Monday, December 23, 2013

$50 #AMEX Gift Card from #Influenster and #Electrolux

Not everyone of us will get to win the lotto. Cheer up! Life is great! If you did win, maybe by now, you will have a headache sharing and saving your millions. Okay, I was not lucky either (wink). Last November, I posted this : Join the #ElectroluxLive for a Chance to Win an Electrolux Induction Cooktop or Range in my Wedding Blog. I also shared the announcement in my FB Groups to join the #Twitterparty for a chance to win an #Electrolux Induction range worth almost $2,199. Well, I did not win hehehe. But, look what I got as a surprise? An #Amex gift card worth $50. Not bad huh?

I enjoyed my membership and activities in #Influenster this year. I hope and pray that 2014 will bring more good cheer in my blogs and in my wallet. This #Amex gift card will go to my mom back home. She needs it more than I do. Thank you Influenster and Electrolux for my Christmas gift. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and your company.

Friday, December 20, 2013

#iPhone5s to #SamsungGalaxyNote3

My excitement diminished after few days of using my iPhone5s. Last Tuesday, I decided to return it. I think there is something wrong with the unit that I got and not the #iPhone5s itself. First thing that I noticed, it stays warm even if its on idle for an hour or so. When I am at home, I used my iPad and laptop most of the time. Next, when I use it for an International call , I can't talk long enough because of annoying static sound. I used the #iPhone5c of my husband and its alright. When we go out shopping, I can't connect to Wi-Fi. My #BlackberryZ10 has no problem at all. I had enough after using it for more than 2 weeks. I returned it and got me a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

So far, I enjoyed using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I am in the process of learning the features of this phone. I like the big screen and it's really convenient to use. The quality of the picture is nice and day by day, I am loving this phone. I hope this will exceed to my expectation for good.

If you like big screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is bigger than iPhone5s. If you want a sexy phone then, get the iPhone5s. Both phones have amazing features. I just return my iPhone5s because it has a faulty unit that's all. I can't see very well and I am not using an eyeglass yet so; bigger screen is right for me. That's the reason I took the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If it is you, which phone do you prefer?

Gift Idea for Christmas

Gift giving at Christmas time became a tradition to most families. It brings good cheer and fun time especially on Christmas day when everyone woke up and gather around the Christmas tree to open what Santa has for everyone. Now, if you want to be Santa's helper this year, start a last minute list on what to give to someone in your family. Are you looking for a gift idea for someone who loves making melody?

You might want to consider the sax mouthpieces at Musicians Friend. You know what to give to each and everyone once you know their hobbies and interests. If they love music, give a gift that augment their musical inclination. Price doesn't really matter because the thoughts and act of giving will count the most.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Walking Down the Beach in Cocoa

For Travel Monday, obviously, we didn't go too far. We are in the 60's today and the breeze is a bit chilly especially by the beach but, because the sun is shining brightly, it is super nice down here in the Space Coast. No swimming for me and hubby. A walk by the beach is enough.
Cocoas Beach is good for surfing.

The gorgeous Atlantic Ocean.

A cruise ship sailing away to the Caribbean.

Behind me is the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Hungry for seafood and heading to one of the  restaurants in the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Loving the view by the gorgeous Cocoa Beach.

How I love to have a condo by the beach and do this every morning after waking up.

Have a great week ahead everyone! Stay safe and if you go out shopping, look around and be safe all the time. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

No Winner for #MegaMillions : Pot Money is $550M Now

I posted this snagged photo in my FB wall and tagged #DearSanta that I want this for Chritmas, LOL. How many people in the US who wished to have win this amount huh? I am one of them. Who doesn't want to get rich? When a person is rich, it is easy to help others. I read some stories of the winners and some say, winning millions have change their lives dramatically. It is both a blessing and a curse. It is up to the person how to run his/her life after winning such a big amount of money. We are not winners so; it is high time to have a list and contemplate now on what to do first if in case we win the millions. You keep buying the ticket but, are you ready to run your life when this jackpot hits you? Think. Plan. and Pray.

