Friday, June 28, 2013

Why Buy Only Used Cars?

Most people understand that buying a used car is much smarter than buying a new one. However, many of these people do not know why it is that buying used is so much better. If you need a car for yourself or your family, you should understand why you should only look at used cars in Kansas City. You can then make an educated decision on what car you should get and be smart in your investment on a car.
 photo Kansas-City-Used-Car-Dealerships.jpg
Reasons to Buy Used

Purchasing a new car is the worst investment a person can make. The moment you drive the new car off the lot, it depreciates in value by an astounding amount. After the first year, the car is only worth 70%of what it originally was worth. This is why buying used is smart. If you get a car that is still fairly young and does not have many miles on it, then you have allowed someone else to make the bad investment. They have paid the full sticker price for the car, and you get an almost-new car for half the price that they did. Even if you have to purchase another car to replace it a little sooner, you are still saving money. Purchasing a used car will also save you a lot of money in insurance premiums. An insurance company will hike its prices up for a new car, so get a used car and save on insurance. You will save money on other fees as well, such as registration fees.

Be Careful

When you look at used cars in Kansas City, be careful in your search. A used car is only a good decision if you find a car that is in good condition. Be sure to fully understand the history of the car and whether all of its parts are still good. Have a mechanic look at the car and take it for a test drive to see what condition it is in before signing anything. Purchasing a lemon is very disappointing, so you need to be smart in how you shop for your used car.

Fun at Downtown Disney

How's your Friday everyone? I had a busy day today. We will be going to Orlando for few hours and probably have our lunch in Olive Garden. When I come back I will start doing my product review. Products piled up and I need to review them one by one today. See you all later and Have a Wonderful Friday y'all. The photos below were taken at Downtown Disney.
If you happen to be in Orlando, do not miss going to Downtown Disney. It is fun out there, food is great and lots of shopping stores.

Title Learning to Avoid Future DUIs

Driving is such a quotidian endeavor that you sometimes forget the sheer power you yield when behind the wheel. When you drive every day, you can forget that your life and the lives of those around you rest on your ability to safely operate your vehicle with as little distraction as possible. You should never get too comfortable when it comes to driving. If you’ve ever operated a car while under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol, you haven’t simply gotten too comfortable. You’ve become downright reckless and criminally negligent. Driving under the influence causes thousands of senseless deaths each year. Unfortunately, not everyone who drives while drunk or high will be caught by the authorities. However, if you have been pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, you have an opportunity to relearn the importance of staying in complete control while operating a vehicle. By going to an Atlanta DUI school, you can correct gross negligence and alcoholic behavior.
 photo DUI_zpsa9cc5b2d.jpg

What You Will Learn

Once you’ve been convicted or pled guilty to a DUI charge, your judge will recommend that you undergo a clinical evaluation. Many times the very facility that offers DUI classes will be able to complete this evaluation for you. At the evaluation, a treatment counselor will assess whether or not you need to take classes and learn skills that will help you avoid driving under the influence in the future. For example, a counselor conducting a DUI class might help you learn how to recognize when you are too intoxicated to drive a car. They may also teach you how to get into the habit of designating a sober driver if you and your friends are going to be drinking socially. In some of the longer treatment courses, you may discuss the pitfalls of alcohol and drug addiction. You’ll be given time to process emotional problems as well, and receive assistance in recognizing the triggers that drive you to abuse alcohol and drugs. Then, you’ll learn positive steps that you can take to overcome these triggers without resorting to substances.

Better Living through Treatment

While your treatment will ultimately be by order of your local justice court, it’s important to not look at treatment as an inconvenience or an obligation. On the contrary, going to an Atlanta DUI school could be the very thing that turns your life around and helps you live more productively without allowing alcohol or drugs to destroy your future. Many people who have been ordered to go to substance abuse counseling or DUI classes have often found themselves much better off by the end of their course. Ultimately, it will be to you and your attitude about taking these courses. You must ask yourself if you’re willing to learn and better yourself or if you’re simply going through the motions. Hopefully, you’re willing to learn.

Thankful Friday

Thank goodness that's Friday and for all the comfort these days. It makes all the chores easy to accomplish and without the household appliances, life would be a lot harder and dragging to live. Having the washer and dryer in the laundry is a heaven sent don't you think? I can multitask and it saves a lot of time. Thanks to all the geniuses who made such amazing innovation! I am loving the comfort of life. All glory to God. Amen.

