Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trying to Find a Vampire Costume

Guest post by Terrell House:

My oldest daughter wants to be a vampire this year due to the popularity of the Twilight series. The problem was deciding how she would dress since the vampires in the books don't really look like the traditional vampires with the black cape lined in red satin. They just look like normal people without special outfits. After setting our home security Alarm systems we headed out the door to shop. Since there was no specific clothing we were looking for we decided the best way to depict the kind of vampire she wanted to be was with yellow contact lenses, white face make-up and gothic clothing. She also thought adding some interesting sharp teeth might help it seem more like a costume than just weird. We bought the teeth at Halloween Express. We had a harder time finding the contact lenses without a prescription and had to order them online. We found a black button up shirt with a collar and some lacey trim at the thrift store. We also found a pair of flouncy black dress pants that completed the look. She also found some long necklaces with black and silver charms to complete the look. Her plan was to starch the collar on the shirt so that it would stand up for a more dramatic look. She wore black button up boots to match.

Extreme Stunt Show at Disney

When you visit Disney World in Orlando Florida, you will enjoy their enchanting attractions! Young and young-at-heart alike will be amazed of the fantastic, magical and thrilling adventures inside each parks.
If you come to Disney World Orlando you have to visit these parks: Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom Park, Blizzard Beach Water Park, Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Downtown Disney, and Hollywood Studios. These pictures were all taken inside Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios.All the intense action of car chasing and motorcycle flying is truly amazing. Nothing to worry though because it is a wholesome show.Their stunt drivers are professional and your kids will love this attraction, of course daddy will love it more for sure!The show is equipped with everything including standby casts if emergency arises. After the explosion and fire stunts, standby casts are all set to put off fire! Zero margin of error is what they are aiming for every performance!

Well, just visit Orlando and have fun! Are you looking for tips where to stay the cheapest? If you have the money, just stay in the Disney Hotels and have your kids dine in with Disney Characters okay? You save time that way and time is money!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Designed to Sell

Contribution by Paula Gonzales:

Designed to Sell is real estate based reality television show hosted by Clive Pearse, Shane Tallant, Michael Johnson, and Rachel Reenstra on HGTV (Home & Garden TV). It is a must see for real estate tv fans. I never miss a show on satellite tv from The show runs a half hour each episode and involves home renovation prior to being sold. Considering the premise and the slump the housing market has been in since the shows inception in 2004, it's amazing how long the shows been running.

The great thing about it though is that it gives you expert advice, redesign advice, professional carpenters all on a mere $2,000. Can I say that anyone looking to sell a fixer upper should definitely try to actually get on the show because they are always able to bump up the sales price by way way more than two grand. The big selling point of the show is that they do this within 3-7 days and before the house is to be shown all while staying under budget, adding an element of stress and tension. Another selling point is that every project requires some kind of over the top demolition derby, and demolishing things is never boring. It's especially comical to watch the homeowners reaction considering they know that the repair is to cost no more than $2000.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Haunted Mansion

It is Halloween Season and I will show you some pictures that I took in the Haunted Mansion, a spoky ride tour that I love! I only came here once because of curiosity! There were many tourist who wanted to explore the mansion and hey, if you are afraid, DON'T BE! You can get out of this mansion ALIVE with Smiling face!

Of the hot attractions in Disney World is the Haunted Mansion which is located in Magic Kingdom Theme Park. The inside is full of tricky decor and amazing ghost creation! It is sort of like the movie "Casper" where you would love the set-up inside the mansion.

You will see mist formation of a ghost on a dining area or passing by you. It was an awesome adventure ride. I enjoyed it and definitely not scared. This scary mansion is wholesome and kids would love it to out grow their fear of scary places!

When you see this at the entrace, make sure you watch closely, or you will disappear in the face of the earth!LOL! Nah! Just observe the eyes!
The carriage outside the mansion!
The long lines made you want to go to the next building and EAT! Yeah! Just visit this place and you will surely enjoy it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Means Pumpkins

Guest post written by Rick Hamby.

Every year as soon as it turns into October, my wife gets pumpkins on the brain. But I can't really complain because that means that she cooks all kinds of different delicious pumpkin things and shares them with me.

Every year she looks up a whole bunch of new recipes so that she can try out some new things. This year wasn't any different and while she was looking up stuff to make about a week ago she found and talked to me about switching over our internet service to it. We decided to do it because I think it will end up saving us some money in the end.

