Thursday, June 14, 2018

#Epcot : The Best Place to Unwind

There is none compared to Epcot!

Among the Disney Parks in Orlando Florida, Epcot is my favorite place to unwind. The rides are thrilling, exciting and simply amazing plus, seeing different countries inside a park is truly one of a kind attraction!

This place is truly magical. The flower garden, the amazing display of Disney characters and the thrilling rides made me want to stay here forever. That's exaggeration I know but, hey there's truth to it. This place is magical where happy thoughts just popping in my mind like bubbles. All good thoughts.

I love the flower garden. This place I so relaxing.

Though this place makes me happy, I do sometimes wish that someday, I can visit Epcot again with my mom and my brother with his family. That will be so much fun!

If I win a million, I will have a flower garden like this. So beautiful and colorful!

Anyway, being here ... seeing all these ...made me realized that without a family to share this lovely place with, life is not complete. Epcot is a better place to visit if family explore the park together.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's #October2017

On and off ... this my status with my #blogging life. Sorry to say this but, I am not as passionate as I was before. Talking about those years 2008 to 20014. A lot has changed. 

I am not active in blogging because I am working. At first, I told myself that I will just take a break from blogging but, after getting two jobs, both full time and no day off , it was so hard. 

I will try to update when I get the chance and hoping to comeback in full force next year. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

#PoolLight Fix

Household fixes is from one problem to another, have you had that experience? 

So, our Inground Pool light just quit working totally. I've been researching online for few weeks as to who or what company to hire. I actually called 2 companies to give me an estimate but, one was so ridiculous. The estimate is beyond comprehensible knowing he only have to change the whole set. If I'm not afraid touching the electric wires, I do it myself. Really? This pool light should be done professionally for safety reason that's why I preferred to hire.

When the guy who came and did the estimate, they took the old set in a snap. Now, I know how to get it. The guy said we need to buy a new set of light and if we have it, he can install it the next day or if not Friday. I was so thrilled so, I compare the price online and in the local store, it's $60 higher on the latter. But, I bought the expensive one because we want it installed the next day.

The company called us this morning to tell us that unfortunately, the guy will fix it on Monday. Arggghhh!!! A big blow on my head! I could have ordered the lights online and save me 60 bucks. Really???

I do understand the reason why they can't make it today or tomorrow though. It's the weather! It's raining so, that's dangerous to fix the lights in the open. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The #Workplace

Been awhile huh? I am still in the dilemma of going back to school or finding a second job. I basically slow down from blogging in 2014 when I got a job in the casino. I was full time, loyal to my work place and at  first I really enjoyed it. When I was promised once, twice and third time of something and never happen after almost a year, I quit one day giving them 3 days notice.
I felt I was being used and disrespected so, I made my decision. After 2 weeks, with a sheer determination, I found a new job. I will tell you about it on my next post. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Best OB GYN in Biloxi

First time to be admitted in the hospital in a foreign country with no immediate family around is I tell you ... pretty nerve-racking. I don't know what to expect. I was nervous and don't know any #OBGYN in Biloxi. Thank God my company doctor recommended Dr. Meredith and I was beyond thankful.
Dr. Meredith, M.D.
The doctor treat all the patients very good. If in case you need an #OBGYN in Biloxi Mississippi area, look for her first. You will be in good hands. I know from experience.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Long Absence from #Blogging

I know and probably most of you who know me since I started blogging that I am the biggest #procrastinator. This time, I have an excuse you know. I have 2 jobs. See? I was so tired from working in an online world so, I tried to find my luck in the real world. After we sell our house in Cocoa Beach area in Florida, we moved to the Gulf Coast. It has been almost 3 years since. A lot has happened since. Aside from 2 jobs, I have adopted a dog, had a major surgery, bought a house with a pool and so many more. Well, I hope this we'll be the new beginnings to start blogging again. I will see you soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guitar Center

Did you know that the first song that I learn to play in my guitar has 3 chords only? I started from those simple notes. The only problem for me is the tuning part. You probably know by now that I can tune my own guitar. I rely from my brother, cousin and friends for tuning my guitar, it's a shame huh? Anyway, if you are looking for anything that pertains the guitar, check this link : guitar cenrer . You probably will find this site interesting.

Musical Gadgets

Do you remember your High School days? Who will ever forget right? The prom, the friends, first crush, and a lot more. It's in high school where I get hooked with listening to music. In fact, I love visiting a radio station. I have a friend who works there and she is so nice to let me get acquainted with the kind of work she was in. She showed me the phonic amplifier and other musical gadgets in the studio. It was a cool experience.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Parts of the #Saxophone

While listening to the music of Kenny G, out of my ordinary activity I just surf the parts of saxophone and here it is.
I will never learn to play the saxophone. I think it's complicated to learn. See the parts? That's a lot to remember while concentrating the music piece. For me, I can only play the guitar and to tell you the truth, I'm having a hard time learning to play the piano even.  Anyway, if you are into playing saxophone and planning to buy the best saxophone brands , you might check this out. I wish you good luck in your musical passion. Thanks for dropping by. Check out my next post. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

I Love #OnlineShopping

Shopping? Oh my goodness, that's one of my weaknesses. I am so busy working two jobs, therefore; I can't find time to physically shop to a nearby mall. Solution? Online shopping and I love spending my free hours browsing items on the Net. Call me crazy but, I do! Shopping is my stress-reliever and my only refuge from boredom and desperation.

Lately, I've been trying to find a storage similar to vinyl lp storage and re-purpose it. I bought a lot of knick-knacks, shoes and clothes so; the need to organize is at hand.


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