Create a Pipeline of Cash for Your Business

A business is only as successful as the money it makes. How can a business owner keep track of all the money that is coming and going? A good place to start is an online merchant services program. An online merchant services program will collect data for your business. You can go online and retrieve this data at your leisure. Want to know the exact amount of credit card business you conducted in the month of June? Just go online and click your way to a full report of sales. With merchant services you can even generate refunds and set up recurring payments. However, some merchant services provide less support than others. Some can be difficult to figure out. Many merchant services do not have a great way to manage a failed credit card transaction. Also, there is usually no option to handle promotional type transactions which may be free to your customers. There are ways to completely manage all of your billing needs. You can click here to find out how to use the most versatile billing systems.

Be Able to Accept Payments in Any Situation

Whether you work for yourself or own your own business, billing software can be a helpful tool. Here is an example of billing software helping someone out who works alone. A man decides to quit his job working for a big gym. He has been a very successful personal trainer for years. He wants to live out his dream of taking his personal training career on the road. He sets up his new business to meet people and train them wherever it is convenient. Random parks, garages, and abandoned warehouses become his new workplace. The only problem he runs into is having people pay him on location. With the right billing software, he can accept credit cards and debit cards on the spot. 

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Loving what you do for work is very important. However, loving your work alone will not pay the bills. To be a successful business owner you have to be smart with money. Click here to look into a billing software solution that can handle any situation your business may encounter.

My Latest Freebies from Victoria's Secret

Last month, I forgot to claim my freebies at Victoria's Secret. It was over when I realized that I have free lotion, hiphugger and $10 gift card. Anyway, here are some of the newest freebies I got. I did not spend a dime to all these by using the freebies card they sent me every month. have you got yours? It's high time that you become a Victoria's Secret angel. Check out the site for more details about Angel Card.

Maximizing Productivity and Minimizing Costs with Office Furniture

American workers are not farmers any longer—the majority of people work in offices. As more of the workforce has shifted into cubicles and conference rooms, management strategists, economists, public health experts, and others have conducted countless research studies on the effects of various work conditions. Many of these studies suggest that one critical factor that many employers underestimate when trying to maximize productivity is the set of physical objects in the workspace. It turns out that office furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can have a big effect on how business is conducted.
 photo Office-Furniture-Grand-Rapids-MI.jpg
Mental and Physical Impacts

The way an office is arranged, decorated, and furnished affects the way employees think and feel. First, if the space looks shabby and has low quality, unwieldy furnishings, over time employees will begin to associate these negative qualities with the company itself. If it seems like the managers do not care about the space provided, why should employees care about the quality of work they provide the managers? Second, poorly-designed office furniture has a substantial and negative impact on employees’ physical health. 80% of Americans experience chronic back pain, much of which could be alleviated by sitting in an ergonomic office chair. Smart employers recognize that outfitting their offices with ergonomic furniture will improve employee comfort and wellbeing productivity, which maximizes productivity and lowers the risk of contributing high premiums for work-related medical expenses.

Furnishing Successful Businesses

Buying office furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is not the same kind of experience as buying a new dining room set. The first difference is that you will simply have to buy a lot more furniture than you ever would need in a home. In order to keep your costs low, look for suppliers that keep enough items stocked that you can buy in bulk. This will save you costly trips to multiple vendors (hoping to closely match items from various locations) and should entitle to you to more competitive pricing options for large orders. Obviously, you will want to include in your negotiations arrangements for delivery. Another economical option is to look into suppliers that offer used or rental options. Paying less for these options gives the opportunity to test out different layouts and furnishing choices before making long-term commitment.

Atlantis in Paradise Island in Bahamas

If given another chance, we will cruise to Bahamas again.  The gigantic building that you are viewing is the Atlantis in Paradise Island in Bahamas. It would be awesome to stay in their luxury rooms in Royal, Coral and Beach Towers. We went inside and look around. It was a gorgeous place complete with everything a tourist will need. Cruising, we can afford but, to stay in this luxury place, I hate to admit it but, nope ... it's too expensive for us. From the cruise terminal to Paradise Island, a bus ride fare is only $5 one way. Pretty reasonable huh?

