Monday, July 30, 2012

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards: Festivals and Events

We came to this place by chance when hubby and I made our short road trip on a weekend. It was December and when we saw cars pulling on the huge lot, we came and follow them out of curiosity. Parking is free and there was happy and joyous people with good music everywhere.Then, we follow the crowd in queue for wine tasting and there's no backing out but, move was fun! I don't drink wine but, on this occasion, I go with the flow. There was more than a dozen of good tasting wine provided with Godiva chocolates so; we tasted all and found four of our favorites. Yeah! we bought four bottles! Their strategy and activities were impressive and working! We met some friendly people and they too came there for the first time. It started with, what's in there?These pictures were taken at the festival grounds and they welcome local vendors. We saw nice crafts and hearty food, prices were alright. We stayed for about 3 hours and head to our destination. If you live in Florida, check out this place at:
Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards
19239 U.S. 27 North
Clermont, Florida 34715
1-800-768-WINEYou should check it out. Their festivals are family friendly so; bring your kids with you. We take note of these events this year and we hope to see you there too:
-18th Annual Harvest Grape Stomp which makes me excited happening on August 18-19,2012.
-22nd Annual Holiday Open House which will be on Nov.9,10 and 11, 2012, oh I can't wait for Christmas.
-Wine and Chocolate Festivals scheduled on Dec 8 and 9, 2012.

For more information, visit You should check out this place and bring your family.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

AstroBrights Papers Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you planning to make an invitation for birthdays or weddings any time soon? Did your boss tapped you to do a flyer for the company? Whether you are summoned to these tasks or you plan to make a brochure of your business, try using AstroBrights papers. This product has 23 bold and bright colors which you can choose and it will definitely get the attention of your clients and customers. Astrobrights are different compared to the white boring parchments because it is pleasing to the eyes. Use AstroBrights papers in making your office or home projects because the bright and bold colors are unique and it will surely capture anyone’s attention.

When you go to a paper station today, include AstroBrights papers in your school supply list.  Here’s what’s good about this product and I am sure you will love to participate. AstroBrights papers have a sweepstakes this year and it is called "Give a Brighter Year". I invite you to join for a chance to win cash prizes and school supplies worth $30,000 which will be given for the school of your choice. That’s a big money which you can contribute if you became the winner right?

You need to participate the “Make Something Astrobright" which is a family oriented design challenge. Show your creativity and take photos and video of your project and share it to Twitter or Pinterest . Upon sharing your entry, make sure that you use the hashtag #goastrobrights. It is fun, interesting and for a good cause so; share your creativity!

Don’t forget to join ASTROBRIGHTS community on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and use the hashtag #goastrobrights.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Made in China Products

No offense to my Chinese friends but, most people do not like Chinese products. Here is the irony though, here in the US, Chinese products are everywhere. The last time I check, Disney souvenir items are mostly from China.

I refrain from buying $12.50 Disney mug with tag made from China because back home, I can find a Disney mug for 10 pesos at the wet market. Not only that, products which are made in China are sold cheap and the quality is always not good. If I send a souvenir item back home, someone will be offended if they see that it's made in China. They always think that it is not original.

Remember the big debate of the US Olympic Athlete's uniforms? It was an iconic Ralph Lauren product which is an American Brand but, manufactured in China. Ironic right?In today's global economy, Chinese products are rampant in the stores such as Walmart. Check out your namebrand shoes, I bet they are made in China. Glad to know that when I check Victoria's Secrets' beauty products, they are all made in the USA. If you see a made in China tag then, you know what it means right?

I took this picture in one of the vendors and it emphasize, "nothing in here is made in China". Do you think this sign is offensive?

Products for Noise and Vibration Control

Noise is everywhere around us and most of the time, it is annoying. When we booked a hotel in Mississippi, we had a nice balcony view of the Gulf Coast. I was excited and when I open the balcony door, I was disappointed because the AC unit was below us. It ruined the purpose of the balcony feature of the room. I wonder if there are companies out there who can design and manufacture an AC unit that minimize the noise. The AC at home is at the backyard and I hate it when it kicks in while I do the gardening.

Anyway, there is a company that specialize in noise and vibration control. They are in the business since 1989 and they are the expert source for vibration isolators and soundproofing as well as vibration control. If you are looking for products such as spring isolators, vibration rails, and novibra vibration mounts, you should click the link above.

This company also offers wide selection of vibration and noise control products like whisper wave awnings, sonex curtain quilted absorber, sones mini panels, and whisperwave ceiling clouds. These products not only control the noise and vibration problems but, they look modern and elegant. Visit Isolation Technology, Inc. now and check out their products.

