Thursday, February 28, 2013

Firmoo Eyewear Review

I received half a dozen of Firmoo glasses for free about few months ago and I was so delighted. Imagine, I got to wear quality eyewear all for free and how cool was that? It was a fabulous opportunity in fact, I was so impressed. It was an easy task of just sharing Firmoo eyewear to all my social media accounts and/or sidebar links so that they too will have the opportunity to avail free eyewear. Anyway, when I heard that has another campaign, offering one free Firmoo eyewear in exchange of a review, I was so excited and I requested item #OTO2503, a wrap-around style eyewear. Check out the photo below:

Oh I like it a lot in fact; it is one of my most favorite sunglasses. As you can see, I can't resist wearing it because I feel comfortable. It has great detail, very stylish, fashionable, fitting is great and as always, I am very much satisfied of the high-quality of Firmoo. It comes with lens cleaning cloth with a soft and a hard shell cases. is the most popular online eyeglass store and customer satisfaction is their genuine goal. Their shipping is fast and if you are a first-time buyer, you can avail one free eyewear and all you have to pay is the shipping cost. Isn't it great?
One thing more, Firmoo offers the impressive "Virtual Try-On System" and choosing the right eyewear becomes easy because a customer can also upload a photo to try the glasses virtually.

For more details, check out now.
I was not financially compensated for this post. I received one free eyewear for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Samsung WB150F

What attracted me most about this Samsung WB150F is the WiFi capability. This is 14.2-megapixel digital camera that features Wi-Fi Direct, so I can easily share photos and videos with friends and family on my Facebook. I have been using this camera since I bought it last Novemeber. The 720p video mode lets the user capture stunning high-definition movie clips. Using this camera for 3 months now, so far, I am satisfied.
It has 14.2-megapixel 1/2.3" CCD sensor. It captures high-resolution images up to 4320 x 3240 pixels. Has a Schneider-Kreuznach wide-angle lens for precise zooming and accuracy. With 460K pixels, it automatically detects environmental lighting and adjusts brightness for a clear view.  Has high-definition video mode which records movie clips with 720p resolution at up to 30 fps.

It has a built-in speaker that delivers crisp audio. It has dual optical and digital image stabilization which reduces image blur that caused by camera shake and vibration. The ISO is up to 3200 for improved image capture in low-light conditions. It automatically selects the appropriate settings based on the detected scene. Scene modes include landscapes, scenes with bright white backgrounds, portraits at night, landscapes with backlighting, portraits and more.

The smile shot help captures clear portraits and the live panorama lets capture an expanded area. It has cartoon, cross, zooming shot, oil painting, half-tone dot and more. There is also a magic frame that offers 12 background templates and I use it often.
There is a TTL (through-the-lens) autofocus with center, multi, tracking, face detection, face recognition, selection and manual modes for taking crisp and clear pictures. The Wi-Fi Direct makes it easy to share photos and videos via SNS, e-mail, MS Skydrive, AllShare 2.2 and more. This camera is PictBridge compatibility as well.

This camera Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity and SDXC formats for storing photos and videos. Aside from that, it has white balance controls which include auto, daylight, cloudy, fluorescent_H, fluorescent_L, tungsten, custom and K to help ensure natural color reproduction.  You know what? you should check out this product today. I promise you, you will like it because of these features. It is very handy and affordable.

Blue and Red Chiffon Top

I can't believe that February has gone by so fast. I am not ready for March yet, are you? It seemed that I did not accomplish much for this month. For sure, I did not win the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2013 (wink) so; I have to change my goal ... become a fashionista? What? A big LOL! Oh well, most of my friends knew that I couldn't be such hehehe and yep, couldn't be for sure.

But, check the photo above because I am wearing a royal blue and red chiffon top. I am a t-shirt and blue jeans kind'a girl so; having this chiffon fabric is so ironic but, I love it and I am so comfortable wearing it. In fact, I wear this ensemble while doing errands yesterday. Luckily, my friends commended that I look great in "girly" ensemble such as this. Great huh? Let me think about it. Thanks for stopping by "bouys" and "gulls" :-)

Does Your Dog Need A Winter Coat?

