Friday, March 30, 2012

Flower and Garden Festival at Disney World

Hi everyone, what will be your plan for today? No matter what it is, I am sure you will have a wonderful time. As for me, I asked my husband that we will go to Disney World after lunch to see the Flower and Garden Festival display. This event will run for almost 3 months so; we have the time to hop from one area to another. I know that celebrities from HGTV will have a show usually on weekends but I guess, I won't see them. We hate coming to theme parks on weekends. We give way to the tourists. I will be posting photos of this event. Come by tomorrow okay? Enjoy your Friday.

Radar Detectors are Genius

Our friend who drives his car fast has ridiculous number of speeding ticket. He had to go to a traffic school to keep him from getting points off his drivers license. But, that is not a deterrent because he still speeding. When the Best Radar Detector came on the market, he bought it. Now, it may sound funny but true because from then on, he never got any speeding ticket at all.

Best Radar Detectors 2011 really works perfect for his driving attitude. Even if he is impatient on the road but with this gadget, his driving is already controlled because he had the advanced warning especially when there is a speeding trap. Well, if you have problems with speeding traps, you should buy a radar detector now. Visit the links and purchase the product today. Drive safely everyone.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Feeling Nostalgic

I saw these files in my Picasa album and I am having nostalgic right now. This is the front yard of my father-in-law's property and every morning we do gardening. This property was sold in 6 months after the family listed it in the market. Whenever I saw a garden and flowers, I remember my father-in-law. My husband and I were not in his bedside when he died. front yard gardenthe front of the housepart of the front yardback yard
Actually, it's hard to maintain a big yard. When winter comes, gardening stops and the leaves will be piling up again, few inches high, LOL. But, gardening here is fun. It gives us something to do, It takes our boredom away and gives my father-in-law a hobby. It's all memories now. My husband and I miss him.

Marcus Evans Group

Are you looking for a company with better business decision-making? You need a provider with good reputation that provides quality service and committed to help you with your business goal. Marcus Evans is known as the world's leading provider of business intelligence.

This company uses technology to analyze internal and structured data such as sales revenue by products or departments as well as associated costs and incomes. Marcus Evans has maintained the highest standards of quality and service. Based on Marcus Evans review, the company has only 5 complaints on advertising, sales, products and service issues for the last 3 years. That's nothing compared to the number of satisfied clients.

Did you know that this company is the leading promoter of global summit's strategic conferences? This company is big in business industry considering they represent Hollywood stars, own a leading football club, and many more. For two decades, this company has been producing the highest level of business events helping clients to achieve their highest goal. If you want to know the schedule of their training events, just visit the Website and you will find the training location and the dates. Join Marcus Evans group and you will be guided with the right information to sustain your business to a more competitive advantage in all your dealings. Check it out now.

Charming Home Accessories

Much as I wanted to capture the real beauty of these home accessories, I can't figure out the right lighting technique of my camera at this exact moment. I was trying to capture the nice details of this frog accessory but, the result is blurry. This accesory is really beautiful and elegant. It is a container for loose change and tiny stuffs. Here is another accesory that I saw in our friend's guest room. Both of these stuffs are nice accessories and anyone who stay inside the guest room would surely notice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spartan Race: Obstacle Racing Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

In my college days, I enjoyed reading history books. The Renaissance, Roman Empire, Ancient History, Medieval times as well as the travels of Marco Polo and Magellan fascinated me. Reading the history books made my imagination wander back in time where they fought against their enemies and became triumphant at certain times. It was like watching a movie. I read about the Barbarians, the Turks and the Spartan from Ancient Greek era. Fascinating stories but, here we are at present times, enjoying the freedom and living a good life of harmonious society. Gone are those era of fighting, deaths and winning battles over a piece of land right? Our generation now is so much better even if we have Spartan these days, it's all good stuffs!


Loosen up you guys, I am talking about the Spartan Race Obstacle Racing Challenge where events are held in selected locations in the US, UK and Canada. This is an obstacle racing at it's toughest so; if you endure Spartan Sprint Challenge, you will get the chance to qualify for a free entry for Super Spartan Challenge. If you think you are tough and needs a recreation to measure and augment your strength, I dare you to take this challenge. If you are a beginner like me, don't be intimidated! Sign up now and show up on the event! Don't forget to check out  for frequently asked questions and answers. Go ahead , click the links now.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Accessories

I saw this unique lamp shade in the guest bedroom of our friend. I thought it's full of charm. I like the tiny and interesting details. The design is meticulously done.
In the room, there are other accessories which are beautiful. It makes the bedroom cozy and very charming to sleep in. The lady in the house knows details and I admire her way of decorating. What do you think?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family Safety First and Foremost

When we are younger, we love the adrenalin rush rides and the heart-stopping action. We usually are driven with impulse and just love to do things out of curiosity. We keep pushing our luck of what's beyond. And when it comes to cars, we fancy bold and creative designs, and how fast it can run on the road. Not that we don't care about our lives.