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards

Most weekends are like the schedule for our short roadtrips. Hubby and I would just hit the road and just enjoy the ride. One time, as we drove down the Florida Turnpike, we saw cars and buses parked on the huge area. We saw tents, people wandering on the festival grounds and we heard music from a live band. We are curious because some cars are heading that way. We follow the road and we saw the signage of Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards. The admission and parking are free for all the guests and complimentary winery tours and wine tasting were offered throughout the day. We simply follow the queue for wine tasting and it was fun. The wine tastes delicious especially with Godiva chocolates. We end up buying four bottles of Lakeridge Wine when we went home.

Mosaic Tile Store

Are you planning to splurge your kitchen? Adding a mosaic tile is quick and easy way to update your cooking area. How about giving your kitchen a stone tile makeover? If you are looking for glass, wood or glass mosaic tile, there is no problem with that. Depending on your style and preference, has it all.

You can choose the color and design which will transform your ordinary kitchen into a custom cooking space that you have been dreaming about. Adding a backsplash in your kitchen will definitely introduce a visual spark. Everyone will take notice of your chosen mosaic tile especially when it becomes the focal point in the kitchen.

When we bought this house about three months ago, the kitchen is outdated and has dingy ceiling. We decided to splurge it and gutted everything in it. Now, we have new steel appliances, new cabinets and light fixtures plus, my husband has chosen his favorite backsplash. The design and color of the backsplash compliments the counter top.

If your kitchen needs improvement but wanted to spend less then, visit the Website and buy a mosaic tile. They offer on sale products most of the time so; you might check on that too.

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine is just 2 hours drive from our place. The road trip is on the coastal road with the view of the Pacific Ocean passing by Daytona Beach, the mecca of motor sports. If you are traveling to Saint Augustine, you should take an hour or two and splash on the water of Daytona beautiful beach before heading to Saint Augustine.In the vicinity of the old town of Saint Augustine there stood the oldest masonry fort of the US along the shore of Matanza Bay. I took the picture above as we head to the entrance of the fort.This is the main gate of the fort. The area is 20.5 acres big and includes a reconstructed section of the walled defense line. The details of the architectural design of the fort are distinctive and unique. Castillo de san marcos is an excellent example of the "bastion system" of fortification.We came here twice on our last visit and we truly enjoyed checking out each weapons and armory, old memorabilia, and canons displayed at the top of the fort. If you stand where the canon was, you will see the entire Bay area. No wonder that this fort successfully defend it's territory against British attacks.Would you like to see some videos of ghost stories in San Marcos? Check it out in YouTube "Ghost Adventures Castillo de San Marcos" and find out what happened to the team of Ghost Adventure.Honestly, the city of Saint Augustine is creepy and eerie at night. When we leave the fort as they close at about 6PM, we walked across the street to locate our car in the parking lot nearby the church. We were lost in downtown and though we hear the music of the bars nearby, we cannot find our way and there was no one on the streets but us. It was about 9PM when we found a guard of the Flagler College and asked for direction. We were not scared with ghosts but, we were looking at our back as if someone is following us.

Beachfront Property in Florida

I always dreamed of living in a property where I can see the beach from the kitchen window. That will be exciting right? I also dreamed of waking up in the morning and enjoying the sunshine view from my bedroom french door or; listening to the waves and enjoying the sea breeze. What a refreshing day it would be. How about having a cup of coffee at the porch and watching the beautiful sunset by the beach? What a delightful day it would be if we own a house on seaside location.

When we were in Mississippi, the beach is accessible from our place in fact, the beach is just 5 minutes drive. I love taking pictures of the beautiful houses in that area. They have the best sunset views all year round and I am so envious. All these features and elegant lifestyle living can be found in so many beachfront properties here in Florida.

Three months ago, we bought a house here in Florida and the beach is just nearby. Though we can feel the sea breeze when we are on our porch, we cannot just walk to the beach. For now, we are happy with the property we bought and looking forward in the future that we can afford to buy a property on the seaside.

Are you looking for Seaside Real Estate in Florida? Check out the oceanfront condominiums located in Gulf Stream Florida. I tell you right now, this location is amazing and the view of the ocean is fantastic. Dreaming for a luxury living? Consider this place and I am sure you will be blown away.

Palm City, Gainesville, Lake Mary, Stuart, and Santa Rosa Beach properties are available for a resort-style and beach front living. If you need more information about the properties of these places in Florida, just visit the Website today. You will definitely find your dream beach front home in Florida.

Homeless on the Streets of Miami

My husband do not like to go in downtown Miami because the parking is hard, most of the streets are one-way, and they have rampant problem with homeless people wandering on the streets begging for money to tourists. Near the Bayside Market has many benches, it was occupied by some of the homeless.

Most big cities have this problem in fact, Downtown Orlando has it too. They occupied Lake Eola benches and they have free meals provided by religious and private sectors. It became a problem when the homeless trash the park with their garbage after every meal. There was city ordinance made as to the proper time and place for giving meals to the homeless. It was not easy for the city because some did not follow the ordinance and so; arrests were made.