How to Recognize Excellence: Crystal Awards and More

People love to be recognized for their accomplishments. It is a proven fact that people respond much better to positive reinforcement than criticism. Getting recognized for success makes people want to continue that positive behavior even more. One way to recognize excellence is by using crystal awards. But before you present that award, you should plan the ceremony and your speech.
 photo awards.jpg
Plan a Ceremony

It is important to plan the event. It may be casual or formal. Choose a venue; this may help you decide how formal the event is. Whether it’s “just at the office,” or somewhere else, it should be set up as a distinct, special event. It would be a good idea to invite people who are close to the award recipient. Invitations, even electronic ones, are a great way to turn the recognition ceremony into something of importance. On the invitation, notify everyone about the attire. Finally, plan the food according to the formality of your event.
Practice Your Speech

However you have planned the event, and no matter how many people are being recognized, make sure each recipient feels special. It would take away from the whole experience if you were receiving an award, and the presenter had nothing to say about you. It is important to plan the presentation, with at least a few notes of things you want to say. That way it doesn’t seem like you have no reason to present the award or like you didn’t feel it was important enough to plan it. Even better: practice your speech. It will make you feel more comfortable and help you to fine-tune it in advance.

Pick the Award

There is a huge variety of actual awards to choose from. You may just want a basic certificate, but you can make it even more impressive by framing it before you present it. You can do a medal like those received in a race. Plaques are extremely nice as well, and easy to hang in a home. Or you can choose a variety of trophies. Glass, acrylic, or crystal awards are all good options for recognizing a job well done.

My Scariest Flight

While I was alone taking my flight from California to Houston Texas. That was almost three years ago. I was thankful that the weather was so beautiful that day but upon arrival in Houston airport, there was a big storm. The plane seemed like it would crash anytime. My seatmate was an Army assigned in Afghanistan and he said, he'd rather be on a war zone than in our situation on the plane. In the war zone, he can take cover and can fight back. In this situation, we can't. Everybody was laughing nervously and we prayed. When we land safely, all of us had a big grin on our face. My ordeal was not over. My flight to Mississippi was cancelled.

How to Save Money on Towing

Nobody likes to be stranded with a vehicle problem. The only thing worse than the problem itself is dealing with the costs and frustration of towing in San Francisco. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to save money on your towing services and ensure a more stress-free experience. You don’t always need to tow your vehicle and there may be a better option.
 photo Towing-San-Francisco.jpg
Affordable Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is typically an affordable way to get your vehicle back on the road in no time. This is a far more convenient option that can avoid the hassle of towing and picking up your vehicle.

Your towing company of choice should be able to offer a number of roadside assistance services that will save you money and provide you with honest services and information. Oftentimes, taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop will not result in an honest evaluation. The repair shop may be trying to make a sale. A towing company, on the other hand, has no incentive to tow your vehicle if they can just provide a quick fix on the spot.

Comprehensive Towing Services

Call a local towing company so that they don’t need to travel far with your vehicle. Choosing one towing company that can meet any and all of your towing needs can save you time and money in the long run. Your chosen towing company should be able to offer the following complete selection of towing services:

• Roadside assistance
• Dead battery services
• Lock out services
• Gas delivery services
• Flat tire repair
• Emergency towing services

What to Ask Your Towing Company

If you are calling for towing in San Francisco, inquire about roadside assistance. Some auto insurance companies and auto memberships will already provide this service or can reimburse you for the charges. Call your insurance company or membership to determine what is covered in your plan. It is best to also call your towing company as soon as you can to find out what services they offer and what they charge so that you have the information you need upfront.

I am Attracted to Red Cars

As we parked in the parking lot at Divine Mercy Church in Merritt Island, my eyes are glued on the red car at the front of us. Looks brand new and such a sexy Toyota car. This is Toyota Solara related to Toyota Camry, a mid size class, 2 door convertible and model years is from 1998 to 2008. Basically, this is not a brand new car but, the owner pretty much takes care of this baby good.

