Thursday, September 29, 2011

Product Auction

Busy people do not have the time to physically roam around the mall to buy the clothes and other stuffs. For them, the most convenient way to buy anything is thru online shopping. I must admit, I only go to the mall when I have an extra time. For me, the most convenient way to shop is using the Internet at the comfort of my home office. There is no time constraint when I shop online and it is at my own pace which is really important.

Now, do you shop online? What products do you usually buy? If you ask me, I shop from apparel to gadgets. I also shop for home decors and jewelries. You can really find so many good deals when you shop online and that includes auction deals. Have you heard about dealfun? It is all about product auction. If you want to auction electronic products such as iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Laptops, LED TVs, and PS3, you may want to check out the dealfun link. The customer service of this company is prompt and courteous. This company has no weekly or monthly win cap and you can bid on an item too. If you bid and do not win, you can use the bids towards buying the products you want. For more information, check out the Website now.

Ford Edge Limited Edition

Okay, we rented this car at AVIS for only $139/week but, we use a coupon we found online. That is a good deal considering this is an SUV type of car and with that price, you can't beat that!This car has a Driver Seat Memory, Remote, Digital Keypad Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Cruise Controls On Steering Wheel, Front Ventilated Disc Brakes, Rear Spoiler: Lip, Bluetooth Wireless Phone Connectivity, Digital Audio Input, In-Dash Single CD Player, Sync, Mp3 Player, Audio System Premium Brand: Sony, Audio System Premium Brand Speakers: Sony, Am/Fm/Hd/Satellite Radio, Radio Data System, Speed Sensitive Audio Volume Control, Surround Audio, Total Number Of Speakers: 12 which is awesome!For Stability Control: With Anti-Roll Control, Video Monitor Location: Front, Trip Computer, External Temperature Display, Tachometer, Power Remote Driver Mirror Adjustment, Heated Driver Mirror, Heated Passenger Mirror, Electrochromatic Rearview Mirror, Power Remote Passenger Mirror Adjustment, Compass, Driver And Passenger Heated-Cushion, Driver And Passenger Heated-Seatback, Audio Controls On Steering Wheel, Front And Rear Reading Lights, Leather Seat Upholstery, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Remote Activated Exterior Entry Lights, Cargo Area Light, Max Cargo Capacity: 69, Vehicle Emissions: ULEV II, Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded, Instrumentation: Low Fuel Level, Chrome Grill. These are just few of the features. It has a Sync & sirius Radio, Ambient Lighting, Myford Touch, Keyless Entry, and CD Changer. I am lovin' this car.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NFL Helmet Mail Box

The mailbox of our friend is a huge helmet of their favorite NFL team. It is actually their second mail box because; the teenagers on their neighborhood blow up the first one. The teenagers hated the team so; they put something inside as a prank. Our friend called the police but, when he later found out that the teenagers were behind it, he did not press any charges. He bought a new NFL Helmet mailbox once again and luckily, the mail box stood there up to this day. They bought it online when they were looking for an address plaque for their rest house along the beach. There are so many unique address signs of the houses on their area. In fact, it looks like the sign above showing who once lived in the house. It embraces the history of the previous owners as far as the 1920's. Their property is in a historic town and it is really a charming place to have a vacation. You will be amazed to see and read the house address plaques in the area. The town is really beautiful and since the beach is just nearby, it attracts visitors from all over the country.

