Monday, August 31, 2009

Po Boy and Fries

This is Oyster Po Boy with French Fries , a regular lunch for my husband. These Po Boy are common in the menu of so many restaurants in Mississippi. Inside are lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise.
There are times that we are lazy to cook and so, we went to Snapper Seafood Restaurant. I ordered chicken Po Boy and the fries are already included. Being a Filipina, I need rice so, this is not my kind of regularmeal. I can eat this though but usually, half part only.
Happy Monday Eveyone!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bored Yet Having Fun

When we are bored at home, we always go to the Casino and play the slot machines. Just few dollars and we can stretch the time and of course dine in either lunch or dinner. Some guests of the hotel stopped by at Ben and Jerry to get some drinks and take photos like this one. LOL.
Have a Happy Sunday Everyone!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering Hurricane Katrina Four Years Ago

These are the people who doesn't want to leave during the Hurricane Katrina. Four years ago, many lost their lives thinking like this. They are lucky to be alive. As you can see later on, deciding to stay is not a wise decision. I always show you the beach pictures in my blogs right? This area is far from it and as you can see, the downpour of rain and water from the Gulf Coast made the streets flooded. View the video, it happened four years ago on this day in Biloxi, Mississippi. I got this from BenMarbleMD channel.

Remembering Katrina in New Orleans

When we visited New Orleans,Louisiana last March, I remembered the hurricane Katrina. The world watched this incident on TV in great horror and yet, help did not come too soon. I had the chance to travel by land , from Florida to Louisiana and the rebuilding of these places continues at present. It will take more years to rebuild the city like it was before. I embed this video from the channel of DBUTTRY.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Update: Happy TGIF Everyone

Update? I enrolled in a TAX Course this semester just to learn the basic on tax preparation. We are only few in the class and I am the only Asian. I have Mexican and British classmates and the rest are all Americans. The class is really set up good and everyone participates actively in class discussions. The teacher is subtasking the lesson which is good. Every session, we have assignments. We have 8 assignments done so far. This reminded me of my summer class that I have back home. It was a special class for Teachers in Science and Math who are teaching Intermediate classes. Well, I am having fun so far.

I was sick for few days that is why there are days that I missed visiting your blogs. I noticed that I have new friends coming to my blogs too. WELCOME and THANK YOU!

In few minutes, I will be heading to HardRock to treat my Husband for a lunch date...hehehe. I will try to take pictures this time. See you all later.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comfortable Nap Mat

If you enrolled your child in a daycare or toddler school, a nap mat is just one requirement which you need to buy. At you can select so many designs that you like and you can personalize your nap mat orders too.

I had the chance to work in a daycare school where I handled 12 two year old children. Their teacher got sick and I was hired to work for a week. A daycare nap mat is really needed because after lunch, they have to take a nap for two hours. They felt comfortable and they slept so soundly in their own nap mats. So, if you still looking for a personalized nap mat, check out the Website and let your children choose their favorite design and color. It will be memorable for them for sure. This company also has stephen joseph quilted backpack and stephen joseph backpack which is 100% cotton, a machine washable and very durable backpacks. You should check out the Website today for more information about their products.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tomato Produce

Here's the picture of tomato produce in our vegetable garden. We already enjoyed what we harvested. We have three tomato plants and two were producing good. The other plant just bear flowers and then, withered. This plant gives so much produce.
Because of summer heat, some of the leaves dried up and withered. There are insects too who harvested first before us.LOL.
Here, the skin was covered with somewhat like dust. The inside was good, we just wash it and its okay.
Well, I guess we will add more vegetable plant in our garden next year. It's cold season now so, I need to halt my planting activities.

True Story: Taking Chance

A true story HBO Movie, written by Marine Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, this is a 2008 movie starring Kevin Bacon. A story of Strobl's emotional account as he travel across America as a volunteer escort officer for the body of fallen marine Chance Phelps. The journey was significant because both Strobl and Phelps share the same hometown of Dubois, Wyoming.

Chance Russel Phelps was born July 14, 1984, he died at the age of 19. He was a Private First Class promoted to Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. He served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Phelps was killed in action outside Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Phelps's unit was conducting a convoy escort when they came under attack including rocket propelled grenades. Despite being wounded, he refused to be evacuated and instead manned his M240 machine gun to cover the evacuation of the rest of his convoy. Upon withdrawal, he got a fatal wound to the head. This movie is so sad especially if you have a family who is a military assigned in Afghanistan and Iraq.