You Can Customize Your Luxury Off-Road Vehicle

When you want to explore the amazing world you live in, you need a Land Rover. This vehicle can do just about anything, go just about anywhere, and make you look good while you are doing it. There are many options to choose from and you can pretty much customize the vehicle so it is an extension of you. photo RangeRover.jpg
Interior and Exterior
The choices for the exterior colors are white, grays, blacks, blue, and red. Interior colors are taupe, white, black, blue, and reddish. One package option has a system of extra cameras and front lighting that changes as needed. The tow package will come in handy if you ever want to pull four wheelers, jet skis, snow machines, or a boat. Everyone should have the comfort package. The windshield, front seats, second-row seats, the water for the windshield, and the steering wheel are all heated.
Audio Package

If you like to listen to music that is balanced and crisp, you will need the audio package. This package includes seventeen speakers with a subwoofer. Satellite radio will give you more music options than you could possibly imagine. Whether you listen to your own downloaded music or straight from the radio, your music will sound amazing.

Leather, Bolsters, and Extras

Leather is a beautiful option that can also be upgraded. The leather can come with contrast stitching, which makes it look very luxurious. You can even get bolsters on the driver seat that adjust electronically. There is a spoiler for the rear roof and a pretty fancy chrome exhaust. There are options that add trim, paint, and finishes that will make the vehicle that much better looking. The front grille can also be changed out and you can also upgrade the wheels to a larger size with sparkling rims.

Driving Off Road

Once you have the Land Rover the way you want it inside and out, you need to take it off roading. Driving off road is what the vehicle was made for and the dirt will just make it look better. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and make some memories.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Hubby and I saw these two awesome motorcycles at the parking lot while we were at Port Canaveral dining at Rusty's Seafood, Oyster Bar and Grill. Looks like brand new and I bet these are expensive babies. This is a Harley Davidson make. I was browsing the price in the site and the 2013 Street Bob starts at $12,999. Wheeew! Imagine how much these are because the owner customized the look already. The more gadgets added, its even more expensive. Do you like it? Which color?

Preventing the Three Most Common Auto Repairs

Most of the auto repair in New Orleans comes because of a failure to perform routine car maintenance. Here are three of the most common car problems that can be prevented with simple maintenance that is performed by your mechanic.
Evaporative Emissions Leak or Failure

The evaporative emissions system control (EVAP) is responsible for getting rid of the fumes that build up in the gas tank. These fumes are collected and are later funneled through the car’s engine to be burned and used. Usually, a leak in the EVAP system of a car will trigger the check engine light. The biggest problem with an EVAP leak is that it is usually so small that you can’t see it with your naked eye. An auto mechanic uses a special smoke machine to find and repair the leak.

How can you prevent an EVAP leak? One of the best ways to prevent a leak is simply to make sure that your gas cap is on tightly. If the gas cap doesn’t fasten well, it can cause the fumes to leak out of the car, causing the EVAP system to fail. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to discover the reason why your check engine light is on.

System Too Lean

If you have ever seen the “system too lean” light pop up in your car, you are not alone. It is one of the most common auto failures. It can signal anything from a bad injector to a need for a software update. The repairs are usually over $100 when it comes to a lean system because it means that the car is not functioning at its full capacity.

If you want to prevent your car from running too lean, you can make sure that your car’s regularly scheduled maintenance is kept up. Most of the problems with a lean system are preventable with regularly scheduled car maintenance.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Failure

The exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) is responsible for lowering the combustion chamber temperatures. It keeps down the amount of pollutants that enter into the atmosphere. Because the system is responsible for keeping the car’s fuel system cleaner, it tends to get a lot of unhealthy build-up. The EGR valves must be replaced when they are dirty or it can cause larger problems with the fuel system of the car.

The best way to prevent an EGR failure is to have your fuel system cleaned every 30,000 miles. It is a routine repair that will save you a lot of money down the road.

One of the best ways to prevent auto repair in New Orleans is to have routine maintenance performed. It will keep your car running smoothly and problem-free.

Teeth Whitening System

The mailman was grinning when he handed me 4 packages today. Here's one and review will be posted soon. I will be testing this teeth whitening system tomorrow and looking forward to see a positive result. Have you heard about this product? Did you try it? Share your experience and I will be happy to read your comments.

Getting Maintenance and Major Car Repair Work Done

Your car is a wonderful asset to have. It helps you get around with ease and allows you to be independent. Cars are so wonderful, until they have problems; then they become a hassle. Cars are bound to break down once in a while and have issues that need to be resolved. Because this is true, it is important that you take care of your car as well as you can by getting regular maintenance checks and repairs done when they are needed. By doing this, it will help extend the life of your car and ensure that you have less hassle, and more enjoyment, from your car. Car repair in Columbus is never pleasant, so cut down on the repairs by taking proper care of it all along the way.
Maintenance Care

A critical factor in how well your car functions is the maintenance care done on your car. Maintenance care should be done regularly and religiously. This allows you to get any small problems detected and fixed more quickly, while keeping the prices of the repair down significantly. Maintenance also includes things such as tire rotation and alignment, oil changes, fluid checks, and more. These little services keep your gas mileage more efficient and keep your car running more smoothly and with fewer problems. It is definitely the best way to take care of your car.


