Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shopping for My Pet

Post written by Roy Strand

I have been a pet lover and owner for years, and find that using my internet connection from hughes net in Nebraska to purchase products for my pets is the quickest and easiest way. I am able to browse sources from all over the country in a short amount of time to find the best products for my animals. I stopped shopping locally because I found the selection of pet clothing to be very scarce, and sources online offer a far wider range of products.

In the past, I have spent hours just browsing clothing for my pets. I found an entire set of clothing; shirt, shoes, and hat all for one low price. This outfit cost half as much as it does at my local pet supply store. Not only did I save money, but I received this outfit in under a week, which let me dress up my little pooch in style for our weekend event.

Food is another product I enjoy buying for my pets on internet satellite. There are so many online companies that offer homemade organic dog foods. When I purchase this type of food for my animals, I know they are eating a well balanced and healthy diet. Not only do I know that my pets are having this experience, but I can read that there are thousands of satisfied customers all over the world who choose to give their animals the same products, and recommend them to friends and family every day.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Do you like tulips? This flower has different colors and I love yellow and lavender. How about you? No matter what color you love as long as it is tulips, it should be fabulous.
I planted few of the seedlings and guess what? It grows even in summer here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hunter Wellington Boots

Last Winter, my niece had requested her grandma to buy her boots. Her wish was granted actually because she had it as a Christmas gift. When she showed it to us, I had a jaw-dropped! It looks exactly as hunter wellington boots which I am dying to have. I am not used to freezing weather because all my life, I live in a tropical country. But, I always look forward for winter season because I love wearing winter clothes and winter footwear.
The picture above is called Ladies Hampstead Tall Wellington hunter boots. The simple style with natural shearling cuff is what I love most. The look of a gloss finish is truly in fashion. I love the color, the design and the neoprene lining adds style, comfort and warmth too.

How about you? Do you like this boots?

Ocean Springs-Mississippi

I worked in one of the casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi and when I punched out, my husband and I always have the time to drive by the beach. We love the beach view in Biloxi and Ocean Springs and I love taking pictures of anything that is interesting. I downloaded my pictures right in that second to TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Living in Mississippi is a blessing for me because life here in this place is simple. People here work hard, spends free time to their family, they go to church, they love to eat.... my most favorite amazement,lol and people here loves recreational activities.

This place have so many community activities and take note, they are involved in their community. Whenever they have one, the members of their family are part of it too. That is the greatest thing right? How many people in this world who spent all their lives working and earned millions and die of loneliness without family who cared for them?

The people here are family-oriented which you seldom find in fast paced place. Family, love of God and respect of neighbors are essential aspects to live a good life. The pictures above were taken in Harbor Landing in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. If you happen to pass by here, visit Harbor Landing Yacht Club and have a good lunch in their restaurant. I suggest that you try KICKERS-it's a spicy crab meat, yummy! See you all in Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Furnitures

I was watching a show on TV about the thrill of becoming a new home owner. When you own a property, the next thing on your mind would be buying home fixtures, Bedroom Furniture, kitchen and living room appliances. The preferences depend upon the individual of course. Do you spend more time shopping for bedroom furnitures or kitchen appliances? I remember that I spent most of my time shopping for kitchen and living room appliances. That was a fun experience indeed! Actually, I made a mistake of buying a furniture which is oversize and made my space smaller. Well, I love the design and the color of the living room set so, that matters to me at that time. Anyway, I learned my lesson well that I should think convenience and functionality when buying home furnishing products. Furnitures that are comfortable to use and does not occupy the whole space of the room. After all, we purchase this material to beautify our home and show the potential of the room. So, have fun shopping today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Joran Van der Sloot: Inmate 326390

The face of the man who is a self-confessed to the brutal killing of a Peruvian woman, Stephany Flores (May 30). Joran Van der Sloot is also the main suspect of the disappearance of the woman from Alabama, Natalee Halloway. She is believed to be dead five years ago in Aruba. Is this the face of evil hidden behind the flesh of a saint?

I was reading an article written by FRANKLIN BRICENO, Associated Press Writer and his news article was posted last Jun 13 in yahoo. That article got 10,800+ comments worldwide and here are few of the comments which I find interesting:

1. Daddy cant help him now.The US should let the Peruvian police get the info about Natalie Holloway out of him.They have some techniques that will make him talk.Here we are too concerned about human rights of inhumane people.This guy is a psychopath,thank God he will not be out to kill anyone else.He will probably get whats coming to him locked up in Peru

-Jacalyn D.

2. Interesting, Joran pushed Natalie and her head hit a rock. The gal in Peru also died of head trauma and a broken neck. See the similarities? This scumbag is a sociopath, psychopath murderer. And to extort money to see where Natalie was buried? What kind of loser is this guy? Or did he just want gambling money? Note both females met him at casinos.Joran must be executed as soon as possible - Irvine Kid

3. I hope the Peruvian officials smash this animals hands and feet with a 10lb ball peen hammer, split his huge bulbous head open with an axe, then drench him in gasoline and set him on fire! -N

What is your opinion with these comments?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Regal Sun Resort

Some of our family will have a vacation in Orlando this week. We can't go along with their schedules because I am still working and my company did not allow me due to Holiday block out. So, my husband and I reserved our stay in Orlando in a later date. Man was I glad that offered me a good deal in this hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort. I am so excited this time even if I live in Orlando before because we will be staying in one of Disney property. Regal Sun Resort is formerly known as the Grosvenor is a multi-million-dollar renovation that created a NEW rejuvenated resort. The lobby was upgraded echoing a Bermuda atmosphere as guest describes it.This is the place where we will stay for our next vacation. I would surely splash on this elegant and soothing focal point of the resort. As you can see on the picture below, the huge poolside is a clover leaf-shaped. There is a water cannons that spray in it. The landscaping is truly awesome! It has a large hot tub on a raised platform, overlooking both the pool and the picturesque lake.


