Friday, October 17, 2014

Satellite Radio and GPS: #Roadtrip

This is the Buick Enclave, isn't it gorgeous? How I wish I could afford this SUV. Traveling to Missouri from Florida was a comfortable and cozy ride in this baby. On this trip, we had a Satellite Radio and a GPS, we were not familiar with the route so; we were on the mercy of the GPS and to keep us company, the Satellite Radio was a beautiful stuff to use. Both of these were "must have stuff'" to tag along on long road trips.

I am the kind of person who browse deals online. I buy things that I don't usually use at the moment but knows that I will be using them in the future. It could be tools, tech gadgets and music related gadgets such as amplifiers and music stand, I buy those. Most of the time, I give them to my family like this stuff: Read Full Review. I have a cousin who is obsessed with music and tools, this will make him happy.

Car Accident in George C Wallace Tunnel

Last Monday, we went to Orlando Florida to check our condo. We need to meet our new renter who works at Universal Studio. We always love to drive and just take our time. We were not in a hurry anyway. We figured 12 hours to drive including many stops on the rest areas and a fine dining for lunch as well.We started at 4 AM and it was a beautiful day. When we arrived at the George C Wallace Tunnel in Alabama, we bumped into a traffic. The lines were long and we were at the location where we can turn to the left and detour to Downtown Mobile.

We were thinking to detour but noticed that only few took the other route. We waited probably 25 minutes. It's only the route to Pensacola that was closed since the flow of traffic from the other side was normal. Everyone was patient. We can't do nothing about it.

Finally, there was a movement and the flow was slow and steady which was good. There were police cars and traffic enforcers. They open only one lane. After waiting for almost 30 minutes, the movement was truly a relief.

Then we saw this white SUV and the drivers side was bad. Broken glass was all over the road. The accident must have been ahead of us for few minutes. We thank God that we were safe and we also pray that whoever is driving on that car is okay.

When you are driving your car, always take a few solemn time to pray to God for safety. It doesn't take a minute even. Before you turn on that key, Pray to God!

Monday, October 13, 2014

#Wines : #UncorkedVentures

This is the product that I would say perfect to give as a gift in every occasion. I was more than thrilled when I received this box because honestly, I didn't know that it is a wine, much more ... two bottles of delicious wines. I thought I will be receiving accessories such as wine opener or something. To my surprise, this is what I got and of course, it exceeded my expectation.

Shipping and Handling

The packaging as you can see on the picture below is very nice. The label is attractive that it makes me want to open it right away and savor the goodness of these wines. I have no complain with the shipping and handling because it arrived on my doorstep in perfect condition and in a timely manner.

So, do you love white wine or red wine? Either you buy it for special occasion or could be an addition to your wine cellar collection, the Wine Exploration Wine Clubs is worth checking in for. You should know that Uncorked Ventures is a family owned and operated business. They are the ones who travel the country's vineyard and meet the winemakers; seeking for the best wines and shares them to us at affordable price. Those who sign up to become a member will get the best deals of course.

What I got in the box are:

1. California Red Wine - Easton House 2009.
For more info on this wine, check out

My cousin personally love this wine because it compliments well with his steak dinner. It's dry, robust flavor, earthly, rich, and has that distinct smell to it but, truly nice.

2. White Wine from Chatom Vineyards- 2012 Semillon
For more info, check out

This is the husband's favorite. Oh he loves white wine because it has an after taste to it. It has that light golden color, very light, has that nice smell to it, sweet and super dry. It goes well with cheese and seafood meal.

As for me, I love both. I tried both wines and I am torn between the two. For sure, I will be drinking a glass of wine before bedtime. Would you like to know more about these great tasting wines? Just follow them on Facebook today and don't forget to browse the wines at Uncorked Ventures.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

I Am Using #iArrow #Armband

These past few days I have been bicycling around the neighborhood. This has been my daily routine exercise to keep me in great shape .... and boy, it feels so good after doing it for more than an hour. Since I am doing this by myself, listening to good music has kept me company and this iArrow armband comes in handy.

Let me tell you about a bad experience. When my daughter-in-law came to visit us from Spain, I accompanied her for a bicycle ride by the beach. I brought my Samsung phone and disregard the fact that it will be awkward to bring the phone tucked at the back pocket of my yoga pants. Of course, the phone bounces every time I make my moves. At that moment, I realized how important it is to have a sports armband. That's the reason I am eager to use the Sports Armband. As of the moment, I am searching for an armband for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but hey, look what I got? A sports armband for my iPhone 5s.