Anyway, when we went to Miami, we stayed in Intercontinental Hotel. It was a nice and expensive hotel but, it is in the right location to my business appointment. The hotel is also near the Bayside Market and metro system.

On the way to my appointment across the street, my husband and I were walking on Biscayne Boulevard. We noticed a homeless man following us and nagged in Spanish. There was no one around but us and I tried to ignore him. We keep walking. My husband told him to speak in English so; he struggle to mumble in English and all we could understand was "Dragon lady, go back to your country".

I tried to ignore him thinking he is a crazy man but, he came in front of me and tried to spit on me. My husband was so mad, made a fist and ready to punch him but, he ran away. He look back and shouted at me " dragon lady, go back to your country".

In my mind, why did he call me dragon lady? My skin is brown and I am not a Chinese, LOL. He can't speak English and he showed me a pin, he claimed he is an American. That I am not welcome in his country. When I ignored him, he was infuriated. He kept nagging in Spanish and shouted "Dragon Lady, Go Back to your Country" I was amused by this clown!

Low Income Housing for Low Income Family

For so many months, my husband and I searched for properties from Orlando to West Palm Bay areas. Finding the good location, peaceful neighborhood, low crime rate areas, accessible to groceries and malls are some of the factors included in our wish list. It's hard to find a property that has these property features. In reality, we needed to sacrifice other wish list to a much practical necessities.

We actually scheduled to look for 48 houses in the span of 7 months, bid for 9 properties and when we are about to give up, we got a call from the realtor that the last bid we made was given a consideration when the buyer walkout. I believe that if it is meant to be, it will be granted smoothly because we got the property in 3 hours after the call. The processing went smoothly and in 1 week, payment made in cash and key was given to us. The next week, we started fixing minor stuffs such as painting and we moved in happy and contented.

Real estate and housing dived rock bottom and there are so many foreclosures everywhere we go. This is the right time to buy a property if you have none and have the savings in the bank. But, what if you lost your house to foreclosure and you have a bad credit? Does it mean you are doomed and your family will go homeless?

The answer is NO! There is a solution to your problem and if your income qualifies, you will be granted a low income housing. You can also avail a Rent to Own property and all you need to do is register to the Website to view the listings. There are options which you can choose depending of which you qualify such as public rental housing, privately-owned rental housing, and home buyer assistance programs.

It is actually your prerogative to give your family a descent home. Take advantage of this opportunity now. Visit the Website and click on the state where you live to find the housing list in your area. There are more than 50,000 available properties for low income families. Check it out now.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Statuary and Garden Decors in Colonial Drive

My father-in-law died of old age two years ago just two days before my birthday. Hubby and I always have him in our minds especially when we are in a garden center and in a restaurant. When we live with him, we spent more time gardening and mowing in his huge backyard. When we were tired, we go out and eat. We seldom cook in the kitchen. In his final months, he just want to dine out a lot.Anyway, hubby always wanted to buy something to put on his father's grave.

When hubby and I saw this statuary and garden decors in 17821 East Colonial Drive in Orlando, 32820 we stopped by and look around. My husband saw the stepping stone with US Air Force design on it is just perfect. We also bought a bird bath. Both items are so heavy so; if you plan to visit this place, you need to bring someone to help you carry the decors.

Planning to buy statues? This company has thousands of products such as religious, oriental, fountains, classic, wildlife, planters, bird baths, benches, pedestal, wall plaques and many more. They also have columns and balusters, concrete fireplace, gazebo and more. You should check it out! Here's the business and telephone #: Distinctive Statuary and Water Gardens , 407-568-6622.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

iPhone Ringtones

Much as I wanted to have one but, iPhone is not offered in the phone line company where I subscribed. I have to wait until my contract is over and it will not be for long. I cannot wait! How about you? Do you have an iPhone? You are so lucky and I admit it, I am so envious! Are you looking for iPhone ringtones now? You are on the right track! Ringtones are the easiest way to personalize your phone and since you have a fancy cellphone, I know that you won't settle for boring ringtones. Download the unique and most funny ringtones available in iphone ringtones Website. It is very easy to use and you will not spend big money just to have the right ringtones.

Have you explored all the apple apps? Are you satisfied with the apps you downloaded and tested? If not then, do not be wary because when you click the link above, you can get the apps that will truly meet your desired needs and it is guaranteed!

You will be amazed by their huge ringtone collections and you can browse them directly on your iPhone. Imagine the 500,000 ringtones in their database which you can search according to category, name and many more. If you have a favorite song and wanted to use it as a ringtone, all you have to do is to visit the link and follow the given instructions.