For 9 months that I never had my blog hopping, of course some of my blogger friends had bought a domain. I should update my bloglist everyday until my task is done. We will be back to Florida soon and that means, more opportunities in blogging. I miss to blog many times in a day. Since I went back to school and got a job, I sometimes blog once in a week. At first, it was hard to let go but later on, I learn to accept the things which I cannot control such as TIME. I am so excited that soon, I am back to the things that I love most. So, if your name is not on my list, just let me know okay? See yah!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funny Behavior in the Casino

Did you know that working in the casino is Fun? When I am sleepy on my shift, I entertain myself in observing the guests playing on their machines. One guest would scream and you would think he won a jackpot, right? NOPE! He just almost hit a combination...hehehe! That man stayed on that machine for hours and he walk home as a loser. But, at least he bragged about it that he enjoyed his night playing the slot machines eventhough he lost. That is a positive character, huh?

One time a woman called me with a casual voice and asked if I could call a slot attendant because she won $1400. I said, " Congratulations! YOU WON! And she just said in a low-monotonous voice "YEY! I WON!" then, we burst out laughing! She said, she hide her excitement because no one is around her. She do not want others to think she is crazy talking to the machine, LOL!

And that is really true. Maybe 6 out of 10 would talk to the slot machines, LOL! They call the slot machines as "baby"! Good thing that they are in the casino. The way they talk to the machine, it seems it is their lover, LOL! With tender touch on the face of the machine. What? Oh yeah!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Webconnect: Jet USB Laptop Stick

Whenever I go, either an hour drive on the beach or having a vacation someplace, I always have my laptop, my BB and my dgital camera with me. These gadgets were all handy and it can fit right through in my daily favorite purse. I was stranded in Houston airport a month ago and wifi access was limited which took me a hard time to find a place to check in. Because of that experience, husband and I decided that we should get a Jet USB Laptop Stick.A webconnect instant internet access everywhere and if you are a people person who are always on the go, you should have one. Say for example you forgot to pay your bill online and in order for you to access your account is to find a wifi area. There are establishments who offered wifi but, you need to buy their card too. Sounds frustrating right? I had that experience that's why. With this laptop stick though, your internet access is your own! You can edit your profile and lock your account so others can not use it for FREE.

As a blogger, this gadget is worth the price. It is like a phone that you will subscribe a monthly fee for internet access. This gadget is very useful and less hassle in all your daily activities.

This Jet USB Laptop Stick is 3G capable and quickly connects you to the Internet via 3G anywhere within your network nationwide. It seamlessly manage your laptop's high-speed Wi-Fi connections. This gadget will also supports high-speed data with EDGE and Wi-Fi functionality. International roaming is available but, international roaming rates apply too.

Using this laptop stick, you can access the full Internet on your laptop, while on-the-go anywhere. It has expandable memory up to 8GB. The installable memory allows the laptop stick to double as portable storage for documents, music, or movies so there’s no need for an additional USB memory stick. If those are your purpose though and it works perfect. Go get one now!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eye Catchers

Have you ever tried ordering Plastic Cards for your business? Order the product that talks money which is - quality and appearance. Get a full colour solid PVC plastic cards printing from Eye Catchers today. This company is a Plastic Card Manufacturer for almost 25 years. To have this business run for almost three decades and counting, quality product is what you can get. Check out the Website now.

Blog Hopping Absence for a Year

I was trying to catch up in everything that I do in blogging but, I just can't. I just do not have the time because of Work and if I did have my day off, I spent it either by sleeping or catch up chores. I have been working for almost nine months now and prior to that, I took a Tax Course for three months. Therefore, I have been away from blogging for a year now. Whew! Really? Yeah, that long. I missed blogging everyday especially blog hopping and "chit-chat" to all my blogger friends.

There are times that I have "my time" to blog and grab paid opportunities but, internet connection was a problem. There are two ongoing road and building constructions in my neighborhood and they always mess the connection either cable or internet. For a week, we have been complaining and eventually resolved. It does not mean though that this problem will not happen in the future. Good solution for me is to subscribe a webConnect Jet USB Laptop Stick. This gadget is the best thing that I ever have to get an internet connection on the go. I do not own my time yet because I am working but, I will have it back soon.
To all my friends in Blogland, I did miss you and I will blog hop soon. I will not promise when but, it will be sooner than you think. See you all by then.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Would you believe it if I say I never have a picture for photo christmas cards? You may be amazed by knowing that little secret of mine, right? My childhood Christmas celebrations were fun but, we never really take a family picture to use for Christmas cards. Looking back from my childhood years, my mother would prepare variety of food displayed on the table. Of course, my brother and I would have new clothes and shoes to wear for Christmas Eve. Picture taking is not that popular for our family though not until I was in High School. It would have been fun to see old family photos in each passing Christmas season, right? Anyway, most of my friends have that tradition though. It is not too late to plan ahead for this year anyhow. How about you? Do you have a family picture every Christmas and used it on Christmas cards? That is really an awesome experience to grow up with. It is just good to reminisce past photos and see how you grow and how your family grows in numbers. That is something to talk about every family gathering and I bet, it is fun to remember. Well, if you are like me who never have one since, this year is not too late. We will take good photos that will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Blind Side

Okay, if you love watching movies here is the BEST that I can suggest. Watch the movie trailer and let me know if you are drawn into the scenario. This movie was released 2009 of November and it won Sandra Bullock a Golden Globe and Academy Awards as Best Actress. If you can relate to the movie then, you will be inspired more! Just watch the trailer and you will find the amazing family, the thrill of Football and the story of success! Enjoy!


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