Every once in a while as you are driving or starting your car, you recognize that there is a problem with it that needs to be checked out by a repairman. This is inconvenient, but so necessary. When this happens, it is best to get your car in for inspection at a car repair shop as soon as possible so that the problem doesn’t get worse with time. This kind of car repair in Columbus will help keep your car going and will help it so that you can get it fixed rather than having to buy a new car and start all over with a new set of problems. With any car, repairs are needed along the way, and some are more expensive to fix than others. Learning to recognize the signs of a problem in your car will help you to get your car in and fixed a lot sooner.

Natural Miracle Conditionr

What a great day today for receiving multiple packages from different companies. Please watch out my review soon. This conditioner has many uses and I can't wait to try it. Have you tried this product yet? The company claimed that this conditioner is a natural miracle. I can't wait to try it tomorrow.

Installing a Used Alternator in Your Car

A failed alternator is one of the most common car problems out there. Alternators are essentially small electrical generators that your car uses when the car is running to charge the battery and operate critical functions such as turn signals and headlights. Alternators are essentially an electrical motor that is spun by the fan belt, producing electricity for the cars use. These fail commonly because the bearings in the spindle eventually wear out causing it to freeze up or start squealing. Additionally, extra heat produced by worn out bearings can melt solder joints, causing the alternator to fail at producing the correct current and voltage. Luckily, replacing an alternator on most vehicles is one of the most routine and simple procedures possible on a car. Additionally, if you visit your local salvage yard in Los Angeles, you will usually find a good supply of used units available for cheap. This article will discuss how to change your alternator safely.
 photo Used-Car-Parts-Los-Angeles.jpg
Remove the Faulty Unit

To start out with, disconnect the battery from the car so that there isn’t a possibility of accidental electric shock. Next, locate the car’s fan belt tensioner and loosen the fan belt just enough to relieve the tension on the alternators pulley. After the tension has been released, disconnect the wiring at the quick connectors and remove the mounting bolts. Some vehicles may have a recessed alternator that requires removal of other components first, such as AC compressors or power steering units. If this is the case remove these parts as well and set them aside.

Install the New Unit

Before you purchase a used alternator from a salvage yard in Los Angeles you should have it tested to ensure that it is functioning properly. The salvage yard likely will have the equipment to do this at the front desk, and the test is usually done free of charge. Once you have verified the condition of you used part, install it in exactly the opposite order you removed the faulty one, except that you should make sure that all electrical connections, including from the alternator to the chassis, are free of dirt, debris and corrosion. If the connections are not clean the alternator won’t be able to pass enough current to run the car, and you will break down on the side of the road as soon as the battery runs out of juice.

3 Pieces Gift from AHAVA

Do you shop at I do sometimes especially when they offer freebies. Few weeks ago, I purchased a DKNY Fresh Blossom Eau de Parfum and Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum Purse Spray. After check out, I paid  about $35 and here comes the good deal. Ulta offers free 3pc gift from AHAVA with any $35 purchase. It also has free pouch and I also have another cosmetic bag from Aveeno plus 3 fragrance sampler. I got about 12 items for $35 all inclusive with shipping. That's a good deal huh?
ahava lotion mud mask toner
What's included in AHAVA pouch? It has Mineral Body Lotion, Purifying Mud Mask, and all-in-one toning cleanser. I like the product and it's almost gone.

Three Questions to Ask Used Car Dealers

Buying a new car is an exciting time. But, if you’re buying a used car, there are a few precautions you need to take.

Used cars and used car dealers are notorious for ripping off customers, leaving them high and dry. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you’ll need to ask plenty of questions when you visit car dealers in Greensboro, NC.
Here are three questions you should be sure to ask no matter where you’re shopping.

1. Who Was the Previous Owner?
The first thing you want to ask about is the previous owner. This allows you to get a feel for the car’s history, including whether or not it’s appropriate for your lifestyle.