You can use the songs from your iPod library to create ringtones and customize them according to your preference. Not only that, you can also use the microphone to record and customize your own ringtones. Sounds great, right? What are you waiting for? Visit the Website today for more information about iPhone ringtones. I am sure you will have the good time listening to different kinds of ringtones.

Friday, July 20, 2012

James Eagan Holmes Named as the Shooter of the Aurora Colorado Massacre

I am still glued on TV and watching the news about the movie theatre massacre in Aurora Colorado. My heart bleeds when I saw the interview of the father of the 6 year old child, the youngest casualty of the massacre. The father was still in shock and I hope his relatives will be there for him.

The child was among the 12 people who died presumably with gunshot wounds. The father agreed to be interviewed on TV but, he hid his identity and just showing his back. He was hoping that someone will do the courtesy to kill the shooter James Eagan Holmes.

It is a normal reaction to be angry at this situation. But, the question remains and we might never know the answer as to WHY James Eagan Holmes kill those innocent people. What drives him to do evil acts?

I can only sigh! My only hope is that the bereaved families will find peace in their hearts soon. God bless the victims and their families.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listening to Oldies Music

My husband and I get along on listening to Oldies Music. Using our satellite radio in the car, we have one favorite station that we tuned in all the time when hit the road. It relaxes the mind and most of all, the lyrics are sensible. I was born in the 70's but, I appreciate the music written as early as 1950's. The oldies music has harmony and it doesn't irritate the ears. Well, some of the music in this generation are more on shouting and screaming. No offense but, I don't think they are actually music. They are more likely categorized as noise, don't you think?

I have a friend in college and she was younger than I am but, she can sing so many songs from her parents' generation. In fact, I heard and learn some of the songs through her. When some of the oldies music has a revival, I usually compare it to the original. Sometimes, the revival song is better than the original maybe because of the tempo, voice quality and the style in singing made it a hit. In this generation, there are so many talented artists around but, they lack the material. The lyrics in the oldies music are well written and have the heart. That's reason enough why people still loves to listen oldies music.

Concrete Ceramics Marble Statues

While traveling from Cocoa Beach (our area) to Orlando, we passed by a big lot full of garden decors made of ceramics, marbles and solid concrete. Out of curiosity, we look around and they have thousands of products. They have different animal statues, medieval arts, columns, garden decors molded in different sizes. The bigger the statue, the higher the price tag but, their prices are way better compared to the display in the mall. The temperature was in the 90's at that time so; we decided to come back. On the next visit we bought a bird bath and a round air force marker to put on the grave for my father-in-law. Both items are made in solid concrete and the design was genius.

Real Estate in South Carolina

Are you planning to move to a place with subtropical climate? South Carolina is a good place to consider and if you are looking for a way where your family will have fun in the sun, you will definitely enjoy the soft sandy beaches in Myrtle Beach. If you can afford to own a vacation home in South Carolina then, check out the listings in Brand Name Real Estate.

This company specialized in real estate brokerage and their offices are easy to locate in major cities in South Carolina. You can't go wrong if you tap this company to help you find the right home for your family for they have sold over 100 million dollars in real estate properties already. Visit the Website and their hard working agents will be there to guide you to the best location you want to live and show you the properties that you and your family might be interested. This company has about 175 competitive agents who have the knowledge about the area so; if you want the best location, they will deliver.

Their offices are located in major cities such as Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Beaufort. The agents of Brand Name Real Estate are allowed to make their own decisions so; they will listen to your needs and they will be able to customize their services just to help you find the property that you need for your family.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Jungle Adventures Nature Animal Park

This is Swampy, the biggest roadside gator attraction here in Florida. At 200 ft long, swampy is known as the world's largest gator ... and yeah, swampy is soooo friendly too LOL! From where we live, it's about 22 minutes drive to this place called Christmas, Florida. Oh yeah, this place is awesome because their Christmas is all year round. In fact, their town, their post office and some souvenir shops in the area have Christmas trees with christmas lights and Christmas decors. Amazing huh? Anyway, we always pass by this park when we go to Orlando so; I am always curious. I know that inside the tummy of swampy is the restroom and the gift shop of the park and here's what I know too:Inside, guests will be able to see the exotic tropical birds, wolves, deer and the black bear native in Florida. If you love feeding them, yes you will have the opportunity too. Now, this might be scary for me but, guests will have the chance to have a jungle swamp cruise with 200 gators nearby. I don't know if I will take the chance of seeing the gators thru cruising. Thinking about it made me nervous already.

I would definitely see the giant African tortoise that they have and also, there is a wildlife show featuring the panthers, critters and more. Live shows are interesting so; I might see that. Well, they also have a replica of 16th century Spanish Fort so; I might take a look at it too.