I was truly happy when I received this sports armband from iArrow company. This product is a great iPhone accessory and fits with iPhone 5 and 5s. The packaging is nice and in it comes the armband, phone cover and screen protector. The velcro strap is very easy to adjust and I get that fit that I am comfortable with. The headphone jack is accessible from either top or bottom. I used the bottom. The product is really light and it is hand washable. As you can see from the photo above, that line design is the anti-slip finished which is really good. When my hands are all sweaty from doing activities, I can hold this gadget safely without slipping off my hands. The product is made of hard plastic. This is my first sports armband and I am happy for it functions well for me. I got the color black which is alright but, I was really hoping that they have other colors for me to choose from. It doesn't come with a side compartment to hide coins or card. So overall, I like this product and will continue to use it for the longest time.

If you plan to buy this type of product, check it out in Amazon today.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

#SmoothShaveCream by #TwinLuxe

True as what the product claim, the Smooth Shave Cream from TwinLuxe truly is an irritation-free, soothing, pampering and gives the skin soft and nourished. My husband loves the idea that this product is hypo-allergenic and paraben free which is important for him. 

The packaging of the product is really nice as you can see in the picture below and manufactured in the USA. The shaving instruction is clearly printed as well as the ingredients. The Smooth Shaving Cream is worth $34.00 for a 150 g / 5.2 oz. It is a bit expensive but, it is worth buying for. As we open the Smooth Shave Cream, it has a cover in it and the smell is not overpowering. The smell is really nice and I like it.The texture of the shave cream is smooth and creamy, really nice.

My husband is using the TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream for few weeks now and though his skin is sensitive, it works perfect. At first, I was reluctant to have him try it because I don't want the blame game when skin irritation occurs. So far, it's all good and he is using it every day. He is really happy with this product and he thank me for ordering it for him.

As I watched him shave and take note his experience in using the Smooth Shave Cream, he was impressed of the product. His skin is smooth as I touched it and no irritation whatsoever. So far, it exceeds our expectation. It really feels good on his skin.
I was just lucky that I was given the opportunity to review this product. If you are looking for a new shave cream to try, consider this product in your list. You can buy it in Amazon. For more information, visit the Website of TwinLuxe.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

#ColonCleanse #DietarySupplement

This is a bit awkward to say but, this #dietarysupplement is my friend for the last few days now. I love eating and I love delicious food. Who doesn't anyway? If you are following me in all my blogs, you probably noticed that too. I posted food and dining escapades that we have. Last week, hubby and I have a casino buffet hopping. Gaining weight is not really a big deal for me because I can honestly say that my metabolism is doing great. I have one problem though and it is concerning. What happen to the food I ate? The frequency of going to the bathroom is less than I expected!

Let me just say that I needed a dietary supplement that regulates digestion, improves digestive health and promotes overall balance of health. That's the reason I take Colon Cleanse and it has been helping me out good.

At first, I was hesitant to take this but, since I needed a constipation relief, I was left with one option ... take it anyway! I was so glad I did because it works wonderfully for me. Wheww! You should know that going to the bathroom doesn't bother me at all. I even went 3x in a day and it felt so good. Taking this colon cleanse is a big help and yes, it works for me.

You can purchase Colon Cleanse at Amazon today.
For more information, please visit Healthy Now Nutritional Website.
Don't forget to like them on Facebook too.

By the way, you should know that this dietary supplement :

- Cleanses, Stimulates & Nourishes the Colon 
- Promotes Digestive Health and Healthy Colon Cleanse Weight Loss
- Mild but Extremely Effective Laxative
- Relieves Constipation & Indigestion.
- Simple colon cleansing promotes a fresh & clean digestive system and enhanced colon health.
- Helps Eliminate Built-Up Waste.
- This all-natural digestive system cleanse is Made In the USA in a GMP, FDA inspected facility .
- Natural Detox Cleanse - NO Fillers, NO Binders, NO Artificial Ingredients.