Every used car dealer is required to supply the previous owner’s name and address, so the salesman should know. If the car was a trade-in to the dealership, the salesman will have maintenance records as well. Go through these with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

2. Is the Car Certified?
If the car was certified by a mechanic, there will be record of a pre-certification inspection. Ask to see that record. This paperwork will tell you what the car’s past problems were and what kind of shape it’s in overall.

Also ask if the car is manufacturer certified. This is generally the only certification that means anything, as it promises you recompense if the car doesn’t work out for you. Don’t fall for insurance-backed certifications, as these rarely pan out.

3. Can I Take a Test Drive?
The test drive is one of the most important parts of the purchasing process for a used car. The longer the test drive, the more informative it will be.

If possible, ask to take an overnight test drive. Get this in writing, and promise to return the car with fewer than 100 additional miles and a full tank of gas.

Finding a Reliable Car Dealer

Used car dealers have a bit of a slimy reputation in today’s society. However, there are plenty of car dealers in Greensboro, NC, who operate honestly and efficiently. Look up reviews online to make sure you’re getting involved with such a dealer.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blockhouse Beach Along South Atlantic Avenue

After the final meeting for the #VBS, hubby and I head to the beach. It's about 3PM and it was 90 degrees which was really a scorcher afternoon. We went to Patrick Air Force Base area and decided to check out the Blockhouse Beach along South Atlantic. There were quite a few beach goers in groups. They were comfortable in their beach chairs. Some of them set up a tent.

We brought our beach chairs with a shade just enough to cover us from the scorching heat. The sea breeze cools down the heat tremendously so; we actually stayed there for more than 3  hours.  The sound of the big waves was so relaxing.

Hubby walked along the shoreline barefoot watching the people surfing and paddling. The waves are huge but, not enough for surfing. I noticed that there were a lot of children swimming while their parents were just waiting on their tents listening to music and eating.

Hubby enjoyed walking on the shoreline and while doing that, he called his friends telling them where he was. He came back with a smile on his face and humming a song, LOL. Would it be nice to buy a house along the beach area? It is nice but, when hurricane comes, it probably is a terrifying ordeal.

I got my swimsuit but, did not swim LOL. All the time, I was under the shade. My skin turns brown so easily so; I am actually afraid of being tanned so fast. I am already brown you know.

Look at my husband, he was busy talking to his friends.

Yap, there is no lifeguards here. There were indeed low flying aircraft since this beach is in the vicinity of Patrick Air Force Base. I don't see any turtles though.

Look at the top of the trees, there were black birds prying on vulnerable animals down below. Anyway, the beach is clean, the parking space is big and it is free. This is a public beach and we like this beach. Would I recommend this beach? Yep. If you are in Cocoa Beach, just drive past Ron Jon heading to Patrick Air Force Base and Blockhouse Beach is next to Table's Beach, front of North Housing of Pafb. Have fun and enjoy.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Canvas Printing Company

Isn't it beautiful? The focal point of the photo is so peaceful and the color contrast is just beautiful. It could be dawn time or sunset. The beauty of nature is truly awesome! I love taking pictures of the skies, birds, beaches and mountains. This photo from Canvas Printing site is my most favorite. It would be awesome to have this in my room. The view is so serene and it truly sets up the mood.
 photo canvas2_zps86b25e47.jpg
I was thinking of buying it from this site. It gives me an idea of decorating one panel using the canvas art piece. Pretty unique and I bet, it will be an awesome corner to look at. Right now, the workers that we hired for Home Insulation is almost done. Much as we wanted to splurge our bedroom, we can only renovate one room at a time.
We have the office on priority because the insulation was truly bad.
How about you? Do you have problems with your insulation at home? If you did, you should hire a reputable company and address the problem now. Winter is fast approaching and you don't want to feel uncomfortable in summer time right?

Anyway, if you are in need of a company that provides Sheet Metal Fabrication, you should check out this site. You don't need to look far, it is right here. Whether small or macro project, this company can deliver a quality order.

Walking by the Beach at Cocoa

Cool skies huh? This is Cocoa Beach, about an hour drive from Orlando. At the background, that's Cocoa Beach Pier which tourists and locals love to hang out. It has restaurants, shopping store, bar with live band on stage. At the end of the Pier is a bar and in between the bar and the restaurants, anyone can pay a $1 and go fishing.