Well after all of that, she found some great pumpkin fritters recipe and made them teh other day for Sunday brunch. I thought they were a really great idea. And they tasted even better! Next Sunday IÕm going to try and make her some pumpkin pancakes. IÕm not sure how theyÕll end up tasting, but I hope that sheÕll like them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boomtown Casino in Biloxi

When I first saw this place, I had a good feeling because the design of the building is like Asian. This is the smallest casino in Biloxi and during hurricane Katrina, this casino was badly damage. I worked here for 10 months and I made good friends to some of the employees in this casino. I quit my job to pursue my masters degree and hopefully will be able to start my kindergarten school in Florida.
Working in this casino taught me humility and patience. Most of the people asked me if I love my job and my answer is just a SMILE.

Anyway, let me tell you that Boomtown is a good casino to visit IF you want TO WIN! Oh yeah! Locals love this casino because they always go home with winnings. The biggest tip that I got from the customer is a chip worth $25 and the smallest is $1, 'twas fun! I took these pictures after my job processing. Wheww! Days fly swifly! Did you know that this casino stays crowded most of the time especially weekends?
The second floor is where the buffet area. I have a heavy heart just thinking how I work so hard, almost fainting (too much work)!
This is the main entrance where employees in uniform were deprived to use, this is for customers only. Employees have different entrance.

If you happen to pass by Biloxi, Mississippi, check out Boomtown Casino.

DC Ranch

Are you planning to buy a property in Arizona? There is a good Website where in you can view the available properties in the area. Check out DC Ranch, a company that can represent you either as a buyer or a seller.

The Website is clear to it's objective that is to assist you and provide adequate information on the properties which you are searching for. Just visit and register for FREE to access the properties listed on this Website. You can also search the property using the MLS, that is if you already survey the area and have the MLS number. That is one good feature that they have in their Website. You can also chat to a team member who is more than happy to answer your inquiries. Let this company help you find the right place that you can call HOME.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We keep postponing our cruise vacation plan for the past months now because we can't figure out which month is the best to go. Definitely, next year we will pursue that trip. We are so pre- occupied with so many activities this year that why, it's alright.

A visit to the Carribean is a priority. We plan to book a week vacation to enjoy the good food and the best view of at least three islands. This is a Carnival Cruise taken in Alabama.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Luxury Apartment in Long Beach

If you are planning to live in Long Beach California and presently looking for a luxury apartment community, check out gallery421. You will definitely find the apartments in long beach an awesome place to brag about. The location is close to everything and the property is the best in the city. Do you like granite counter tops in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances? Well, I do!

The fixtures and room designs in long beach apt is contemporary. It is well planned and very spacious with superb amenities. How would you like to have a concierge services, and a resort style pool and spa? If these are your preference, I think this is your place. Click the link so you can see the pictures of the long beach apts. This place is full of charm and sophistication. Live here and enjoy your apartment and make it your sanctuary.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

San Francisco Visit

My visit to San Francisco was actually a bonus when I fly to Los Angeles. My employer granted my request to have a 10 days day off with pay. It was worthwhile. We have two days and one night stay in San Francisco. It was not enough for me but, having traveled this far is what I was thankful for.

The picture above was taken near Lombard Street. The cable car is one of the best transportation in San Francisco to see the view of the place.

I love San Francisco and one of the beautiful places that I visited. My first train ride is right here in San Francisco too. San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California. The parking space here is truly bad. That is why, my friend took a subway train and park his car miles away from San Francisco. We were supposed to go to Alcatraz but, we run out of time. I will definitely go back and explore the place.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Popeye Tattoo

When I went to Los Angeles-California, my friends decided that we will go to San Francisco. I was so thrilled because we will be having a road trip. We leave LA at 10 AM and made few stops along the road and I enjoyed it a lot. I took some pictures which I will be sharing it here soon. Anyway, while we arrived in San Francisco, my friend Rose meet her friend named Doug. I saw a tattoo on his arm and he allowed me to take pictures for my blogging purposes. Isn't it cool? Well, I don't have any tattoo and don't have plans to have one.

I just find this amazing because Doug is a huge man and choosing this cartoon character is unlikely even though Popeye signify strength.


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