The Beau Rivage Hotel in Biloxi

For me, Beau Rivage Hotel is the biggest hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. It also looks grand if you are traveling from I-10 heading to the Gulf Coast. We stayed here for three days and our room was on the 23rd floor. The room is spacious and the bathroom is nice with a large scale bath tub.You can choose to valet your car which is very reasonable. The local guests usually gives from $2 tip each time but, I saw people give them more than that. My point is that, you can give a $2 tip and it is alright but, if you have the money, give more will you? We prefer to use the public parking because we have so much stuff in the car. We parked on the fourth floor nearby the elevator area. The first set back for the guest was the distance from the garage to the front desk of the hotel. You need to exercise first and it is a long walk passing to the shopping area before you can check in. If you have two heavy baggage, you will be cursing when you reach the front desk to check in. Of course, we do not do that! We knew it already! Anyway from the garage, you will pass the picture above which is a small area that goes to the tour bus lobby. Then, you make your way to the huge glass doors on the right and you will be in the shopping area. The picture below is a store where you can buy products at $10 each.If you want to stop to a restroom, it will be on the right side. As you walk further, you will see a cafe' and coffee shop and more stores.
After the shopping area, you will be welcome with this grand area of the main lobby. On the right side, there is a room for VIP guests check in. The carpet is floral and it's been like that for years and it's beautiful and colorful.If you are curious, this is the floral carpet design of the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino. The casino is on the right as well as the elevator for all the rooms in the casino. Another set back, the wifi in the casino is limited. In the room, all guests have the access to the Internet using the Ethernet cable which you can buy or borrowed. If you use an iPad, you will be screwed, lol. I tried asking the front desk about the password of the wifi but, she won't give it. The hotel is truly grand, in fact, it is my favorite hotel in Biloxi. But, when it comes to technology, I will rate them THUMBS DOWN! The ISLE is way better for wifi access! One click, and I used it even if I am not a guest in their hotel. If I will recommend the Beau Rivage? Of course, I will definitely recommend. As what I have said, this is my favorite hotel in Biloxi. I wonder if they will finally have a wifi all through out the hotel on my next vacation by December? Hmmm... we will see! I might give them a THUMBS UP!

On Financial Problems

My neighbor had a terrible financial problem since they had the car accident few months ago. He does not work and he relies only on his disability check every month. His wife on the hand works in a big department store in the country. She comes home stressed out and complaining about the benefits that she got. So, she tried to find another job and talk to the management that she needs a raise or else, she will quit the job. The car has to be fixed and she took personal loans to finance the amount needed to fix it. They live from pay check to pay check and sometimes, they loan money from us. It was not that much but, the thought of borrowing money from the neighbor must be hard for them. It took them few months to get on their feet again and resolved their financial problems. They paid all their loans and got back their car. I guess, they are doing alright by now because they do not ask for any favors from us. Sometimes, when we are hard up, we tend to borrow money from family or friends. But, as much as possible it is actually easy to loan money from a lending company than our friends or family, right? What do you think?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

At the Isle Hotel

Today, we wake up with the beautiful view by the Gulf and in the 10th floor of this hotel. We have a balcony so, we are happy with our room.We had a wonderful time here. The room is alright. We have a balcony and the view is truly amazing!Hubby and I booked a hotel stay in the Isle Hotel and Casino. and we have an amazing view of the Gulf, the highway 90 and we can see the beach of the Ocean springs too.This is the Isle Hotel. We ate here yesterday and the prices in the buffet was higher too.This is the entrance of the hotel and we valet our car because we do not want to walk all the way from the garage to the casino area.

Straight Talk is my Choice of Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our cell phone bills are almost $300 a month because we have the four lines and that includes my two phones, our business phone and my husband's phone.  We are stuck to these four lines because we sign a contract and we are so ready to switch to Straight Talk. Only few months left and we are excited to get the phone with Android on Straight Talk. If we can turn back the time, we would probably choose a phone with no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. That would mean one thing, having a Straight Talk would be NO hassle at all!

Straight Talk is our Choice of Phone because it is a Hook, line and sinker kind-a-phone where it is ready to use right away. The activation, reactivation and termination fees are all free.  If we cut down our phone bills, we feel richer and their "All You Need Plan" will work for me because I am a heavy phone user. For $45 a month, I can Call a friend as well as use the text messaging and web browsing up to 30MB.