On this day, hubby and I decided to just stroll down the shoreline.

Oh yeah, there were beach goers sun tanning on the side, jet ski riders on the other end and surfers as well.

What a relaxing moment huh? After we strolling, we went to dinner at Rusty's along Cape Canaveral, just 10 minutes away. Have you been to Cocoa? Check this place, you will like it!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shopping for Shoes and Dresses

I bet most of us women love to own and collect the different styles of shoes. There is that feeling of content when you see the footwear arranged in your closet right? If you asked me, I buy more than two pairs of shoes when I shop. One pair is not enough so; when I buy sneakers, I would get two or more name brands footwear. When I love the style, I buy two different colors. I know for sure that most of you can relate.
Where do you shop for shoes? Would you go for name brand or would you rather buy any footwear that you are comfortable wearing? Whichever you prefer, as long as you can afford it and you are wearing it occasionally, you are alright. Do not forget to donate them if you don't wear them for a year and that's for a good cause. Anyway, speaking of shopping, have you ever browse the site:
You should check it out if you want to see some unique styles of footwear. Most of them are made in the USA therefore; their shoes are in good quality. Can you handle 5" high heels? Oh they got it! This is actually a one stop shop for they have dresses, corsets, hosiery, plus size, costumes, accessories as well as sexy bridal lingerie. They offer free shipping if you order $50 so; the more products you add for check out, the more savings you will get.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Origami Garden: Great Gro Project

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

Would you consider your garden an oasis? Are you having fun in your garden this summer? I was at the gazebo yesterday, ready for my crafting activity but, I needed an inspiration for fun garden projects.Online browsing was all I did. I was actually looking for a garden activity idea that is unique and easy to make so; I checked The Gro Project on Facebook. It took me a minute to find a great Gro Project from Miracle-Gro.
 Origami Garden by Miracle Gro
I found the Origami Garden, simple and fun to make. The fact that the materials needed are available in my crafting kit so; doing the project is super easy. I had fun doing it so; would you like to try it too? Check out the materials needed to make an Origami Garden below: If you have all the materials so; lets make it now!
Origami Garden by Miracle Gro
Here are the 5 steps and I am sure, you and your family will enjoy doing this project.
1. Use the Origami template (download it) to draw a polygon on a piece of cardboard, then cut it out.
2. Fold your cardboard according to instructions. Glue the overlapping pieces together.
3. While the glue is drying, use the macrame' template (download it) to knot your hanger.
4. Fill a lightweight pot with potting mix, then transfer your plant to it. Water it and when it is completely dry, nestle it into the origami planter and hang.
5. Finally, sit back and enjoy your masterpiece! Keep it looking lovely by giving it plenty of sun, water and plant food such as the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit.
Origami Garden by Miracle Gro
How do you like it so far? Would you like to know more of the Gro Project ideas? Just check out the video below and you can also follow the Miracle Gro Online. For garden stories, ideas, tips and more, please follow the Miracle Gro Pinterest page.

Gardening is fun when you are creative so; having the Origami garden project is an addition into your garden oasis. Have fun and enjoy your garden this summer!
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Enjoying the Cool Breeze at Cocoa Beach

Yesterday, hubby and I decided to go to the beach and since Cocoa is the nearest, we went there. We have 94 degrees scorching day but down here in Cocoa, its about 90 degrees. It was still a scorcher but, the breeze from the Atlantic sure cools down the heat. It was nice and breezy. The sky is beautiful and the sound of the waves along the shore was so relaxing to hear.

There were people swimming, jet skiing, fishing down the Cocoa Pier and some were just dining on the restaurants on the Pier. If you come to Cocoa Beach, the Pier has many restaurants that you can choose to dine. We love hanging out on the beach especially on a summer day where the heat is brutal.

That is the edge of the Cocoa Pier. It is a Tiki Bar where you can actually go that far if you pay a dollar. The view is truly remarkable! You can see up-close the big waves from the Atlantic Ocean. You can order a cold beer or lemonade and enjoy the breeze from the Atlantic. As for us, we choose to walk along the shoreline by the beach which was truly relaxing.

I took this photo using the zoom of my camera. For sure that is a cruise ship going to the Caribbean.