If you love animals, you will love this place. Here is the address: 26205 East Colonial Drive (State Road 50), Christmas, Florida 32709. General entrance is 21.95, seniors are $18.95, children ages 3 to 11 is $14.95 but, if you have children under 3 years old, they are free. I might go there sometime. Maybe in cold season when gators are not super active. >o<

How To Make Money

When we live in Mississippi with my father-in-law, one of the things that I do every night was printing his stock report. He taught me how to make money online using the stock market but, it was hard for me to figure out how to detect a losing company. Time is the essence and at 90 years old, he was so smart and knows the business well. Time and time again, he would remind me that to make money, you have to work for it. There is no shortcuts and that stuck in my mind.

BCB Generation Flip Flop

Talking about comfy flip flops? I got one which I bought from Victoria's Secret. This is BCB generation product and I like wearing it when we go to the beach. I stand 5 ft so; wearing this flip flops would make me look taller too.It was on sale when I bought it and I have a free coupon code so; it was a good deal.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wearing Flats for Fashion and Style

If you consider yourself as a trendy shoes shopper then, you must have flat flootwear in your closet. Whether summer wear for the beach or casual get up in the mall, flats are fun and comfy to wear for summer time. While nude is often a difficult color to pull off, you'll feel great in your nude Tory Burch Caroline flats, where you can view here! Colors affect your mood so; wearing the right color makes you feel energized and definitely enhanced your overall apperance. Aside from the colors, you should check out this how-to guide as to what type of flats to wear and what to pair them with.

Basically, flats are trendy to wear these days not only because of the summer heat but, flats are back on the market for fashion and style. If you are used to wearing high heels then, find something that has a half inch at least. You will get used to it sooner than you could ever imagine. The switch to wearing flats from high heeled shoes and vice-versa must be frustrating. But, just give it a time and you will be alright. Most likely, women will stumble easily from wearing high heeled shoes but, wearing flats are the same thing. I have known few friends who are not comfortable wearing flats footwear ( at first attempt ) because they tend to slip off their feet. Anyway, they are fine and enjoyed wearing flats now. They have the patience so; at present they can switch from wearing flats to high heeled shoes.

Samsung Plasma 50" TV

We got this Samsung Plasma TV in 2010 at HHGregg but, it was actually a free item worth $600 after we bought a set of Living Room furniture at RoomsToGo. It was 7 pcs of furniture's so; they gave away this TV for free. After using this TV for 6 months, it started to show red spots and sometimes the red spots would occupy the face and covers the left side of the screen. For every appliances that we bought in the house, we always have an insurance so; we ask them to fix it.Someone came and tried to fix it but, it still bleed through with red spots so; the insurance gave us a full refund of $600. The company did not bother to haul away this TV so; we still have it. I am using it in the office and red spots are still visible but, it didn't bother me at all. The sound is great, the screen is clear and most of all, it's a free TV. Couldn't ask for more. We used the check to buy another 50" TV, an LG Plasma. It was great! If you buy expensive appliances and furniture's, get an insurance for 3 years. It is really worth it!

Emerging Optical Technology

Have you seen an innovation that truly blows your mind? I saw this info graphic which for me is a breakthrough in optical innovation. Have you check out the Emerging Technology Info Graphic? If not then, take a look at the image below:
zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152)
Innovation in technology goes beyond our imagination. It keeps getting better especially with Google's Project Program which has an amazing concept. An eyeglass that can take photographs of what you are looking at and easy sharing thru Google would be awesome. An eyeglass that provides weather forecast when you look at the outside would be a great idea. How about an eyeglass that features voice to text dictation? Innovative and high fashion glasses will soon accessible in the market.

Emerging Technology Info Graphic shows one of a kind project of reality eyeglasses, contact lens and robotic eyeglasses. Would that be exciting to wear? For sure, it will become a hit because the innovative stylish glasses would help blind people see. For more information about this project, please check out the info graphic above and visit the website of If you are looking for affordable glasses, you should browse the selection at Zenni. They have quality glasses and the price is right on every family budget.

Sentinel Newspaper

Finally, we have one newspaper delivered today which is really good. It was just annoying to keep receiving two newspapers for almost a month. We called the Sentinel 1-800# and was connected to a representative from some country outside the US. Nothing happens and they make things complicated.Anyway, we were able to speak to the Editor of the newspaper in Orlando and they were able to fix it the next day. What a big relief! We love Sentinel!

Payday Loan Online

No matter how we work, responsibilities will keep piling up. There are times that we spent more than what we earn especially when a member in the family got sick. That would mean financial wreck because in reality, hospital bills are expensive without the health insurance. If you are not in trouble financially then, do not go into that direction. Live according to your means and do not use your card into something that you do not need. If ever you made wrong choices before and you are drowning with debts, try to consolidate it.