My salute to all the Fallen Heroes who died in combat all over the World.

Tiny Squash

Last April, we bought a straight neck squash plant. Since my husband likes squash, we decided to have it in our vegetable garden. After less than three months, there were flowers and eventually the vegie started to grow.
Yet, after few weeks, it never really grow big. Some grow as tiny as my fist. Yeah! Anyway, it looks like the we got the wrong plant variety because this squash is round and tiny.
Well, we have a few produce and satisfying so far.
It is rewarding to harvest a produce. Maybe, next year, we will have more of squash varities.
I think this squash belongs to the species Cucurbita pepo. It is a cultivated plant of the genus Cucurbita which includes varieties of squash, gourd, and pumpkin. What d you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The View of the Park

We went to Hard Rock Biloxi yesterday and had our lunch at the casual dining. My husband and I loves the Satisfaction Buffet at Hard Rock. We then unwind and play the slot machines. Of course, we end up losing LOL. Few weeks ago, I saw on the highway that workers cut this old Oak Tree and they added this tree to the Katrina Tree Sculptures.
Of course, I need a souvenir, just ignore me as I cover the artwork..LOL.
I was grinning because my hubby did not bring his glasses, he can't see where to focus.
I took over the camera....see the difference? I just love this caption. During the Hurricane Katrina, the water level is 12 foot high in this location.
See the body of the Oak Tree? Huge and the carving of the crab and other sea creatures are not done.
See the view at the far end? Click {Here} to see what's in there. The sea water is 12 ft high and it was an angry surge destroying the houses and buildings here in Biloxi. That was four years ago.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Waste Management Software

Are you looking for the latest application for waste management? provides a software that includes job dispatch for automated communications. This Website is also integrated with google maps so you can view it directly on Mapping & GPS. If you need to track datas, you need the software of Their online application can help you collect and report the data that you need so you can give a better service to your customers. For more information, visit the Website today.

The Tree Sculpture in Biloxi

When Hurricane Katrina hit Biloxi, Mississippi four years ago, there were so many oak trees cut down by gigantic waves from the gulf coast. These trees were more than hundred years old and to preserved them, the city of Biloxi decided to make an art out of these trees. Check this: {HERE}
This tree is a new addition to the many art sculptures in Biloxi. You can see these arts along the US Highway 90.
This sculpture is not yet done. You can see this particular tree at the front of Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi-Mississippi.
In this area, you can also find the Hurricane Katrina Monument. You can click the link if you want to see the monument at the far end. See the person standing? That's where the link is.
This is so beautiful already even if its not finish.
Hoping you had fun viewing the pictures. Visit Biloxi, Mississippi, it is a nice place to unwind. Hotels and Casinos are everywhere.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Got A Package

For almost two years now, I have been longing to eat Filipino exotic foods like bagoong and tuyo. I like to eat these with white rice and with a home made dip, white vinegar with red chili. Oh so yummy. It's so hard to find "salted fish" in the grocery store or even in the Chinese store here. Then, Rio a blogger friend sent me a package this week. I was so delighted to see what she have for me.
She also sent me an eye color, cheek color, lip liner and a brow liner. Wheww! What a thoughtful friend I have in her right? She had a birthday yesterday and yet, she was the one who send me a package. I already have something for her though.
I had my hearty lunch yesterday. It feels like I am in the Philippines again,LOL! These are salted fish and the preparation is so easy. Just fry it and dip in vinegar with pepper. When you fry them, make sure you inform the occupant of your house, it will smell hehehe. Mostly, the smell is not good, but for us Filipinos, it smells an appetiser food.
After lunch, I burn scented candles and walahhh...the house smells fresh again. hehehe. My hubby and Father-in-law doesn't mind at all. As long as I am happy and nourished....hehehe.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dhemz Gwapa

I don't recall how we became friends in blogland. But, I remembered one thing, she talked to me in BISAYA hahaha, a dialect spoken in the Southern regions of the Philippines. Come to think of it, she graduated in the city where I lived. DHEMZ is a product of Liceo de Cagayan University, a loving wife, a norturing mother, a blogger and a friend. She now resides in California and enjoying her life as a full time mom and wife. Most of you knew her already right? But, for those who don't, visit her blog and follow. Be counted as one and she will do the same. Follow my blog first though...hahahaa.