The beach stretches as long as the eyes can see. Mostly, these beaches can be access by public. The only problem is the parking space so; if you come here, you have the option to pay the parking space for $10/day or use the meter parking for only $1 for 40 minutes. Not bad huh? Make sure to remember the time to avoid your car being towed. OMG! You don't want to deal with that.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

JC Penny is my Favorite Shopping Store

You read it right! JC Penny is now my favorite shopping store. I really noticed lately that when we shop at JC Penny, we paid an unbelievable price. Today, we paid $28.15 total for all of these items: Bella Programmable Coffee Maker, 3 pieces of Arizona brand shirts, and a metal clip frame by Michael Graves. We have $10 off from the coupon which was sent to us by JC Penny; we got 10% off and the frame is free since we paid more than $25.

The Bella Programmable coffee maker is on sale for $29+ so unbeatable right?

The frame is free, the red shirt is on sale for $3 from the original price of $16.
These sleeveless is $14 each but now on sale for $2.99. Good brand, unbeatable price only at JC Penny. Yap, you should check out JC Penny store in your area ... now!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Zaggora's Hot Pants and Hot Top : Comfy Wear

I was actually trying to do a tree pose but, my camera was set on a self-timer, it clicked before I project the right pose (wink) and that's my sincere excuse LOL.

Well, this gorgeous pair of active wear was sent to me for free by Zaggora. About few weeks ago, I was reading some of the blog posts of my blogger friends about Zaggora products and all of them truly love what they received. I was curious so; I emailed the company. The Head of Communications replied to my product request and she was so kind and generous. The company sent me a pair of active wear: Zaggora's Hot Pants and Hot Top.
Zaggora Women's Hotpants

I received the ZAGHOTLONG small size. It was a bit bigger and I thought, if I could have ordered an XS, it could have fit perfect. Other than the size, the hotpants' was great when I did my exercise.

Did you know that Zaggora Hotpants increase the metabolic rate during exercise? Zaggora clothing was made to enhance the natural body temperature because the product keeps the body warm. Honestly, when I did my 15 minutes work out, I did sweat more than the usual work out that I have before. The material used in making the Zaggora hot pants is totally unique. If you want to burn more calories, this product is a perfect active wear for you and I totally recommend it.

The hotpants is very light, flexible which I like, and it has the "compression fit" which means, wearing hotpants'supports the body and creates a smooth silhouette.

The Science of Zaggora Hot Line of Clothing

The Zaggora product was tested by ETScience based at the University of Southern California USA and at The University of Brighton in the UK. Here are their findings when they used Zaggora clothing:

1. In 30 minutes, it increases the metabolic rate during exercise by up to 18% compared to the standard garment.
2. It is safe during high-intensity aerobic exercise because the core body temperature did not exceed acceptable exercise-induced elevations.

The Comfortable Hot Top
I love both hot pants and hot top in fact; I wore them when hubby and I went for bicycle ride in the neighborhood. The hot top fabric helps my body burn more calories by generating body heat and that's what I called, less effort.

Take note that the hot top targets the following: stomach and hips. The hot top is a great product to wear when you want to lose that love handle. Along the chest and back, it has that comfortable lycra panels to keep the body cool. The product has four-way stretch which creates a soft, light and flexible fit.

I received the Hot Pants and Hot Top from for free. Regardless, I only recommend products I used personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am not compensated with this post. All opinions are 100% my own

Saturday, June 1, 2013

At the Manatee Cove

From the church in Merritt Island, hubby and I love to drive down the scenic route along the NASA Parkway and Indian River Lagoon. Yesterday, I directed my husband to turn on the left heading to the Manatee Cove. When we arrived at the parking lot towards the end of the road, I saw these 3 people enjoying their Kayak ride. According to one tourist, Manatee Cove is one of the best places to see manatees. I never seen a manatee yet and I live 15 minutes away from here, such ironic huh? I will try to rent a kayak and explore my place. I am so envious seeing them paddling (wink).

In most days, manatees shows up here too but, today is not my lucky day. Manatees are huge, aquatic, and  herbivorous marine mammals. They are also known as sea cows. They measure up to 13 feet long and weigh as much as 1,300 pounds. They have a paddle-like flippers. Oh , see that beautiful house? What a glorious location huh?

I might go along with groups of tourist for canoeing and kayaking. I am fearful of gators. I wonder if gators wander in this area too. Manatees are harmless big baby.

Next post, I will show you the pictures of  the children's playground and the pavilion in Manatee Cove. Thanks for stopping by.


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