-figure" best friend who supported me in all my undertakings. She is 10 years older than I am and we both love comedy adventure movies! Don't forget to watch this movie in theaters this Friday, July 1st and have fun!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

KODAK ESP C310 at Walmart

Are you looking for an easy to use all-in-one printer that uses high-quality, low-cost ink cartridges? My husband saw this in WALMART. He loves the idea of using a printer that has a Wifi set-up. I bought this for his Father's Day gift.The Kodak C310 is sleek and delivers sharp text documents, brilliant graphics and KODAK Lab-Quality Photos that dry instantly and last a lifetime. It does work so great!

Here's the key features: Print Speed, Memory Card Slots: Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Multimedia Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Pro (Pro). It's Built-in Wireless, Energy Star certified, Replacement Ink: 30 Series, 30XL Black Ink Cartridges, 30 Series, 30XL Color Ink Cartridges. It prints from multiple computers too. Direct Print Supported Memory cards and USB 2.0 port , Kodak Pic Flick App and it Prints from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Compatible Operating Systems are Windows 7, Vista Home Basic, or XP-Home (SP2 or above), Mac OS 10.4.8 or higher.

When we buy this all-in-one printer of Kodak C310, it includes Black and Color 30 series ink cartridges, a Setup Guide, a User Guide and Installation CD-ROMs, Power supply and power cord, and Wireless Networking Setup Guide. Why this is a good deal? We bought it on sale for $59! Good deal happends everyday at Walmart.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sticking to my Resolution with Healthy Eating

Guest post written by Cindy Carroll.

I made a New Year's resolution to take better care of myself. I know that sounds really general, but I'm pretty bad about worrying about others and totally neglecting myself as a result. So I thought that would be a very appropriate resolution for me to make. A lot of different things fit into that general resolution, including resting when I feel like it and exercising regularly.

But what I'm most worried about is eating healthy. I'm kind of addicted to junk food but I decided I need to find some equally tasty healthy food options to eat instead. I went online to try and find some recipes and when I was doing that I found a comparison between and ended up changing the one that we have.

One of the tasty food options that I've found is a healthy turkey wrap that's pretty easy to make. It's amazing how quickly you can throw together something great and healthy if you just have the right ingredients.

The Casey Anthony Murder Trial

When Judge Belvin Perry abruptly announced a recess of the hearing before it could start Saturday, my husband was dismayed. He was all set and ready to view the whole day event of testimony. We watch the whole event unfolded that before the jury could come in, prosecution and defense lawyers were called to the sidebar. Then, Casey Anthony, the accused mom came in and out of the room. Today's event was very unusual as if something big will come up on Monday as the hearing resumes. If you want to watch the LIVE telecast of the hearing, go to from Monday to Saturday at 9AM. Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr is the Chief Judge in the Ninth Judicial Circuit in the Circuit Court of Florida. I personally admire him and well, I hope to meet him personally too. Anyway, bless the heart of those 50 lucky spectators who came in the court room but, never gets the chance to observe the proceedings. They left the court room disappointed I guess. Imagine how they tried to get a ticket the day before and today, never to see the real action. Better luck next time guys!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Monte Carlo Movie Trailer

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Monte Carlo. All opinions are 100% mine.

My niece who is a beautiful teenager who loves to dress up and imitate her favorite movie actress Selena Gomez. She came by the other day and she gaily announced an important activity that she have next week. She and her mom will be having a mother-daughter bonding by watching the latest movie Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez. Oh! You should see the excitement in her eyes! How I wished my mom is here with me! This movie is a romantic comedy about Grace, an ordinary girl who becomes an accidental heiress on her trip to Paris. The twist of the movie comes when she found out who she really is! My niece was so excited because she is watching it with her mother and the lead actress is her favorite Selena Gomez! Indeed, this is a great movie for mother-daughter bonding! Here's the movie trailer:  

I already invited two of my friends to watch it with me since it is scheduled to be in theaters July 1st. If you are interested to purchase the ticket ahead of time, visit Fandango starting June 29. Please visit and LIKE the Official Monte Carlo Facebook page and make sure you mark your calendar for bonding time with your family and friends.