Anyway, happy birthday Dhemz. May you will have more friends to count, more blessings to catch, more opportunities to get, more smiles & skills to share and more birthdays to come in this lifetime. Happy birthday and I wish you good health, love and prosperity. Keep smilin and thank you for being my friend.

Studio Backlot Tour

Hollywood Studio in Disney World, Orlando and this attraction is just one of my favorites. This is called Studio Backlot Tour and the first stop before you take a ride for the tour. They will show you how the cinema magic works and how they do the movie tricks. Behind the success of movie actions, they will tell the you the secret of movie making.
He is one of the tourists and chosen as a volunteer. The captain swallowed by the sea as his ship sank, this is what really happen. Tons of water was released to his area. Of course, its not easy.
The preparation and informing the volunteer of some safety precaution. Look at the background, its not really a real mountain or real sky.
This is the battle on the sea as seen in war movies. The explosion is like this. Real fire with gas of course. By the way, when you have this tour, step away from the railings because the water will splash on you. You will get wet.
As seen in the war movies or battles at the sea, these are all volunteers from our group. Soon, there will be attack from the air and firing them.
I like the next stop where you can see all the costumes and real props from the movies.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Transportation to Magic Kingdom

When you visit Magic Kingdom in Disney World, you will have to leave your car in the parking lot then, proceed to the entrance for the Monorail ride or Boat ride heading to the Magic Kingdom. This is what it looks like. When hubby and I wanted to just sit down and enjoy the view of Disney, we just take this ride and use the boat for another ride.
If you are planning to have a vacation in Disney, just have the package with the Disney hotels. Yep! Disney have so many hotels with different themes. From your hotel, Disney buses are on stand by on every hotel to pick up the guests to any parks of Disney. If you don't like the bus, you have alternative, the BOAT. Exciting right? I tried it when my cousin stayed in Wilderness Lodge (Disney Hotel) and we took the boat ride.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Animals Wandering Free

These pictures were taken at the back area of our friends' house in Orlando. They have a private dock and private boat and I like their neighborhood. See the black bird at the top of the boat? The good thing that I noticed the moment I arrived in the US? No one bothers the birds. Even vultures, you can see them flying on some places and nobody attempted to hunt them. Animals are protected here. I was so delighted to see them so friendly.
I don't trust the water here because they have gators in this area too. The residents said, they don't bother them and vice versa. Awww, I don't buy that hahaha. I saw one baby crocs and if there's a baby, there is the mommy right? Yep! Water? Crocs is there. That's in Florida.
These are fresh water fish. I feed them with bread almost every morning and evening. I love to hang out evry sunrise and sunset here. In Florida, whenever there's water, do not trust, gators are there.
Well, we do have boating once in a while. But, I always look around me and I don't sit at the edge. Thinking the movies that I saw about crocs. LOL! Last year, a teen ager challenged his friends that he could swam accross the lake and gators can't catch him. Even you can't see them, they are lurking under the water, right? That teenager, cut his whole arms the moment he was on the water. He is alive though, during interview, he was happy that the crocs did not drag him under the water. Hmmm...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood

I seldom watch a movie with actors who belong to the golden generation. No offense but, I said SELDOM. On the other hand, Clint Eastwood is a veteran actor and once again proven his worth as an award winning Actor and an excellent Director.

This movie is simple yet a compelling. Walt Kowalski(Clint Eastwood) is a Korean War Veteran who lives in a Korean neighborhood. His character in the movie is simply the grumpy old man. Nobody likes him in his neighborhood, not even his own family. Thao(Bee Vang) is his teenager neighbor who was encouraged to steal his mint condition '72 Ford Torino. He and his sister Sue (Anney Her), soon become a part of his life. I like the humor in the movie such as he called Thao as TOAD and YUM-YUM to the girl who likes Thao.

Well, if you watch Clint Eastwood movies, you will never get disappointed with this one. If you are not a fan of him, I encourage you to watch it because it is different and you will love it. I laugh the whole time of the movie. I call it CLEVER. And I also shed shallow tears at the end of the movie.

My rate: Four stars

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Am A Homebody

I took a quiz of blog things again and these are the results. Well, I am doing it for fun because of curiosity. Got this picture from google and I can only wish that this is mine. I am dreaming again, i know ...LOL. This is definitely one of my dream bedrooms. Relaxing.
Outward appearances are very important to you. You do your best to look good and have an attractive home.