It has become a common discussions and debate between dog owners and commentators – does your dog need to wear a coat when going out? The reality is that most dogs will not usually require a coat except in the harshest conditions but the wearing of a coat will certainly not harm your dog and, if they suffer from certain ailments or illnesses, then a winter coat may help to reduce pain and other symptoms, and even prolong their life.
Few dogs are naturally indigenous to this country and so very few actually have the genetics that naturally defend against the cold and often wet weather that we suffer. As such, it is not uncommon to see some breeds of dog, especially those that originally hail from the warmest climates, to shiver when they come in from a walk in the cold. The fact is, you shouldn’t find that donning Hurtta overalls will harm your canine friend in any way.

Hurtta raincoats are designed to protect against the wet weather. If your dog has arthritis or another illness that means that they are especially susceptible to the cold and wet weather then such clothing can prove invaluable and vital. Ensure the jacket fits well and offers the level of protection that is truly required for your dog.

Of course, it isn’t just clothing to protect against the weather that you can buy for your dog. You will find a great and varied range of Hurtta dogwear that can be used in a variety of circumstances. Life jackets, high visibility jackets, and safety scarves can help protect a dog and they can prove useful for working dogs when conditions demand it too. Consider your specific requirements to determine whether your dog requires the use of any items of clothing.

There are a surprising range of dogwear items available and, as well as winter clothing and raincoats that may be met with derision in some parts, you can find safety and working gear too. This can protect your dog and also you and prevent either of you from coming to any harm when out walking.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fossil Vintage Revival Small Flap

I guess I am lucky because this is the second time that I won a prize initiated by IZEA company. The first was thru IZEA's Sponsoredtweets and Bumble Bee to which I won an iPad2. This Fossil Vintage Revival Small Flap is just as awesome as the iPad. I won this prize thru Social Spark and Fossil. This is crafted from exquisitely rich Heirloom leather and is part of Fossil's all-time favorite collection.

I like using this Vintage Revival Small Flap on a daily basis especially when I go to the grocery and do some errands.

Though its tiny, it is spaceous enough for my coach fat wallet, samsung camera, cellphone and some chocolate candies :-) for muching :-) . Free is good right?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Beach in Florida

Here in Florida, we can always enjoy the beach even in winter time. As long as the sun comes up, the beach is the primary place that locals and tourists love to hang out. is one place that my friend recommends to check regarding bathing suits. She loves swimming and surfing so; she collected quiet a few swimsuits already.

My husband and I went to Cocoa Beach yesterday just to enjoy the breeze and watch my friend surfing with her group. It was sunny and breezy and there were quiet a few surfers who take advantage of the waves. They look so amazing and comfortable playing with the waves. We just watch them surfing and since it was so breezy, we decided not to go swimming. We just enjoy the scenic view by the beach as we sit on the Adirondack chairs. The beach in Florida is gorgeous and when summer time comes, all beaches are jam-packed with people.

Locals like us give way to tourists during peak season. Sexy men and women flaunt their amazing trunks and swimsuits during spring-break. The beach shown in the photo above will be fully packed with sexy students wearing beach bikini and ready to party.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Smart Car

When hubby and I traveled to Alabama to visit a friend, we saw this electric smart car on the Interstate. The driver is an old woman and we meet in the rest area. She said that she's not comfortable to drive the Interstate but, she did it anyway.
I like this car but, I prefer the Hummers. Sorry but, I can't trust myself driving a smart car on the highway. I am chicken!

Family Traditions: Favorite Casseroles for Family Meals

Casseroles offer an ideal alternative for the busy cook. Many of them contain meat, vegetables and starches; just add salad and bread, and you have a balanced meal. Clean up is easy since you do not have a lot of pots and pans to scrub. Another advantage is the fact that you can make two identical recipes at a time, one for dinner tonight and the other to freeze for later. You may even choose to make several different ones on the weekend, and freeze them for use during the week. Rachael Ray® cookware includes several casserole dishes in different sizes and shapes in which you can freeze, cook and serve your food.
Tuna casseroles are a delicious way to use canned tuna and provide a healthy meal for your family. Mix tuna with cooked, drained pasta, add chopped onions, a little dill weed, egg, milk and cubed cheese and bake for about 45 minutes. Serve with a vegetable or salad. Vegetable casserole dishes make a terrific side for your family's dinner or to take to a potluck dinner. Green bean casseroles are always popular. One recipe that is quick, easy and tasty calls for combining canned green beans with cream of mushroom soup. Cook for about 20 minutes, top with fried onions and return to the oven for another few minutes. Alternatively, you can microwave this dish as well. No matter what type of casserole you prepare, cleanup is easy with Rachael Ray nonstick cookware.
Whether you are making a special breakfast, dinner for your family or a holiday feast, you can find a casserole recipe that is perfect for the occasion. In no time, the casserole becomes a family tradition which everyone happily anticipates.