It is very affordable but, it will not compromise the quality of service because Straight Talk has a great nationwide coverage and excellent reception! We are ready to switch! How about you? Do not be fooled with your high your phone bills. Make the switch to Straight Talk today.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Funny Pictures

I was looking at this picture and I can't help myself but, smile and asked myself, is this true? Oh well, we saw a lot of pictures online that has been photo shop. Looking at this picture, I really cannot tell if this is real or not. Imagine a dozen of lion and this man LOL! What a delicious meal, lions would probably jump for joy. What a shocking picture huh? Are you intrigued by the picture? Then, check out the link and you will see more pictures that would make you laugh. I snipped this photo from, funny pictures and videos are on that Website. There was a woman posing in a photograph while the monkey was touching and looking at her beautiful assets. There was also one man holding the baby turtle and it keeps on flipping its feet trying to get away, LOL. Really funny pictures because it looks like the turtle was flying. This Website has many pictures downloaded that are funny, amazing, shocking and totally entertaining. I saw two pictures of a landscape that's totally amazing. Well, you have to visit the Website to know if it is real or not. Click the link now and laugh out loud!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Total Danger

A year ago, the establishment that I work for is not my favorite place at all. All the floors in my workplace are smoking zone which is really a sad reality. There is only a small portion in the cafeteria which is exclusive for people like us who do not smoke at all. I told myself that I cannot work there for so long because the smoke bothers me a lot. Most of the employees and the customers are chain smokers. That was the reason I quit my job. It seems that my migraines lasted longer than the usual when I work in that establishment. Anyway, some of my direct co-workers are trying to quit in fact, they heard the cigarrest reviews. I hope they will quit smoking soon.

Losing my job was a relief because I fear that my exposure to this environment is dangerous. A month ago, my husband and I went to a wake of a friend who died of a lung cancer. Do you know what the sad part is? She was a non-smoker and never tried smoking in all her life. The truth is shocking but, it happens to her, and she died at 46. Later we found out that most members of her family is heavy smokers and her exposure was in a total danger.

Beautiful Set of Uniforms

My niece is a nurse student and she is now in her final year. The other day we talked about her school activities and she was telling me that it is really hard to maintain a good grade. With big determination, she managed to be where she is now. She showed me her nursing scrub top uniform and I like the material because it is very soft and wrinkle-free. The stitches are clean and the fit is what she loves. She likes wearing it and she is excited to graduate soon. She was planning to buy two sets of uniforms and so, I told her about the scrubs in Blue Sky Scrubs Website.

Late this afternoon, she called me and she loves the Website. She was particularly browsing this page and her mom would buy it for her. She chose the Chocolate and Turquoise scrub sets because it was on sale. Her mom was happy with the price and she gladly orders it for her. My niece thanked me because the colors of the scrubs of this Website are beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. She was excited to have it soon by the mail. Well, I was happy to know that she found what she was looking for.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Piece of Glass Art

I was looking at the flow of customers of this particular area during the Home and Garden show in Orlando last week. There were so many and they are buying the products. I bet this company can survive against the odds of economic crisis because their products attracts collectors of this type of decor.The picture below is blurry but, it shows people checking on the wood carving display. There were ash tray, decorative tiny pots and wooden jewelry boxes.
If the products are quality made and the price is affordable, people are buying them. I bought a piece of glass decor at the top picture and I love it.

The Fun Times

We arrived in Mississippi yesterday around three in the afternoon and the first thing we did after checking in the hotel was drive down the beach. The Gulf of Mexico is the panoramic view from our hotel. The beach is a walking distance and so, we stayed there as we sat comfortably on the available Adirondack chairs. There were Picnic Tables and Park Benches along the beach and anyone can use it for free. The long stretched of beaches along the Beach Boulevard is a good place to unwind and I can sit there whole day watching the sea and enjoying the sea breeze.

During this time of the year, the beach is a beautiful hang out for family and we saw teenagers setting a volleyball net for them to play with friends. At the Ocean Springs Beach, they have a park with the amazing view of the Gulf. That park was financed from the budget allotted to the city from the Katrina fund. They decided that a park would benefit everyone and they added beautiful playground equipment. The children are playing the swing, slides, see saw and water jets. We will be here for the whole week so, I have a lot to share.

Anyway, if you live nearby the beach and wanted to accessorize your patio, visit the links and you can find the items that you need. This company has the infant swing and play system which you can add to your yard for kids to play. The prices of their products are affordable and you should check it out today.