You are an organized and disciplined person. You do the right thing because you want to, not because people expect you to.

You are very high maintenance. You like everything a certain way, and you're grumpy if things aren't the way you like them.

In relationships, you tend to kick back and let the other person be in charge.

You tend to be a dreamy, head in the clouds type of person. You think in terms of possibilities.

You are a total homebody. You are happiest when you're at home.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Rio

I call her Rio and a friend. My first visit on her blog was last year when she tried to leave a message in my cbox in a Bisayan Dialect. I was so glad to exchange messages to her because it makes me feel good to talk to a Filipina. She had Filipino friends too and meet them regularly. I told her that I have no Filipino friend to hang out in Orlando. Well, last November, I finally found one , yes one hahaha. Anyway, Rio's birthday is this month and I know I am late to greet her but, this is my way of saying I am so glad to meet her in blogland.
Rio and her daughter-in-law
Rio and her ever loving hubby

Happy Birthday Rio! May God bless you more and may you have many returns of the day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AES Teachers

School activities such as Linggo ng Wika, preparation for the first quarter exams, monitoring team visitation and many more has kept the public school teachers buzzing like a bee. Yet, we do have time to get together like this at noon time. I used the pronoun WE because I am still on leave at present. I did not submit my resignation letter yet. This week, I will though.
I called them in a regular basis. We have a new principal who is very active and did so many improvements in our school. There is already a new building added from his initiative in soliciting somewhere else and not from the parents. I have the feeling that the community has high respect to the new principal. That is really good.
We are in flip-flops in this picture because it is noon time and our break time from the morning session. We were invited to have a lunch at the Home Economics building. Someone wanted to test her new camera phone so; we just occasion really.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunset in Mississippi

I had so many pending pictures that I love to share with you here in my blog. These three were just few of them. I love this first photo so much. It shows the beauty of the scenery and the calmness of the sea. It was 9 0'clock when I took this picture yet, the sunset had just begun.
The building at the far end, left side is The Isle Hotel and Casino located in the other city. Just 10 minutes away from where I stood.
There were groups of family on the beach just enjoying the view. Some of them walk their dog out or had their evening routine of jogging. This place is so peaceful and simple. Awesome hideaway.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sightseeing in New York

I always wished to experience the New York Sightseeing activity during Christmas Holiday. It's always my dream to see all the beautiful Christmas lights and to have a downtown tour. Well, holiday or not, I wished to have a glimpse of the Empire State Building Observatory and the Statue of Liberty. Do I need a big budget to make this into a reality? Not at all! is the source of affordable tours anywhere in New York City.

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Wandering Turtles

Our visitor is not really walking slow. In fact, he made a walkaton...LOL! He stopped and looked at me, implying a message like: "Hey, will you leave me alone?" LOL.
It happened when I saw this creature crawling under the grill at the porch. I helped out, lift the grill because the turtle was trapped.
Then, he moved around and I feed the turtle. Ignoring the food, he moved along and circling the place.
He moved to the garden and away from me. As if telling me, " No pictures please". LOL
Have fun watching.

Car Service in New York

My husband and I love to travel. We usually make plans for each travel destinations. And we do research for car services which are available on the specific place. We cannot expect our family or friends to always spare us their time to drive us to and from the airport right? We need to help ourselves to live independently. If you live in New York or your travel destination is in New York City, Car Service NYC is the best company to call.

This company provides a Ground Transportation Desk at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airport. It is easy to make a reservation online and definitely a hassle free. If you are looking for quality and on time service, book a ride at now. They will accommodate your online reservations and expect that you will be in good hands.

They also have the private vans and SUV's service which is available for Cruise terminals in Bayonne, NJ and Brooklyn. If you are looking for an affordable ride, you can also take their "share-ride" van service. They provide door-to-door service in each direction in the area of Manhattan and JFK and also LaGuardia and Newark airports. This company has modern and comfortable vans which are operated by their professional and courteous drivers who know the city by heart.

View of Beau Rivage

This is my favorite Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi along the Gulf Coast. I took the picture when we were heading towards Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The bridge is the exit and entrance of US Highway I-10. Despite the grand look of the Casinos in this city, all the houses and buildings on the left side of this area were still the same after Katrina.
Nevertheless, the place is moving on but the people are not coming back to live near the beach. There were no buyers of the property too. Only big hotel corporations are interested to buy the land near the coast line and the adjacent property.


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