Thursday, August 28, 2014

House Cleaning and Curb Appeal

If only we can buy a magic wand and command it to tidy the mess in our house, we could have bought one right? In that case, we will have more free time to relax and lounge in our favorite couch and watch our favorite TV show. A wishful thinking, I know. So, back to reality now!

Home owners do beyond just house cleaning. Though the inside of our home is usually the main focus when we clean, landscaping is equally important and should not be ignored! The fa├žade of the property speaks volume and reflects the kind of people living in the property. It is important that we do something about the curb appeal of our property. Do it!

Backyard Chores

I can't believe that August is almost over and we live here in our new home for 3 months. I neglected the backyard for almost a month now so today, I decided to rake the leaves along the side of the house. I was able to load dry leaves to 7 of the 40 lb construction bags. Imagine that! It was a great exercise for me. Bending, squatting, pulling, pushing .... etcetera and etcetera LOL.

Oh my goodness, That's about 2% of the property and my backyard chores has just started! Anyway, I took a snap of these blooms by the poolside, gorgeous isn't it?

10 Tips to make your Website More Inviting

Your website dictates you. It gives you (and/or your business) a face and a personality. Having an attractive and inviting website will help maintain your audience and keep them clicking through your pages. Are you new to the whole website design thing? Not to worry, many companies, like The Print Group, specialize in website development. To get started on your own, however, below are 10 helpful tips to help make your website more inviting.

1. Pick a theme

The theme of a website can be of anything! Choose one theme and stick to it.

2. Choose an Appropriate Colour Scheme

Ensure that it suits your content, and is easy on the eyes.

3. Make the Website Easy to Navigate

Use simple and clear headers. If your website is confusing and people cannot easily find what they are looking for, they might get deterred and find the information elsewhere.

4. Choose interesting images and graphics

Using pictures to break up long sections of text gives the reader a rest. Pictures can also often provide a more detailed illustration of your point than a paragraph. Many Internet users need to see it in a picture to understand it. These images should also match the theme of the site.

5. Provide a Space for Success Stories or Testimonials

Customers love talking about their experiences and themselves; by posting success stories, you are showing evidence that backs up your claims and website content. Customers also love hearing what other people like them have to say.

6. Include Contact Information

Audiences can therefore provide feedback or ask questions. This allows your customers to get in touch with you on a more personal level and makes them feel as though their opinion counts.

7. Allow for Sharing to Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter - A lot of times, users to a website find something of interest and want to tell their friends about it. Allowing for sharing across social media platforms creates more promotion opportunities for your website.

8. Provide links to external sites

These shouldn’t be just any old external sites. They should contain similar content, or further information of relevance. If your site has information on a subject, customers may easily navigate away from your page to find out more. By providing links that you endorse, you are servicing the customer, while also directing website traffic.

9. Post links to Relevant News Content for You/Your Business

Customers like to see where you, or the business has been before. News articles and media releases also showcase a level of credibility.

10. Be Personal

Audiences want to know that there is a person on the other end of the content, not just a computer; use a combination of formal and informal language to put the audience at ease and make them feel more comfortable.

Whether you are using your website for personal use, or for business needs, keeping it simple and clear is important. Audiences usually know what they are looking for and where to find content on websites. If your website is too confusing, it is likely that customers will not come back. Knowing what the customer wants to see will help to transform your website and make it more inviting.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Me : Early 40's

It's not #tbt but, I feel like posting these photos. These were taken this year. I am already in my early 40's and honestly, I don't feel old. I gain weight ... I am now 105 lbs hehehe . Come on, it is a big accomplishment for me. I was like size 0 and now, I am size 3 and I like it. I am trying to maintain less than 110 lbs but lately, I love eating cupcakes. What's with that craving?

Look at my hair, I did not go to the parlor since this photo was taken. Now, my hair is long and I think this week, I am ready to have it trim.

This was taken on my birthday. I am not a big fan of selfie but, the mirror was huge and the bathroom was cozy so; I did it anyway LOL. Early 40's is fun but, I don't know ... 50's is different. I am getting there in few years.

I don't feel old because I did not accomplish much. Hoping before I reach 50, I will be halfway done with my bucket list.
How about you? Do you think you accomplish a lot?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#KidsAcademy : Fun and Educational Kids App

In this generation of technology, our children learns faster through online. It is our job as parents to supply them with educational learning materials that will sharpen their cognitive skills as well as the affective skills. Well, by using their hand to manipulate the games is under psychomotor skills so; there goes the balance of learning. Of course, going out to the museum , to the parks and other physical activities are equally important too. For now, I will share with you the apps that I found helpful, fun and educational for children.

I was a school teacher and I know when an app is fun and educational for the little ones. This app is colorful which for sure kids will be drawn to the game easily. The voice used is very natural, enthusiastic, and engaging therefore, kids will be jolly to do the tasks in this game. I like the idea that this app promotes values of patience and the willingness to learn. Aiming to gather more fireflies will make the kids to do the task right and even try harder. Tracing is easy if it is done right. Once the kid trace the number correctly, there are praises at the end of every task which is a good motivation. I like the idea that it promotes a reward system. Do it right, more fireflies plus word of encouragement. I love this app.

This app is easy for the kids too. Parents will be there to guide their children. In this particular game, the puzzle is challenging but, parents should not underestimate the skills of their children. Kids learn fast. If the kids are attentive enough, this puzzle is easy to solve.

Learning the Alphabet should be fun and interesting. I like to see the eyes of my students lit up every time they learn, say, trace and write a letter. The excitement is a joy to my heart. It means that they are open to know more and their inquisitive minds are ready to strike. This game is not only fun but educational as well. The app uses common things that kids easily recognized such as the bee and bus in the letter B. I like the idea that the app also introduced the sound of the alphabet and phonics. Pre-school children can easily manipulate the game thus making the game enjoyable and fun.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kid's Academy. I only recommend products I used personally and believed will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.


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