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Winning an iPad 2

I had a twitter account @amiable2amy and I have been tweeting ads from different sponsors. I also monetize my tweets via sponsoredtweets by IZEA and one of the ads that I tweet was about #tag4cancer, a breast cancer awareness campaign by Bumble Bee.Part of the campaign is a sweepstakes with an iPad 2 as a prize. I was one of the lucky tweeter who won this great and fabulous product from Apple.Currently, the lowest price of iPad2 with wifi is $499 and I must admit, I truly enjoyed this gadget. This is my new toy aside from my guitar.
It's an awesome Apple iPad 2 with Wifi which is thinner with lighter design. It's even more powerful with the dual-core A5 chip. I love the 10 hours of battery life, with two cameras that I can make FaceTime video calls and record HD video. The iPad Smart Cover attaches magnetically and wakes up.

Here's the Features that comes with it: Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi in 16GB, 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology. I have an Apple iPod touch but, I did not enjoy it as much as this iPad! This innovation amazed and I am loving my latest toy gadget. I highly recommend this product to anyone! Thank you sponsoredtweets, Jenni from Izea company and BumbleBee! This is a wonderful birthday present!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is the Superdome in New Orleans. Remember Hurricane Katrina in 2005? It was all over the news for days showing the state that was hardly hit by this deadly hurricane. The places that was badly hit were Cuba, Bahamas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana. In 2009-2010, I visited the place and since hubby and I had our short road trip from Mississippi to New Orleans. I saw the sad remnants of devastation. There were abandoned houses, buildings and streets. Though some parts of New Orleans manage to get back to life and businesses open for good. As I took this picture, this area bounced back as a beautiful landmark as always. No traces of sad events. I just hope that catastrophic event such as hurricanes will never hit this place again. We can only hope and pray.

Home Loan

Do you own a home? Are you planning to have a major renovation? You have an option to finance it yourself if you have so much savings or apply for a home loan. You will get a better rate if you choose to pay it off in 15 years than 30 years. You have the advantage too of paying a lesser rate if you have an excellent credit score. Everything will really depends upon your credit history.If you are planning to buy a new home, you can loan money from the bank and just pay a huge down payment. That way, what you owe less and it's not a burden to pay it off sooner. Whatever your project is, do it this year because at present, the real estate crashed so bad. The right time to buy a home property is now. Visit the link and get your Free quote today!

Food, Cravings and Buffet

When I think about cakes and pastries, and craving for those Southern Style Food displayed in a buffet set up, all I have to do is visit a Chinese Restaurant. Yep! That is close enough to Beau Rivage Buffet in Biloxi, Mississippi. You should check out Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino in Biloxi. This place is totally awesome! Living in Mississippi is different here in Orlando. Life there is easy and relax. People go to work, eat out and always have the time with family. I live in a small town where people loves the beach, involved in the community and family-oriented. When the town has activities, everybody goes there and just have a good time. Casino's thrive in the area of Biloxi and I love it. I don't gamble but, I enjoyed eating and hopping from one casino to another. Beau Rivage Hotel is my most favorite casino because I can enjoy shopping inside as well as fill me up in when I am hungry.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hyundai Genesis in Florida

Are you planning to buy a Hyundai Genesis? This car is considered as a luxury sedan and is great in gas. Fuel economy is true to it's claim, projecting 17 mpg in the city while 25 mpg on the highway with test average of 19 mpg. This car has six-speed automatic for smooth operation and when it comes to value? This Korean make marks the top among others because the price is reasonably affordable.If you plan to purchase this product, visit Florida Hyundai Genesis Dealer at West Palm Beach in Florida. If you need to service your car, the hyundai genesis florida will accommodate you at an affordable price. Just fill out the Service Appointment Form which is provided on their Website and wait for their call. For more information, visit this Website now!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hoax McDonald's Notice