It is just a normal part of our lives that we love the excitement. But, things definitely changes as we grow up. Our outlook for life and choices we make take a notch higher when we have a family to protect.

When daddies and mommies select cars, family safety comes first and foremost. You know that this is true right? We go for highly rated car especially on safety and reliability, comfort and performance. For my family, I go for SUV type of car and I will definitely buy from a Trusted Dealers by mommies and daddies.

A family needs a big car for comfort and can deliver a smooth ride so that baby can sleep well at the back seat. A family would prefer driving car that is dependable and most of all safe to drive.

Don't Bother Me

Just sharing one sign that I saw hanging at the doorknob of our friend's place. I just find it amusing knowing someone has that attitude in the morning. You can't talk to him literally if he had not taken any coffee.
Are you this type of person?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Victoria's Secret Products

Almost every month, I have freebies from Victoria's Secret. I like their products and I usually buy VS products for gift purposes. My skin is sensitive so; I can only use unscented lotions.I think I bought the products below for my co-teachers back home.My most favorite VS products are the footwear and the tote freebies. Got few of them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Active Living in Arizona

Guess what? We just bought a house! We have been searching for a new property for 6 months now and our perseverance paid off. The community of this property is not as beautiful and fascinating as those high end villages that we wanted to live but for now, we are happy for what we purchased. If we could only relocate to Arizona.

Anyway, much as we wanted to live in a luxurious community, I guess we need to work harder to buy our dream home and live in an active living in Arizona. We love the outdoors and this place has it all plus, the amazing location and gorgeous home designs are truly desirable.

This place offers the best in both worlds: nature and geographic location. Are you planning to buy your dream home in a luxury community with amazing amenities? You should buy a Cachet home. They have excellent architects and well-rounded engineers who are able to build you the dream house that you want. Just trust this company and they will deliver the ideal home you want.

In Arizona, Cachet Homes is known as the best home builder. They can deliver a semi-custom homes, high end condos and beautiful town homes in the areas of Scottsdale and Chandler. You can check out the Website and see the communities they built. Their homes are all made in good quality materials, amazing lay-out and designs, and most of all, in a family-friendly neighborhood.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Splash Mountain at Disney World

One of the best attractions in Disney World is the Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom.The twists, turns and 3 dips that lead to the grand drop down 5 stories of rushing water is the thrilling ride of all. If you sit in the front or sit on the right side of the hollowed-out log, you will definitely get wet.We sit at the back. The last drop was scary but, since it was just a split second of falling, I was able to hang on.If you love the adrenalin rush, you will like this ride. I don't think if I can ride this again, the last drop is just too scary for me LOL.I thought I can't ride it but, it was fun. I managed but, was screaming...well, all of us did anyway.Splash Mountain is a thrilling ride. If you are seeking for fast rides, this is just one of them. It really gives you the thrill!

Cultural Adventures

Contributed by Maria Ruiz:

When my family bought a vacation home in Tucson, Arizona, I knew that, while we were buying in one of the most gorgeous and cultural cities in the country, my children would not wish to be without a television on their visits to the great southwest! I went in search of the best Dish TV deals and got the connection scheduled and made before we made our first trip back with the kids. There is so much to see and do in Tucson. I love God’s handiwork in the desert, mountains, and open ranges there. I enjoy the spas and art museums and my husband loves that the weather is perfect for playing golf almost every single day of the year! There is a lot of cultural history there and my children are being educated without even realizing it every time to head out for a new adventure. The food is fabulous and the people are amazing! I think we will truly enjoy the family vacations we have here and will create lasting memories for my children to carry with them forever.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot at Festival Place at Nassau Port

I took this picture while I was on board of the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship. The Festival Place serves as the welcome place at Nassau Port. I saw some Filipino employees of the ship heading to this place with their laptop. The center area has a good spot for WiFi so; everyone was taking advantage.The rate of the WiFi connection on the cruise ship was a bit expensive. In fact, I purchase for an hour just to check on my emails. But as we arrived Nassau Port, I found the WiFi connection coming from Festival Place. If it is windy, the connection is bad. You need to go down inside and you can connect easily.

Unlimited Sales Leads Using Infofree

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of infofree. All opinions are 100% mine.