Monday, September 19, 2011

All Seasons Pools Inc

My husband wanted to buy a small jet tub so; he asked the owner of All Season's Pools Inc. It cost almost $2K and this is actually a bigger unit priced at $4K. I rather have this bigger tub for a cozy spa. While we were there, my husband proceed to test the sauna.Actually, if you have the budget for this jet tub, their price is not that bad. It was actually affordable. How I wish I took some more pictures of their products.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cool Bottoms

My friend called me the other day after she went home from a graveyard shift in the hospital. She was so tired with a sleepy voice but, manage to ask me with a charming request. She wants me to shop online about scrub uniforms for her. She gave me the Website and I said yes because I wanted to help her whenever I can. Her scrub pants are old and she wanted to purchase two sets with different colors. All I have to do is to find the colors she needs and inform her the next day.

Anyway, as I was browsing the Website, I went immediately to the sale items. If you visit, you can find a page for scrub tops, scrub sets, and scrub pants. You can also choose from the color you need such as red, purple, grey, blue, black, brown, green and pink. My friend wants me to find out if this site has the Calypso Blue and French Lilac. I am just amazed that all the colors this company has is soothing to the eyes. If you are looking for scrub uniforms either tops or bottoms, check out Blue Sky Scrubs because their price is affordable compared to other stores. The fabrics they use are in good quality material.

Orlando Home and Graden Show

September 9-11, 2011- We drive down to Orange County Convention Center to see the booth display and also have a glimpse of Frank Fontana in person. He is an HGTV personality and the host of Design on a Dime. When we arrived there, Frank Fontana was giving a seminar but, hubby and I went around the place looking for tile floors and back splash.I was moving to the other corner while I take this picture. I did not set the blur reduction so; my fault that this is the result.Here are some of the audience listening to Frank. I was not able to hear his talks much as I wanted to.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Clown

Do you like clowns? During the Mardi Gras parade in Mississippi, they are always part of the parade and they gave out candies and make toy ballons. I am not really a fan of the clown but, I don't hate them.
Here is one clown waving at me. This parade happened in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for Mardi Gras.

Jeep Body Protection

Are you looking for Jeep lifestyle & apparel and Jeep clothing? Just visit for they offer a free shipping if you order $75 and more of their products. This company provides exterior protection as well as interior accessories. How about Jeep gifts for your friend such as seat covers and floor mats? Check it out now.

Contractors Bond

When our AC suddenly quit working, we are not worried with the cost because we know that we got a professional contractor. He was actually recommended by our Home Insurance Company. The contractors that are on their list are bonded so; when they respond to a job, it is guaranteed of completion. If something wrong within 30 days, they will fix it at no extra cost.

Hiring a bonded contractor from a small project to a mega project will benefit the client who hired them. It gives the owner the security and assurance that the job will proceed as described in the agreements or contracts. If ever the contractor cannot complete the project and is already bankrupt, a performance bond will compensate the client for whatever loses.

If you do not know these facts, you can file a claim against a contractors bond at which is the contractor's state license board. If you are a contractor, check out this link for more information about contractors bond In the event of a claim, a consumer is protected to $12,500 which is the amount of the bond. If you are looking for a company that provides a bond, check out California contractors license bond and Schaedler Insurance. Visit the Website to know more about contractors bond.

Home and Garden Show at Orange County Convention Center

About a week ago, hubby and I went to the Home and Garden Show at the Convention Center in Orlando. We love to go to trade shows because there are so many business establishments in the event. Most of them used the pop up booths and they are so inviting. The pop up trade show displays are very common when there are trade shows and events like Home and Garden Show. Not only that, if there are job fairs, pop up displays are used also and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

Are you interested in purchasing this product? If you want to order a trade show pop up, you can add graphics or order them in graphic ready. Pop ups are easy to set up and the case can convert to a podium stand. If you like the custom pop ups, the product is available with internal shelving, back lighting, different shapes, monitors, and dye cut graphics. There is also a backlit pop ups, table top pop ups as well as graphic mural pop ups to choose from. You can also purchase a bubble kit which shows back lit graphics extending to front areas. To make your pop up booths unique and attractive, you can use the 3D pop up which displays graphics.