Midwest Road Trip

When we travel, we always have maps with us but for comfort, it's always nice to rely on the GPS and enjoy the scenic view. Meet our companions: flaglet of the Philippines, aviator sunglasses and GPS! 

It was my first time to travel six states in two days from Florida-Georgia-Tennessee-Kentucky-Illinois and Missouri. Of course, we stop for the night and dine in to some local restaurants. We love living in Florida because of the beautiful beaches but, we were in great awe with the beautiful scenery when we were driving towards Georgia and Tennessee.

On our road trip, we saw big and beautiful houses located in Chattanooga with perfect landscape. Most of the time, we drove on the scenic route since we were not in a hurry and we fell in-love with the beautiful view of the mountains and ridges.

When we reach the south east of Kentucky and Illinois, all we saw was wide farmlands as far as our eyes can see and the sunset is truly gorgeous.

We passed by the area where Mammoth Cave National Park is, I told hubby that we will go there on our next vacation. The road trip was interesting and educational at the same time. I can live in these states because each one is unique and appealing.

We saw the Gateway Arch as the sun sets for the night but, we drove 4 more hours passing St. Louis heading towards Keytesville, Missouri.

If given the chance, I will certainly do this road trip again. I am not done sharing some of the interesting places on this road trip. Check back sometime or, take time to browse my other blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 22, 2013

House Hunting in Kansas City

My husband and I went for a road trip from Florida to Missouri and even though we stayed in Keytesville, Missouri; we went as far as Kansas City to pick up my sisters-in-law at the airport. As we drove to Kansas City routing the highway 24 and I-70, hubby and I noticed the big houses on the enormous land. Most properties that we saw are huge, perfect landscape and the house design is gorgeous such as the photo that I snipped from kansas city real estate.
I told my husband that I can live in Kansas City. The location is perfect for a Midwest living in a metropolitan city but, has a small town feel to it. Owning a home remains the American dream and we got lucky that we found our dream home just a year ago. Finding a dream home is not easy because it involves the price you can afford, the location suited for your lifestyle and the necessity to find the house features that you need. If you live in Kansas City, you are lucky because finding your dream home is just one click away. Thorough property search is stressful but, when you find the right house meant for you, the moment you walk in, you will know that it is the house for you and your family.

I mention about location because it is a very important factor in finding your dream home. Do not take for granted the location because if you find a house in a good neighborhood then, you can't go wrong with how much you spend for it. We look for more than 60 properties in three months and there are properties that are too good to be true considering the price and the condition of the house but, the location is unfavorable. Safety is important so; no matter how gorgeous and ready-to-move in the house is but the neighborhood is not safe, you will end up losing your money. Be smart, be patient and make sure that you have a knowledgeable Remax agent that helps you out. Good luck on your house hunting!

This is a sponsored post written by me, all the points, opinions and views are my own.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Treats from IZEA

I received these sweet goodies from IZEA and it made my day happy. Thank you IZEA for remembering to greet me on Valentines Day. I spent that day with my husband celebrating at home and we cook a special seafood dinner for both of us. We decided not to dine out because we dine out more than three times a week so; for a change, we cook our own food.

I had a magical Valentine's day this year. I hope yours as well. Thanks for stopping in my blog today. Have a good week ahead.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreaming the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2013

Oh yeah, I am one of the hopefuls. Dreaming the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway for 2013 is truly my ultimate goal but, my chances as well as the others are slim. It is now in the hands of fate who will be the lucky winner this year. This house is super gorgeous and it's brand new now, who wouldn't want that for free? The tax will not be a problem because HGTV Dream Home Package includes $500,000 cash so; that will be enough to pay the taxes and other fees plus, there is a GMC brand new car. Whoever wins the fabulous giveaway can really have a fresh start of life huh?