Are you having a meltdown because you are in the verge of financial ruin? Take off that stress off your shoulder and check out payday loan. If you have bad credits and afraid that banks will just turn down your application, payday loan online can help you out. The verification procedures are easy and quick so; you should visit the Website today.

What would you do if your loan application was turned down by the banks? Will you get mad? That will be a normal reaction right? But, do not despair because there are many ways to tackle your problem. Have you tried asking help from your family? What about asking a little favor from friends? If you have no guts to approach your family and friends then, try payday loans online.

When you do it online, make sure that the site is legitimate and be vigilant. There are scammers who are lurking online so; be very careful always. There are lenders online that offer quick cash and the verification procedures are not that complicated. Once you have that money, use it wisely and make sure you can afford the loan. As much as possible, set yourself free from debts. You will have a happy life when you are debt free.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Murray Lawnmower

We have a good size yard exactly the same to most of our neighbors in the area. Since we have been living in a condo before, we do not do yard work. Our HOA fee covered for everything. Now that we bought a house and have a good size yard, hubby and I are excited to cut our grass and do gardening. We love doing yard work because we have the time to do it. We bought a Murray 22" 2-in-1 High-Wheel Push Mower. It has a 4-point and 5-position height adjuster. It really works good and it starts right away every time hubby cranks it. When we bought it, it was already assembled so; we used it right at once!We are so glad that we bought this monstrous helper. Would I recommend this lawnmower?

AFTER less than 3 months of using:

I need to post an update here. If you plan to buy any MURRAY brand...THINK TWICE. We bought this item in WALMART and added a 2 year warranty in it. It just quit working after less than 3 months of using it. DO NOT BUY A LAWNMOWER AT WALMART!

We called Walmart and they DO NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. They told us to call Briggs and Stratton and Murray then, we have to call the insurance company and we did exactly what they want us to do. The hassle of finding a company to fix it plus we waited 3 weeks for them to fix it is truly a pain in the neck! After more than a month, the guy said it can't be fix so he called Briggs and Stratton and they told him, he had to send the products to their company at our expense. We bought it for less than $200 and the cost to send it is expensive. Are they crazy?

The insurance in WALMART sucks! DO NOT BUY ANY lawn mower in WALMART. DO NOT BUY any lawn mower with MURRAY brand or BRIGGS Stratton brand. Today, we lose our $200 for this stupid low quality lawn mower!

Marcus Evans Conference

Dining out should be fun and enjoyable but, sometimes it will end up disastrous. Factors could be the person you are with, could be the food or it could be the bad service of the restaurant. Have you ever experience unpleasant service of the food server in a restaurant? If you don't then, lucky you! If you did have a bad experience, what action did you pursue? When you voice out your complaint, did someone do something about it?

Most businesses faces challenges regarding product development, marketing and even customer satisfaction should be excellent. It cannot survive without the advise of the experts such as Marcus Evans. Have you ever wondered who handles the customer complaints of the retail industries and food business? Some companies hire experts to tackle customer complaints and other related concerns. If the customer complaints are handled effectively and professionally, the good name of the business will be protected.

Marcus Evans holds conferences and advise businesses on how to effectively handle customer complaints and online rip off schemes. Nowadays, scammers and fraudulent complaints go up a notch higher. If you own a business, you should also protect your business to avoid losing. The best way to counter this negative issue is to arm you with the right knowledge. Visit the link and Marcus Evans will address the specific needs of your business.

Free Jessica Simpson Wedge from Victoria's Secret

This is a Jessica Simpson's cut-out wedge sandal, a product sold at Victoria's Secret. The original price tag of this wedge is $89 but, on sale during my birthday week. I got this item for free using the coupons which Victoria's Secret sent to me as a birthday gift.
This buckle straps item is 4 1/2" with 3 colors to choose from: coffee, luggage and black.It is very comfortable to wear. You should check it out now before it runs out.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Friend on the Poker Table

Time flies so fast and it just dawned on me that for the past two years, I am working online at my home. Pretty soon, I will be out looking for a new job away from the virtual world. I have no complain whatsoever but, my online activities are my sideline and I do not intend to quit because I enjoyed it. Yet, it is important for me to work outside the comfort of my home, have a regular schedule to manage, do the workload systematically and work in harmony with my boss and office mates.

Prior to my stay at home wife role, my husband and I lived in Mississippi. I was working in one of the 9 casinos in the area. At first, I was excited and happy but, later on, the thrill and excitement vanished into thin air. The smoke inside my workplace bothered me. I got sick so; I quit after a year. I can still remember the sound of the slot machines that echoes in my ears when I think about my workplace. Though I work at a graveyard shift, everyone inside the casino is wide awake and always crowded. Most of the guests were big spender and all night long, they were playing the slot machines and the poker tables.