Bowling Alley

We went to a bowling alley with the family twice and I was really amazed to see the the people in this kind of business. It was a hit with kids and teenagers in fact, when we were there it was very crowded. Renting a space is by the hour. We spent 4 hours and even if we take turns, we enjoyed the moment. This business is good because they also provide their own food and drinks for the customers. They offer packages such as games with food so; it was really a good concept in a business like this.
Aside from bowling, they also have arcade games opposite this area and it was interesting to play there too. This business is good if the location is accessible and in this particular place, it was a booming business.

Scrub Uniform For Women

Are you searching for a hospital scrub uniform? I found a Website that supply scrub uniforms from hats, tops and bottom and you can purchase these products at Blue Sky Scrubs. This company had a humble beginnings and the creator of this stylish scrub is an anesthesiology resident in a hospital in Houston by the name of Shelby Marquardt. She started and perfected the design of scrubs because she feel uncomfortable wearing the ill-fitting scrub hats. It did not stop her from creating the tops and the bottoms that became phenomenal uniforms in the hospital all over the world.Check out of the This company has scrub sets, scrub tops and scrub pants available in different colors. They have green blue, red and purple scrubs which are original nursing scrubs and the design is perfect. The detail of the front pocket is elegant and if you visit the Website now, you will see what I am talking about. Not only that, they also have grey, black, brown and pink scrubs available at affordable price. These colors are soothing to the eyes and they used quality materials only. For more information, just visit the link or you may call them at 888-302-5837.

Streets in New Orleans

When we arrive in New Orleans to see the the Welcome Parade for the NFL Saints, the traffic was already bad. Some streets were closed and it was not a smart decision when we park at the 4th floor of the hotel because it was hard to drive out from the area. The streets were packed by motorists and it was a slow moving out from the city where more than 300K people were there who witnessed the event.It was below 30 degrees at that time and it was really chilly. I enjoyed the parade, the Saints came by but, after all the preparation, seeing them in a flash seems not worth it. Better to see them at the comfort of the house on TV monitor, I guess.Anyway, we park at the Intercontinental Hotel and we just walk down the streets and waiting for the parade. The streets are jam packed with people so, imagine how the parade pass by this area. Well, they did and most of us who do not want to get crushed by the crowd had to stay away from this area. The crowd was interesting though. I had fun looking at the families and people with friends around. There are weird people in costume, name it and you will find it here. This is New Orleans and anything is possible.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rug Cleaning Company

We love to entertain and inviting people to a party at home is just normal. But, sometimes untoward incidents happen such as liquid spill on the carpet or food stain on our living room sofa. When do you decide that your furniture needs to go or worth keeping for? There is a company in Texas that offers total cleaning services and restoration of rugs, carpet, drapery, upholstery and many more. The is the ultimate cleaning company that you can rely on when there is flood damage in your basement or bathrooms. That will be a hassle and it is very important that you call a cleaning company right away because it will be a health hazard soon after.

This company has been servicing the community of Austin for 25 years especially when there is water damage, fire damage and they can provide smoke damage deodorization as well. The people behind the ultimate rug steam cleaner austin is responsible to make your peoperty clean and restore your place. Hiring them can save a lot of time and money because they know what they are doing and can handle what they are dealing with. They have the skills, the knowledge and experience to fix what seems to be impossible to restore. So; visit the Website and make your reservation now. related content or pharmaceutical or drug related content on your blog.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leo's Wood Fired Pizza in Ocean Springs

Leo's Wood Fired Pizza is a cozy restaurant located in Ocean Springs Mississippi. I have been here couple of times and their pizza is truly different from the other pizzeria. If you happen to be in the area of Biloxi and Ocean Springs, check them out at Government Street and you can never miss this place.
If you are looking for pizza and chicken wings, this is the right place to stop by. Check it out.

Satinless Steel Sinks

If ever I need to renovate my kitchen, I will use the stainless appliances to justify a contemporary look. Using the stainless steel sinks for the kitchen, are concept that I will always prefer to have. The stainless steel sink from MR Direct is known to have an extremely low prices. You better check it out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fulton's Crab House at Downtown Disney

This is Fulton's Crab House located in Downtown Disney. Their prices for lunch starts at $15 while the dinner menu starts at $36. You can also order the starter menu such as crispy calamare, portobella mushroom fries and the famous seafood tower.They have soups and salads, lunch entree' salads, lunch sandwiches and lunch specials. Their food is great, the ambiance is elegant with a cozy view of waters.I recommend it for all of you who wants to visit Orlando.