Sounds good right? 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

#ProductProtectionPlan of #Target

If you've been following my blog for so long, you probably remember the post about my digital camera, SamsungWB150F. I bought it on sale at Target in November 2012 for $129.00 and I also bought the product protection plan for two years which is $17.00. Guess what? The protection plan is worth buying for! I love this camera because it is handy and WiFi ready but, last May, it quit working. I forgot about the protection plan and at that time, we were packing to move. I saw the box of my camera and inside it was the receipt and the protection plan booklet. I was thrilled!
I dealt with Walmart's protection plan before when our lawnmower quit working after 3 months and goodness, dealing with them sucks big time! It took me 7 months to finally get my refund.
I had a pleasant experience with the Target product protection and I did it online. They have excellent customer service and the refund was process the moment I sent the product to FedEx. In less than a week, I received the full refund. How amazing right?  

If you purchase an expensive item, buy the product protection plan. It may be an additional expense but, it is worth it. I am so happy with my refund. Right now, I am looking to buy a new Samsung camera or any brand as long as it is handy and Wi-Fi ready.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Disney World Passholder Ticket

For few days now, we were not sure to go to Orlando on the first week of October. We were in dilemma to go on the first week and be there too on the 3rd week, the road trip will be tiring. But since we do not want to stay in Orlando for 2 weeks, we decided yesterday that we will just have two trips. First trip will be scheduled on Tuesday and the itinerary will be to Disney and do shopping in IKEA.

Thinking that our pass will expire on October 9, we decided to push the Disney trip on the 6th. Look at the date, Boooom! It expired today LOL. I remember that last year, we went to Epcot and Magic Kingdom to take pictures of the Fall Display then; the woman at the ticket center convince us to renew our pass on that day. She made a mistake with the payment and the expiration date. Anyway, it doesn't matter now LOL!

We don't have plans to renew it especially now that we are living most of the time in Mississippi. I will truly miss visiting Disney World.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Quality Made #StrollerOrganizer

The moment I received the package and saw the product for the first time, I know right away that I did not make a mistake of requesting the product to review. You might probably ask ... why? Simply because this #strollerorganizer is quality made from the look of it and when I tried to put it together in a stroller, it was great! Actually, I gave it to my cousin as a gift because she is a mommy to my favorite 2 year old nephew. Oh my goodness, the little man was so happy when he knew that it is for his stuff.

Shipping and Handling - Perfect! Couldn't be more happier when I received the package below. It's more than what I expected. I thought that when I open the box, I will be seeing the product wrapped in a plastic bag. Lo and behold, it's not! The organizer is inside this nice box. Excellent packaging.It arrived on time too. It takes two days only so; that was fast!

I say it is Quality Made! The material used is sturdy because it is thick and yes, it is durable. I am so confident that all the things that will be put into each compartments will be intact and easy to find. I am pretty much happy that my cousin likes it ... a lot ... and she is currently using it wherever they go. She loves using the organizer because of the storage space and the style. She is right! The style and storage space is really a great feature!

Sippy cup, extra shirt, diaper, car keys, phone, wipes, cookies, drinks, and a book will fit in this organizer. Not only that, there is extra space for other stuff too. Would I recommend this product? Oh yes! You will not get disappointed.

If you have time, please check out this Stroller Organizer at Amazon today.

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#Miracalis : The Anti-Aging Cream

Upon knowing that a company will be sending an anti-aging cream for me, I couldn't help but feel excited. I keep asking myself, is there a need for me to use this cream? My curiosity has gotten into me ... besides, there's a fine line forming on my forehead so; why not right? I do not usually apply new products on my skin because I am prone to breakouts but, I dare myself to use this anyway.
So, I got the product with in two days after I ordered it. The shipping and handling was great and the #Miracalis product arrived in good condition. The product looks exactly the same as shown in the picture so; I am truly happy and thrilled to finally try it.

The Texture and Smell

The texture is creamy and I like the feel of my skin after the application. It is really soft to the touch and doesn't have that oily feeling or dry skin. I just truly love to use it especially before bedtime. It makes my skin relax because it has that cool sensation. Anyway, after few weeks of using this product, the fine lines on my forehead are still there and I did not see any difference. If it is fading a little bit, I cannot tell if it does. It doesn't matter anyway.
Let's move on to the smell of this anti-aging cream. I will be brutally honest with you that when it comes to the smell, I am not a big fan of this product. I was hoping that in the future, they will add a pleasant fragrance to this anti-aging cream. It would have been perfect for me.
Does my skin look younger, attractive and glowing? I cannot answer that at this time. All I know is that after each application, my skin is truly soft to the touch. That's all I need right now.
Would you like to buy this product? You can order this #Miracalis Anti-Aging cream at  Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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