The jackpot is now $550 Million. I will be scared to win this big amount really! So, I come up with a plan if in case I win hehehe. You must consider this plan too :

1. Make sure you sign the ticket with your name. BEWARE of con-man and hustlers!
2. Hire a reputable lawyer and accountant. Do not make any financial decision without the advice of these two.
3. Set a waiting period before claiming.
4. Don't take for granted proper banking.
5. Set aside for time deposit.
6. Give each of your family and (considered as families) their needs that can sustain them for life. (Home and Cash)
7. Move to a great neighborhood that you can afford for a lifetime.
8. Set aside a trust fund.
9. Buy properties and things in cash.
10.Give to Charity or Make your own charity.

Okay, did I miss anything here? What do you think?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

#SuaveFamily : Suave Moroccan Infusion

Hubby and I were shopping at #Walmart yesterday. We were checking for nice items for Christmas. I love to score a unique Christmas Ornament so; while I was there, my husband were checking out shampoos and conditioner. When he came back, he was holding #SuaveBeauty products.

I noticed the Moroccan Infusion because of the color and design. I like the smell of the shampoo and the conditioner. I wish I can find coupons so; I can buy these products this week. I want to try this #Suave Moroccan Infusion.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#VSFashionShow : Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

The sexiest night on television will be tonight. In less than 10 hours, you can watch it LIVE streaming in Victoria's Secret site at 9/8C. Watch it on your TV as well via CBS channel at 10/9C. Answer the 4 questions posted on the site for a chance to win a great prize! You could win a trip to NYC. It is a trip for 2 which includes $2000 VS Shopping spree and a private session with Angel Trainer Michael Olajide Jr. You better check it out, you beautiful ladies out there.  I have been playing this game for many days but, I was not lucky but, I know, someone out there is. Whoever they are, congratulations!

BHTV App is a Great App to Download

This post brought to you by Bright House Networks. All opinions are 100% mine.

When the iOS 7 software was upgraded, I encountered minor problem with my BHTV app. I checked the BHTV’s FAQ and since I am not a tech savvy, I contact customer support and with in the day, they helped me fix it. They deleted my old MyServices account and created a new one which really works perfectly! As a subscriber of Bright House Networks for almost 4 years, I must say that I am a happy camper with this company.

BHTV or Bright House Networks TV is an amazing feature of Bright House because I can watch TV anywhere in the house using my computer, iPad, and iPhone. At night, it is very convenient to use it while I lay in bed using my iPad. BHTV is a free service available to all Bright House Networks video customers. Using their Bright House MyServices account, customers are allowed to access the BHTV service. BHTV app is easy to set up and if you are a customer and did not avail this service yet, you can download the app via Apple App Store or Google Play. BHTV app is a great app to download. You can view BHTV using the computer too.

Please take note that BHTV only works with in the range of your home's wireless network. You can watch TV while in the kitchen, in the garage, in the garden, in the front or back porch and anywhere inside your home. The photo below was taken in my bedrrom as I watch TV while I lay in bed. Make Any Room a TV Room! This is definitely true with BHTV.

If you are interested to become a Bright House Networks subscriber, check out BHTV’s FAQ for more details. You will enjoy the services of Bright House for they have approximately 250 channels available through BHTV and they are adding more channels every now and then.
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bye Blackberry Bold, Hello iPhone 5s Gold

Finally, my iPhone5s Gold arrived last week. It just dawned on me that I have been using my Blackberry Bold since December of 2009. Therefore, my Blackberry Bold is 4 years old this month. I like it but, when there's no space for more photos in my album, I quit using the camera.
Most of the time, I use it when I call my mom in the Philippines. I call her anytime because I have a great plan for calling the Philippines. I like using the Twitter and Facebook app too. Both are fast to load and convenient to use. I hate surfing the net though. The font is tiny and the screen is also small. I use my Blackberry Bold in listening to Pandora but, that's about it. I need a bigger phone and bigger screen so; that is the reason why; I choose the iPhone5s.
Honestly, I miss my Blackberry Bold (wink) . I have an iPad so; basically my iPhone is just the baby copy of iPad. My Blackberry Bold will be given to my cousin in the Philippines. I think I will be using my iPhone 5 s for a long time.

Sheer Drama Hydrating Lipstick

If you are crazy about lipstick, check out the Sheer Drama Hydrating Lipstick by Victoria's Secret. I got this for almost nothing at all using the coupon that VS sent me thru the mail. I love when VS sent me coupons and freebies via mail. They sent me coupon almost every month with no purchase required.