At present time, we are living in the breakthrough of technology and we are still aiming for more knowledge. The application of the multi-media internet and the amazing telecommunication, and electronic discoveries gave us all the convenience for our daily undertakings. Most homes got computers and internet, and most people have cell phones for without it, communication could be primitive still. Thanks to all the genius people who invented all these amazing discoveries. It does make our daily life easier right? If we use all these technology advancements into proper perspective, it could do beyond our expectations.

Let's say, you own a business and your objective is to increase your sales this year so; you need to find more clients and customers right? Use infofree Website to find hundreds of easy sales leads. You don't need to physically have a door-to-door campaign, you just do it at home. There are so many resources which you can use and infofree is one them. This company is aiming to help people like you improve your sales productivity, enhance your revenue and attain sales growth. My husband has an account and I was able to browse some of the sales leads listed. Check this out:

If you are a blogger, you can avail the blogger special for only $39.95, Infofree provides unlimited search of sales leads which you can download; see these prospects on the map; and see over 50 databases to choose from. So, check it out today and visit the Website for more information about sales leads.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Freezing Cold

This is one of the streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. When the Saints became the NFL Superbowl champion, hubby and I went there to see the welcome parade of the Saints. It was very chilly and freezing cold.It was Mardi Gras season too so, New Orleans was jam packed with so many people coming from different states.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Which is the Best: Short Sale or Foreclosure Property

A short sale is any real estate sale where the proceeds due to the seller at closing will be insufficient to cover the amount owed plus closing costs and commissions. We bid more than a dozen short sale properties and luckily, we bought two properties which we love. After two years, hubby and I decided to buy another property listed either short sale or foreclosures.

Now, foreclosure is a legal process where a mortgage lender files suit against a homeowner for failing to make their mortgage payments as promised in the mortgage agreement. So, the question is, which is a better deal?
Foreclosures make up only 5% of the active listings, which is really sad for buyers like us. This type of property is sold quickly, due to aggressive pricing and quick response by the seller.
Short sales on the other hand would take months to sell and hard to close. The latest property that we bid was a short sale. We gamble and waited for days, weeks and finally, the mortgage bank gave their decision after 3 months. That's a waste of time and effort especially when they demand for a higher price. We had to walk away!

Short sale properties are usually listed very low. If you can buy a short sale property, you got a bang from your investment. Foreclosure properties are also a good buy but, start praying that there is no multiple offers. If that is the case, the higher bidder gets the property.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ford Mustand Pegasus

Have you seen the Ford Mustand Pegasus driven by the teams of Amazing Race? It looks so gorgeous and sexy on the road. I just love it but, I still prefer the Hummer H2/H3 even though the gas these days is ridiculously high!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

PENTAX K-r 12.4MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens - Red

I was browsing for DSLR for so many months now and honestly, I do not know what I am searching for. But, when I saw the camera features of Pentax K-r, I am considering it and I like the color red too. It has auto scene selector, shake reduction technology, in-camera help button, auto focus, 720p HD movie recording, raw data recording, manual focus, and live view.The lens have a manual and auto focus, has standard zoom, and glass lens with wide angle. When it comes to photo editing, it has a fish eye, image cropping, image resizing, image rotation, selective color, dynamic range adjustment, digital filter, and Black and White selection.For display, it has color TFT-LCD screen, brightness adjustment, wide-angle view, mega pixels are 12.400, and the image resolution is 4288 x 2848. I have a friend who is using Pentax and he loves it. I got a thumbs-up when I ask him about this DSLR camera. Would you agree too? Or have something in mind to recommend?

Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Apple iPad

Oh yeah, Apple product! This is my Apple iPad2 16 GB which I got last year for FREE, thanks to Bumble Bee and Sponsoredtweets of IZEA company. Bumble Bee was promoting a tuna product (good for the heart) last year and I was among the chosen few to write about the campaign. Joining the sweepstakes iPad2 give-away was one of the requirements and I have to "tweet" it. After three months, I received an email from IZEA company that I won the sweepstakes! Awesome huh?I love my iPad2 because it's handy and convenient to use. It's one of the gadgets that I always have with me when I go out. Just this week, Apple iPad released the the third generation iPad. According to the new TV ad, the retina display of the new, third generation iPad is spectacular. I love looking at the pictures in my iPad2 and already amazed with the colors and lifelike pictures. But, with the new iPad, they enhanced it and making it more crispier and vibrant. I am curious now! The size of both iPads are the same but, the depth and weight of the new iPad is more. Battery life for both iPads are the same: 10 hours.Here is the new iPad: stunning graphics, A5X chip, and with the highest resolution display ever on a mobile device. Enhancing the display means enhancing everything. The retina display on the third generation iPad is really great. The resolution is 4x more than the iPad2.If you plan to buy an iPad. Buy the new iPad because of the following: It has Ultrafast 4G LTE, has 5MP iSight Camera, and of course, the breakthrough of Retina Display. You can buy an iPad2 16GB for $399 but, the third generation iPad 16GB, you can buy $499. Good luck and enjoy your iPad!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simplify Your Life with Clipix