Express Jeans

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As much as possible, I go out wearing jeans because it gives me the freedom to do whatever I want. It just gives me the comfort and confidence no matter what I do especially when I am in hurry juggling from shopping to doing grocery and see some friends later that day. Wearing women's jeans give me the super sexy attitude especially with that Flare Jeans from the collection of Express jeans.

Oh! I cannot wait to win their Express giveaway where 50 pairs of jeans will be in the hands of lucky winners and I hope that I will be one of them! I always love to wear casual jeans but, when I go to a formal occasion and jeans are acceptable, I love wearing colored white or black. It is very comfortable and sexy when I wear those colors. Besides, flare jeans paired with formal ladies shoe looks great and elegant together.

If you want to shop for jeans, visit the links here and enjoy the best deals they have for you. They offer 50% off on the next item when you buy any bottom attire. Do not forget to enter the Express Giveaway for a chance to win a sexy Express Jeans.

Ronmenno says he loves the boot cut jeans because his wife looks good on them.
marife says she likes Jean Legging because it makes her fit and slim.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Star Winner: Meg Caswell

I was watching the Design Star for 8 weeks now and today, they announced the winner, Meg Caswell. She is 33 years old from Chicago and owner of a design firm. Her new show will be aired every Saturday and I can't wait to watch it.Here are the original contestants for the Design Star Season 6. They are all talented and has the skills on designing.I enjoyed watching the show and I learn some ideas too. Congratulations to Meg Caswell, the winner of Design Star Season 6.

D & G Watches

Do you have a hobby? My hobbies include collecting shoes and mugs. While my friend collects vases and key chains, I also love collecting fancy and designer watches especially those that have unique designs. Take a look at this red and brown leather strap with the stainless head steel casing, I thought this piece is gorgeous and elegant. I know that when you hear Dolce and Gabbana, it should be expensive but, this elegant watch is really affordable. Check it out and you will be blown away with the price of this watch which is just right on the budget. D & G Watches UK is all about elegance and unique designs of Dolce and Gabbana collection of watches. Tic Watches are the retailer company of fashion watches that will help you find the kind of watch you are looking for. You can shop according to the brand of watches or sort it according to the price you wanted. Check out now so you can start shopping either for your collection or for gifts to someone. If you live in UK, you will enjoy the free delivery offer that this company has for you. For customer satisfaction, this company offers 14 days return policy so; visit the Website and shop today. The picture above is my personal favorite Dolce & Gabbana watch which is a cherokee red for men and it is a leather watch for casual wear. That is considered a sports watch in stainless steel head casing and it is a water resistant which is good for men's active lifestyle.If you are looking for a Dolce and Gabbana watch, visit the Website of Tic Watches or call them at 0844-357-0427. This retailer company is one stop shop for all the quality watches that you need for your collection. Check it out now!

Scouting Activities

I snagged these photos from Mr. Alex Ventero, a Boy Scout Coordinator of Agusan Elementary School from the East 11 District. The Boy Scouts are having a camping activity inside the school premises every year. They are well supported by their parents as well as the community. I miss this event. During the Scouting Month, I always have a part of the KAB Scout's investiture ceremony either the leader or the assistant plus, the emcee. Scouting activity was so much fun. In fact for twelve years, I was leaning on the Boy Scout than Girl Scout Activities. That was too ironic because when I was in Elementary, I was so active with Girl Scout Jamboree and other related activities exclusive for girls. I miss the campfire at night and the games they compete to play to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship. I miss that.

Stimulus Package

Have you heard the recent speech of Obama? He wanted Congress to sign his proposal and that means another Obama and the Stimulus Package. With the economic crisis that we have under Obama Administration, do you think the Tax Cuts Increase Revenue would mean anything or what? Or would you rather prefer Bush tax cuts & the deficit? Which side are you in? Or do we really need to take sides? Do we really need to punish the business sector and tax them more? Visit the links and see if you agree on their thoughts.