This notice with a McDonald's Logo is currently making a buzz on the Internet! This is a HOAX people! Whoever made this and posted on the Web is rude. I checked the Website of McDonald's to read the response of this hoax notice and irresponsible joke but, haven't seen one. Other sources in the Internet says, McDonald's are aware of this. Some people think this is funny but, this is purely garbage! I hope McDonald's will do something legally to find the responsible people who posted this on the Internet. This is a racial discrimination attack and should be stop!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Casey Anthony: No Remorse

Casey Anthony knows how to project herself to the jury. This is her when she listen to the disturbing testimony about the remains of her baby. She never look at the pictures shown on the screen. She kept her head bowed down. I thought maybe she was hurt to see the girls Winnie the pooh blanket or the tattered shorts and the duct tape nearby the skull. She doesn't look at the skull remain of her baby, at least she showed emotion so, I thought!
The Judge excuse the Jury for a break while they continue. Discussing whether to show the jury about the video scenario showing the face of Caylee with the duct tape causing her death. Remember, the jury were not present this time.
All of a sudden, she look at the monitor watching the disturbing video. She was so mad viewing the scenario of Caylee's death! Without the blink, she look at it! When the Jury came, she again bow her head and never look at the monitor! What kind of behavior was that? No Remorse at all!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

UMAC Balikbayan Box in Orlando

Finally, I am back in Orlando and this time for good! When it comes to my Balikbayan Box concerns, sending according to the frequency depending on my financial capability will never be a problem. I have a "suking tindahan" which is just 10 minutes away from my place who offers Umac Balikbayan Box and LBC! For three years, I used UMAC and I never had any problem with them.YES! Starting JUNE 1- JULY31, 2011, every Jumbo UMAC box you send to the Philippines ($75), you will get a FREE Junior Box. That's a $20 savings from your wallet, right? Do you live in ORLANDO? Send your boxes to this address: M&M PHILIPPINE MART 7339 East Colonial Dr., Orlando Florida 32807 or you may call (407) 281 6999 FAX: (407) 281 4252.
If you live in Jacksonville, FL 32225 visit this address: 10539 Craig Industrial Drive and you may call them at (904)-470-7501 or (904)-470-7502 .

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat

When the sun goes down, the water in the pool is heated well. That is the time that we love to go swimming. During the day, when the heat is a scorcher, the poolside is pack with sunbathers who are aiming for a FREE tan.I do not need that for sure! The cooler the weather, that is favorable at my end. During this time, a quarter to 8 in the evening, the sun is still up! The wind blow cools down the area and my swimming experience is totally fun! Our community pool looks like an eternity pool if you view it from the end side of the pool.Here's the poolside when the sun almost set towards the horizon. There are 4 people on the poolside plus my husband and I so, this area is too huge for everybody. You can beat the summer heat by staying indoors and go swimming when the heat is bearable. Have fun everyone and enjoy your summer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Florida National Cemetery

This is Florida National Cemetery located in Bushnell, Florida. We visited our close friend who died a year ago, he was in his 50's. My husband I were never present during his burial so, this is our first visit.In this cemetery, we have two friends laid to rest and both served in the military for more than 20 years. You can see so many flags every where, the place is huge and it is easy to find his lot even though they all look the same. There is a number at the back of the grave stone and as I observed it, the numbering starts from the right and in inverted S sequence.The cemetery Website is if you want to know more about this place. We arrived almost noontime and it's a bit cloudy making it a comfortable place to stay a bit longer.The place is quite, well-keep, very clean and surrounded with trees and the landscaping is somewhat confusing but, with the help of the green box and the map, we managed to roam around the property.Since it is still Memorial Day Week, flags and flowers are seen everywhere. The lot area of this cemetery is 160 acres.One headstone message that caught my attention was: I WILL SEE YOU IN THE MORNING. Very nice and has a deep meaning to it. I wonder who said that phrase? Is it the person who laid to rest or the living person? If you visit this cemetery, try reading the messages on the grave marks, they are so warm and loving messages.


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