I want you to do something for yourself today. Open your pc and click on the tab where your pictures are located. Pick one folder that shows photos of food. Do you have it in one folder? Congratulations! But, I know that is not all true. When we download pictures in our PC, each folder comprises of photos by dates or event if you rename it. It's not well-organize unless, you took the time to arrange the photos according to classification for easy access. Do you want to organize your photos today? You can simplify your life using clipix tool. Check out the video below and use it right away. It makes your photo organizing simpler and convenient. Watch it now! 

Are you convinced now? Do you like it? You can organize not only pictures but everything that you saw online. Saving it is so easy, just click the clipix button and it goes to your clipboards. When you use the clipix tool, you can comeback to it whenever you want because it's saved in your clipboards. 

The picture above is my personalize clipboards. I made 4 categories: food, vacation, gifts, and interesting pictures. I set up my privacy setting to "only me" but, you have the option to share it with your friends or grant the access to someone you trust. Isn't it cool? Now, sign up, make your own clipix and share your experience in the comment section below. I hope it simplify your life. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Flip Video Recorder

This is my Flip video cam which was sent to me for free by Microsoft and IZEA. It can take 2-hours of video recording and it's easy to shoot. Video sharing to online friends is convenient. It has 4GB Ultra pocket-sized portability and can capture digital video anytime and anywhere.Flip video records VGA video (640 x 480) at 30 fps progressive scan as MP4 files. The screen is only 2.0", it's small but, it records excellent video. The colored LCD screen lets me shoot and review the footage on a bright screen even with direct sunlight.It has Flip Share software, Silent modes, Tripod mount, and 4GB of built-in memory stores up to 2 hours of video. It's easy to upload video to Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other sharing sites. I use it in special occasion.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Flipping Houses

We have been looking for a house for 6 months now. We are not lucky this time because we were out bid by other bidders. We bid more than a dozen of houses but, after the inspection which we pay willingly out-of-pocket, we walk away. We've seen properties that are money-pit so, we walk away. Last Friday, our realtor told us that the bank raised the market price on the last house that we bid for a staggering 14K. That's a lot! So, we walk away too. Now, we are back to square one and this time, no more short sale!We bid one house yesterday and the owner told us that we will hear a response in three days. Well, we are ready to flip this property and make the landscaping awesome. We are hoping for a positive response this week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Publix is Hubby's Favorite Supermarket

My husband and his old time friends enjoyed shopping at Publix Supermarket for convenience. The other big superstores are crowded so; to avoid the long lines, Publix is their favorite place to shop. My husband goes to the deli for his cheese and prosciutto and the bakery for the fresh rolls.He just loves the service provided by Publix. The employees are very courteous, respectful and friendly. Customers love that kind of treatment that is why, my husband and his friends loves Publix.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get a Targus Tripod and Have Fun Taking Pictures

If you are looking for a tripod, you should check out the Targus product. I got mine two months ago and love it! I like the 3-way panhead which helped to stabilize most of the digital cameras and camcorders. It is a great feature which I need and gives me ease that my DSLR is safe.The Targus Tripod is designed to stabilize most digital cameras, camcorders and is perfect for photographers of all levels of experience. It has a quick release plate that makes it a breeze to switch from handheld shooting to tripod and vice versa.This tripod has rubber grip feet and features a bubble leveler. It can extend up to 66" but, can be folded into 17" and this item includes a black carry case. I like it a lot because it is durable and quality made but, the price is truly affordable.

Cream Pearl Stud Earrings

I received this beautiful earrings from the mail today. This earring is made in good quality and the size is 18mm in diameter which is a perfect size for me. I think my mom will love this cream pearl earrings and I plan to order another set for her. This jewelry is a perfect gift to give to friends and family in casual or formal occasions. If you are looking to add a pretty touch to your look, you should check out Cream Pearl Stud Earrings. This stud earring jewelry is placed on a silver post which you can wear every day but, can also be worn on special occasions.The stud of this earring is a round design and the post is crafted in fine silver. Visit the link today and check out this item. If you are in need of advice about jewelries, this company offers for free. Click the link now.

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