This is $14 each and has 9 shades to choose from. You can choose the following: enrapture, cant wait, entice, thrill me, posh, daydream, risque , la dolce and destined.

Whichever color you prefer and confident of wearing, this lipstick is luxurious and has a hydrating formula which has a stunning shine and luscious moisture.

I like this lipstick a lot.  This shade is lighter in shade compared to the deep orange that I usually use but, I thought of using this type of lipstick and lighter in color from now on. Go check it out.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Have a Great Vacation in Panama City Beach

One of the beautiful places that I visited is Panama Florida. It's about 6+ hours from Cocoa Beach. We've been here countless times but, in this hotel, it's our first time. All rooms have the view by the water, the Gulf of Mexico.

Panama City is located on the panhandle of NW of Florida along the gorgeous area of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City is a popular tourist location all year round because of the beautiful and pleasant climate as well as the friendly atmosphere. The city provides a great living environment for everyone regardless of their life styles. If you plan to live by the coastal community, this is the place where you can enjoy walking by the beach and fishing at your convenience. Panama city is a great place if you love an active and easy lifestyle especially if you love water sports, arts and entertainment.

The View by the Gulf of Mexico is just beautiful especially at sunrise and sunset. While we were living by the Gulf Coast, my husband and I love to hang out by the front beach waiting for the glimpse of a beautiful sunset by the Gulf. Well, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are known as the Gulf States and are all located on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf Coast area is dominated by fishing industry, aerospace, and tourism industry. If you are having road trips by the Gulf area, you will be amaze by the sight of the beautiful houses, so many boat docks, great restaurants, hundreds of hotels, and the beaches are gorgeous. Check out one area of Panama City Beach below: Isn't it gorgeous?

Hotel rates vary accordingly so; if it's a holiday, the rates will be a sky high. Try planning your vacation before or after a holiday and book your stay ahead of time.

On this trip, we did not book a hotel and we had no plans to stop for a night but, we were tired and hungry so; we decided to spend a night and enjoy the afternoon walk by the sugar-white sandy beach.

This hotel has two parking spaces and we park at the front. See the gorgeous view by the gulf below?

Panama City Beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico coast. "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches" is the slogan in Panama City Beach. This place has been the favorite vacation destination for students on spring break. Did you know that Panama City Beach is known as “The Spring Break Capital of the World"?

Lovely photo isn't it? Now, if you haven't been here, you might check out this place. Do you want to escape the wintertime up north? Google Panama City Beach and book a hotel right now. I hope you will still find a great deal on holiday rates. Good luck!

Blackberry Z10 $200 OFF CODE BFEMAILZ10

Earlier today, I upgraded my second phone, the HTC to Blackberry Z10 and I was happy about the deals that I got because of the 0 down payment. I only paid the shipping and tax. Yesterday, it requires $99 for upgrade and I have been hoping that the $99 will be waived. Thankfully, it happened today, thanks to Cyber Monday deals so after lunch, I bought the Blackberry Z10 via my phone company and I was pretty contented.

Then, here comes the bummer! sent me a text message in my Blackberry Bold phone which by the way, I upgraded this phone to iPhone5S gold last Black Friday. Okay, the text content is a whooping discount code for $200 and their Blackberry Z10 (unlock) is only $399 so; I could have gotten it for $199. Boom! I was thinking should I get it and just return my order? Oh well, I just can't give away my $199, I needed the money for a good cause back home so; I am giving that code to the first person who can use it. GOODLUCK!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Got an Awesome Freebies from Victoria's Secret

Have you been to Victoria's Secret site on Black Friday? They have great buys and if you search some coupons online, you could have score some freebies like what I have here. Actually I got these tote for free before Black Friday. This is for my mom. I bought the lipstick and use the $10 coupon and I only pay less than $5 on this including tax and shipping. Great deal huh?

I don't wear make up but, I can use some lipstick and this one is totally nice.

I don't know what they have next week yet. I will check out if they have free shipping so that; I can order for a friend. Oh, she will pay me of course. Before I forget, Victoria's Secret has a sweepstakes going on now. You can enter everyday. Check it out and good luck! 


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