Some of my co-workers handles table games and they polish their skills when they play with the leader on online poker. On their day off, they compete and play online. I have a Vietnamese friend whom I called "poker girl" because she kept on winning. The poker game is her forte plus, she got the good luck every time she plays. There were bad days of course but, with all the tips she got from the guests on her shift, a quarter of it she spends online. I don't hear from her for months now. She used to call me. I might give her a ring anytime this week.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Free Armor ALL Products

A month ago, Armor All had a sweepstakes and I participated wishing to win the car giveaway. Oh yeah, that was the major prize that they have and luckily for me, I won free products which I was so grateful. Anyway, someone won the brand new car ... lucky one huh?I was lucky too because I got these products for free. My husband was really surprise when this product was delivered to us.When I join the sweepstakes I only knew about the car prize so; having these delivered was like blessing in disguise and I am so happy. Thank you Armor All.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4 Fireworks

How was your July 4th celebration everyone? I bet it was a blast! We spent the day watching TV mostly old movies about American History and war movies. We were busy in the kitchen as well and we did fire the grill for a tasty baby back ribs. Dinner was served early as we prepare ourselves to see the fireworks in the neighborhood. It was spectacular!The pictures above were taken at Lake Eola in Orlando last year. We were there early at 4pm to find a good parking space though the fireworks scheduled in the evening. It was always nice to be in Lake Eola every 4th of July but, we have fireworks in our area too. In fact, we went to the Indian River, fireworks were everywhere and it was like a chain of fireworks from Titusville, Cocoa Beach, and Merritt Island that lasted for hours. It was a fun and safe July 4th celebration.

Early Shopping for Baby Carriers

The moment you know that you conceived a precious child in your womb, wealth of emotions play in your aura. That's what I noticed from my friends who look so radiant, happy and excited when they knew that they are pregnant. If you've been on the hunt for a great baby sling but are confused of which to choose, you're not the only one! There are many different styles so you should definitely do your research. Try reading reviews and browsing different baby sling websites.

I have one friend who already shop for baby carrier options, bought baby clothes up to 24 months and renovate one room for the baby. They look forward to welcome the new member of the family and taking care of pregnancy needs, set aside budget for labor costs, making to-do lists are but usual preparations. I call it responsible parenthood and glad to know that they are excited for the new member of the family.

Anyway, children bring joy and happiness in the family. It may be a riot when the house is full of kids but, when they went out for a sleep-over in granny's place, the quietness in the house is deafening. My cousin called me on the phone the other day and wanted a chit-chat because she was bored in the house. The kids spent their weekends in their grannies so; she's all by herself and she's not used to it. She misses the children so bad for they are the only one that can make the house lively and fun.

Grill Canopy with Two Shelves

My husband and I had a wonderful time yesterday. We invited friends to come over and celebrate the 4th with us but, the weather was not cooperating. It was like a storm and traveling is not the best option for them so; they didn't come which was alright with us. Whole day we are busy in the kitchen and at night, we watch the fireworks nearby the park. The moon was so pretty by the Indian River. Fireworks were everywhere and it feels like New Year here in Brevard County. Nevertheless, I sleep well with the sound of fireworks in my neighborhood. It was a safe and joyful celebration.We did use the grill and the grill gazebo really served the purpose. It was raining but, we managed to use the grill because the gazebo gave us the shade. It is durable and constructed with a powder-coated steel frame. The covering is made of polyester fabric and this product is fade and flame resistant. Grilling underneath it is alright. It has two glass shelves on the side and this grill gazebo provides outdoor counter space to enjoy. It is very easy to assemble if you are planning to buy it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Use UMAC Balikbayan Box

I sent boxes to the Philippines every two months and usually, I had to wait for the box to arrive then, send the next box. I was surprised this time because the box that I sent dated May 10 arrived to the address in less than 2 months. It was the first time that my box arrived that early.

I have been using UMAC Express for 4 years now and so far, I had no problems with them. They promised that Balikbayan boxes will arrive in 2-3 months and it did. Only this time, it was better because it arrived so early.

If you live in Orlando area, I recommend UMAC Balikbayan box because right now, you can send a jumbo box for only $70. If you did send a box thru UMAC and wanted to know the Estimated Time of Arrival, check it out in Make sure you have your receipt # if you want to track your box and I advise you to check it after a month.

Two months ago, I had some inquiries and I sent them an email. They replied the next day. So; if you have problems with your UMAC box, you can email them directly.

Affordable Vessel Sinks

We went to a home furnishing store the other day and look around bathroom fixtures, cabinets and stylish sinks. I was just blown away as to how expensive the vessel sinks were in that store. I love the immaculate detail, sleek design and by the look of the product, I can tell that it's easy to clean. For now, I can only wish for it because the price is way off my budget. I need to widen my search to find cheap vessel sinks somewhere. Perhaps, online is the best platform to look for this item. I just hope that I can find free shipping deal and easy return if in case the item comes in defect.