For Your Major Projects

When you think of bigger projects, it always involves bigger budget. Say for example you need to renovate a kitchen, a bathroom or a car port, those project needs major expenses. Whether you spend your cash savings to finance it or loan money from, it doesn't really matter. When you plan a project, you already know that you will find a source to finance it.

After working for two years, I decided to buy a house and since I only save for the down payment, I decided to have a 15 year house mortgage. If the monthly payment is low and you fix it for certain years to pay, you actually chose the best option. Just like what I did. Of course, it depends on which company you go for business with.

If you are looking for a company that provides mortgage and financial services, check out equileads. This company will work with you and they will provide you the services you need to make your plans work. They will give you the financial assistance that you need so that, your dreams will be possible. This company also offers life insurance services and it will bring security for you and your family. For more information, visit today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rental Income Property

We went to Port Canaveral yesterday to look for a rental income property. The price of the housing market in Florida was crashing down so; we took the advantage of finding an affordable place so we can rent it in weekly basis.We look at six properties and the one place that we like was already sold today. In fact, we saw the owner who just walk-in to check on their newly bought property. We love this place because it's nearby the beach and restaurants. This area is also nice to have a condo for a vacation house.We probably would go back next week because the realtor send us more properties. We really hope to find another property and hopefully, in this area.

Search Engine

When you have an Online Business, make sure it is searchable. Your Website is a platform where you can get clients and customers therefore, the key to drive traffic to your site is to optimize it. Work with your visibility online and if you have problems optimizing your site, tap the expert such as austin web designers. Let them handle the SEO problems of your Website and you will see positive results. Visit the link for more information about the search engine optimization.

Medical Insurance

This is the reality nowadays that due to the crisis and other factors, some of us do not have medical insurance. Even though I told my friends that they should get the insurance, I must admit I do not have the insurance for months now. When I left for work, I did not continue to pay the premium of my health insurance because the premium was really high. But, I am constantly on the lookout of finding the best provider out there that caters to my medical needs.

If you are looking for a provider, check out HCI Medical Website which is a good resource to finding the right health insurance plan for you. This company connects you to insurance providers such MetLife, Aflac, State Farm, New York Life and many more. This site offers a wide range of knowledge when it comes to low medical insurance costs. If you want a free quote, just fill out the form on their Website. You can also compare each insurance provider when it comes to the coverage and the premiums.

The website also provides information on PPO or Preferred Provider Organization, HMO or Health Maintenance Organizations, High Deductable and Group Insurance. Check out the Website today and learn how you can save more money when it comes to personal benefits and premiums. Visit today!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disney Dream Cruise

We were having lunch at Fishlips Bar and Grill at Port Canaveral when we saw Disney Dream sailing to it's destination. I took this shot while waving back at the passenger's. The passenger's were waving at us (people on the ground) and shouting "wooooo". It was not so crowded compared to some other sails before though.We watched the Disney Dream sail away and my husband told me that I should book for cruising next month. We always postpone our cruising plans but, maybe we can sail away this year. There is no crisis when it comes to vacation I guess. People are still cruising and Disney is still doing great business. Most business close down and went bankrupt but, with Disney? Business is always good!

Chalk Holiday

When I was teaching for years, I can't remember that I was given a budget for blackboards or chairs. In fact, my students are using an old material that goes back in the 80's. When I needed these kind of materials for the students, I make it as a PTA project or from my own pocket. Luckily for me, the parents were very supportive and the classroom projects were always successful. All the projects stayed in my classroom when I left. What I am hoping for is that the teacher who took over my room takes care of the property that I left behind.

The classroom projects that we have includes: TV monitor, DVD player, new customized tables, a new blackboard, cabinet with 50 divisions and old flash animation cartoons. I was hoping that the audio-visual materials that I left behind are still intact so that the next generation of learners can use it.

Teachers have another concern with regards to chalk allowance. The yearly chalk allowance budget per teacher is actually not enough. I remember that when I run out of chalk, I buy from my own pocket. I believe that most of the teachers are doing that too. They deserve a break! It is high time to add the budget! Voice out through chalk holiday!


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