If I win, I will move to this place and there's no holding us back because I work from home and hubby is retired. We might as well enjoy living a gorgeous house in a fabulous community. I probably can find work there too or maybe, start a day care business in the area.
I know I am not the only one dreaming to win this dream house package. My husband submit his daily entries religiously as well and he got his plans on what to do if ever he is the winner too. I know millions out there are praying to win too. I hope the angels in heaven favor my prayers :-) Good luck everyone! May the right person wins! How about you? Did you submit entries? What would you do if you win?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hubble 3-D on IMAX at Kennedy Space Center

Just 15 minutes away from home is the Kennedy Space Center. I consider myself lucky to live in this area where I can see scheduled space shuttle launch as well as meet astronauts in person. Hubby and I have a Commander's Pass so, we can go here anytime as we want. Have you seen Huble 3-D movie? Few days ago, we visited KSA to watch the new IMAX® film Hubble 3-D.
It is 3-D so; it feels like I was floating beside space-walking astronaut. It was a powerful story of the Hubble Space Telescope and this movie was narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. Watching Hubble 3-D offers a glimpse of how beautiful and amazing life on earth and with the help of the great creation the Hubble Space Telescope,  it provides images about our beautiful planet Earth, the universe and beyond.
Indeed, there is no better place to watch the story of the Hubble Space Telescope than from KSA. After all, Space Shuttle Discovery was launched here in 1990. Hubble Space Telescope is the greatest telescope ever built was deployed on that year. The film is truly amazing for it features the footage from the final Hubble repair mission aboard STS-125. Watching the movie in 3-D is a wonderful experience. It shows the space shuttle launch sequence, dangerous spacewalks when they repair the telescope and my most favorite part of the film was when they show the magnificent tour of the cosmos.

The Hubble Space Telescope shows clear images of the amazing distant galaxies. The impressive view of the universe is just amazing. Hubble telescope also provides imagery about ancient stars, nebulae and galaxies. Hubble Space Telescope is truly an incredible creation.

Anyway, photos here were taken at the Rocket Garden in Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

You should watch the movie guys and make sure that your children watch it with you. I truly salute all the scientists for their extra-ordinary skills and knowledge on Science and Exploration. May God bless them and keep them safe always. Thanks for stopping by and please, let us spread peace and let us love Mother Earth. Stay safe everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ravens Won Superbowl XLVII

Having a SUPERBOWL hangover yet? That was a great game last night huh? The 49ers vs Ravens game was held at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana which is the home of my favorite team SAINTS.
  photo superbowlXLVII_zpsb4cc49c6.jpg
 This is the same place used as a shelter during KATRINA in August of 2005. Some people were unable to evacuate when Hurricane Katrina struck and during the storm, a large section of the outer covering was peeled off by high winds. That was an awful incident knowing thousands of people were in there. Well, that was history and the event of SUPERBOWL XLVII has transformed the place into a spectacular place.
  photo superdome_zps305ba698.jpg
Power outage during the game was truly a big controversy. I made a funny remark on my Facebook wall just to keep busy LOL. That 33 minutes power outage after the second half of the game really changed the momentum of the game don’t you think? It was right after the Ravens ran the ball all the way to the touchdown scoring 28 to 6 with 13 minutes left.  photo XLVIIgame_zps58929fa8.jpg
When the power came back, the 49ers regrouped and scored from 6 to 29. What an amazing game! What had happened? Ravens scored so dragging from 28 to 34.
They got the ball and the kick would give them 3 points and could bring their score to 37. The 29 minutes is crucial because if the 49ers will have the ball, with luck, they could make a score and they could win.
  photo CoachRavens_zpsd302e77e.jpg
The strategy of RAVENS was to get penalized bringing 49ers score from 29 to 31, a difference of 3 points but, that score is enough to win the RAVENS. A dangerous move but, it works for the RAVENS because the clock tick-tock to 4 seconds left. When Ravens pun the ball to 49ers, they catch it perfect but, 4 seconds is gone. There is no way that 49ers could score that way. RAVENS won 34-31. Oh, what a great game!


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