Since we were in the vicinity of a shopping center, my husband was complaining about his footwear. He wanted to buy a new pair of flip flops so we went to a huge shoe store. There was on sale items for the 4th of July celebration and he bought a cheap chacos. Well, after the 50% off, we were able to pay less than $30 which was a good deal. I almost bought a cheap sperrys for women with the combination of colors I love but I told to myself, nah... got a pair of those already. We need to stick to our budget so we could buy that beautiful vessel sink. I can't wait to have that product installed in the guest bathroom.

Today, I am glued on my laptop and determined to find a red rectangular shaped vessel sink. Amber or copper might be alright as long as the color is not white. I have a white pedestal sink in my bathroom and I am just bored with it. I want the beautiful vessel sink as the contemporary piece in the guest bathroom. In a year or two, I will upgrade my bathroom and get rid of that pedestal sink.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bakeware Set by Anchor

Lately, I enjoyed baking for my tastebuds pleasure so; I made some on sale shopping online armed with some coupons. I only paid less than $20 for this 15 pcs bakeware set.My 15 pieces starter bakeware set consists of the following: a baking dish, a square cake dish, loaf pan dish, mixing bowls, mixing bowls, and storage dishes with plastic covers. If you are looking for bakeware set, you should check out this product in your local store.

Computer Training Venues

Where is the best place to facilitate computer training venues in your area? Are you satisfied with the media services they provided with your group? If not then, what do you think is the perfect training venue? I can suggest one company that will provide the comfort you are looking for with wide variety of visual imaging equipment's and more.

As a participant to many meetings, I prefer a venue which is centrally located and accessible by a regular transportation. Attending a conference would be nice if the venue is spacious for everyone and conducive to acquiring new ideas. Complete audio and visual equipment's should be available so that the conference would not be boring. More likely, participants are more attentive once they saw a visual presentation therefore; a conference room should be a technology enhanced venue.

If your company is looking for an outstanding training venue then, you should check out the meeting room of Cliftons, one of the best providers of training venues in Asia Pacific. This company ensures a productive learning ambiance for your conferences and meetings. Their facility is sophisticated and they provide staffs to assist all your needs to make your conferences and meetings a successful one. For more information, you should visit the links provided above.

Weslo Cadence G40 Treadmill for my Birthday

I would love to have this Weslo Cadence G40 treadmill for my birthday this week. I saw this in the store and it was so huge and heavy, that's the negative part of having this gigantic 250lb machine. This is an affordable exercise machine with a 2.25-HP motor, roomy treadbelt and impact reducing cushioning. This is good for cardio workout and most of the reviews rated this machine in perfect score. Most complaints are about the assembly or the machine arrived in broken pieces. Other than that, the machine works good. It has four personal training workouts designed by a certified personal trainer. You can adjust to increase the workout intensity and burn more calories. This product also features a heart rate monitor to ensure the right training zone throughout the workout.Weslo Cadence G40 Treadmill has 2.25-HP impulse motor, engineered to maintain its strength for long-term use. It has 1 - 10 MPH QuickSpeed control to instantly change the speed with the single touch of a button. Has 3-position manual incline increases calorie burn and reduces joint impact. The 16" x 50" treadbelt is designed to operate smoother and more quietly than the average treadmill belt.

This product is SpaceSaver design that allows the deck to fold vertically for storage. The motivational racetrack visually displays the workout progress. Has a blue-tinted LCD with priority display tracks the speed, time, distance, calories and pulse on the exercise machine. Not only that, it has an easy pulse heart rate monitor that gives a reading with the convenient thumb sensor. Oh I wanted this machine badly!

Ab Toning Devices

Most of my friends are body conscious. They not only have an exercise room at home but, they are strict with their diet too. They seldom go to fast food chains but, love to cook their healthy food in their kitchen. Believe it or not, I have friends who love to show their 6 pack abs when we have a pool party. Everyone would tease each other as to who got the flatter stomach.

I am surrounded with healthy people for crying out loud and when we have parties, a moment turns to fabulous. Women have their pretty bikinis on and even if they have kids, they still look great. I am the only one who does not have kids so; I maintain a slim figure.

Anyway, if you wanted to be healthy, eat a healthy food and do a regular exercise. You do not prefer to be a couch potato right? So; do something that makes you feel good and if you feel losing that confidence, start your workout today. Check out the ab machines and ab toning belts at You might find it interesting and it may ignite your enthusiasm to get to a better fit.

If you hate to visit the gym, do your fitness at home and buy the exercise equipment that you needed. You can't go wrong with this initiative because it can only lead you to a healthy lifestyle. If you visit, the site is a good resource for any information about proper diet, ab machines, ab belts and stronger abs.

Having a healthy body is awesome! Go and start your workout today.


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