Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ships by Barry Manilow

While at my workplace, I listen to Pandora music or watch YouTube videos using my Blackberry phone. I usually pick up my favorite song writers and favorite singers then, I go from there. I like the music of Barry Manilow and I was surfing his songs. I came across to an old video with him narrating something about his childhood experience. I realized he came from a broken family too. Well, I listen... just listen...
I love this song but, it never occurred to me that it was about father-son relationship. A happy song in celebration of a good relationship. I can fully understand the sigh he made as he sit on the piano. The only memory that Barry Manilow remember his father was when he gave him a radio for his birthday.

Funny, I remembered my father too when he gave me a watch and a card for my birthday, LOL. Well, that was a long time ago. So; for all the fathers out there, visit your children every week and make sure you are there when they need you. If you take for granted your children's childhood memories and you are not there, you will only as good as a radio or a watch.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Have you been to the movies lately? If not, check out AVATAR in the movie theater near you. This movie is in 3D so, it really enhanced the action and the amazing world which we can only imagine in dreams. The movie is made in a holistic manner where it tackles about war, family, love of nature, love of mankind, love, respect, compassion and friendship. It also shows greed, power and evil but of course, the Good will prevail. The scenic view is spectacular, the creatures are wonderful and the avatars are very attractive. Well, after the end of the movie, I appreciate their beauty in that movie. Just watch the full movie but first, watch this trailer.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Driving by the Beach

We went to Hard Rock last Friday and had our dinner in the Satisfaction Buffet. It is a place where we hang out most of the time because the food is simply great. I took these pictures as we drove on our way to the casino.
The view at the back of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. These are shrimp boats and mostly owned by Vietnamese fishermen.
The island in the picture is called Deer Island. There are locals who go all the way to that island and do camping.
A closer look of the Deer Island showing at the background. The posts on the water are damaged private dock from the Hurricane Katrina, yes ... it is still there.
Biloxi is a nice place. The beaches are good for swimming, jetski rides and blessed with fresh seafoods especially king crabs and craw fish.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Favorite Song

I stayed in youtube today, just watching my favorite music videos. Here's one music that I love to listen over and over again.

It’s not the flowers, wrapped in fancy paper
It’s not the ring, I wear around my finger
There’s nothing in all the world I need
When I have you here beside me, here beside me
So you could give me wings to fly
And catch me if I fall
Or pull the stars down from the sky
So I could wish on them all
But I couldn’t ask for more
‘Cause your love is the greatest gift of all

In your arms, I found a strength inside me
And in your eyes, there’s a light to guide me
I would be lost without you
And all that my heart could ever want has come true

So you could give me wings to fly
And catch me if I fall
Or pull the stars down from the sky
SoI could wish on them all
But I couldn’t ask for more
‘Cause your love is the greatest gift of all

You could offer me the sun, the moon
And I would still believe
You gave me everything
When you gave your heart to me

But I couldn’t ask for more
‘Cause your love is the greatest gift of all

You could give me wings to fly
And catch me if I fall
Or pull the stars down from the sky
So I could wish on them all
But I couldn’t ask for more
‘Cause your love is the greatest gift of all
Your love is the greatest gift of all
Greatest gift of all

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Year Old Domain

What's the update of my life as a blogger? Nothing much really. My priority is my work which is the connecting thread of my worthiness because I am earning and blogging is my soul. Even though I seldom posted multiple blogs in a day, I still manage to keep it updated. I have three blogs and I wanted to keep it for as long as I can. Right now, I am in the dilemma whether to sign up for another year for my domain or just let it go. I purchased my domain a year ago this month while I was PR2. The blogging opportunities at that time was left and right. I have direct offers from advertisers but, when I purchased this domain, my PR was gone. It's been a year and my PR was still zero. I have almost 200 paid post written in this blog. Google doesn't like that. I was a bit frustrated at first but, I learned to be patient. I know, it will be back somehow. If not, I am alright. I am enjoying my blogs and I have readers who found my blog using Google. To all my visitors, thank you for visiting my blog. To all the bloggers who are never tired of visiting my three blogs, thank you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Microplush Blanket at Walmart

Winter is here and we need to wrapped ourselves with warm and comfortable blanket. I went to WALMART and look around in their FOR THE HOME section. We all know that this store offers the lowest price they could give for the consumers. Okay, Microplush Blanket is soft and thick yet very lightweight.
It is made up of 100% microfiber yarns that are soft to the touch. I bought the Taupe color to lighten my bed and it is a twin size which is 90 by 66. I highly recommend this product if you are planning to buy a blanket to keep you warm. No matter what store you are heading right now, check this kind of product. Better yet, buy it at Walmart because this is only 14.88 to 24.88 and I highly recommend this product.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Saints VS Cardinals

Excited for this Saturday's big game of the SAINTS (my team) versus Cardinals of Arizona. It will be held January 16 and even though it is my nap time because I have to work at 11 in the evening, probably , I can watch it. WHO DAT? the famous yell of the Saints Fans. I have been to New Orleans thrice and I love it especially the French Quarter. Anyway, I am not super positive that they will make it to the Super Bowl because they lost 3 successive games. Tomorrow, I wish them to win BIG TIME! WHO DAT SAY THEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS? WHO DAT?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free Printer Driver Download

Do you love FREE samples? Nowadays, we need to take every opportunity to get the freebies available as long as it is legal. If I have the time, I tried to join the contest online but sad to note, I never win any of the contest yet but, received some free stuffs. If you do the same activity that I did, get your Free Sample Cartridges Offered after Printer Driver Download Link here. This is a free sample that you and I usually needed in our home office. Why not grab the chance right? Just visit the link provided here and read the instructions on how to get the free sample cartridges. Every time I received my freebies, whether expensive or not, it just delights my day. Take advantage of this free sample because it is really a good deal to get. Anyway, if you are looking for a FREE Printer Driver Download, visit this Website today. All you have to do is to type in your printer brand, model and operating system, and give your email address. They will send you the driver in your email address and it will be once only. Be sure that you type your email address correctly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a Thought on Politics

I refrain from posting issues about politics because some bloggers will ignite in temper once I point some views. During the Presidential election of 2008, I posted issues in politics almost everyday and of course, I got detractors from each camp. I remain observant on what's happening in the US. After Obama won, I believe that people who voted for him see the goodness of his heart and believe that those promises will be fulfilled. People must believe him as the agent of CHANGE. And now, I wonder if those people who voted Obama still have the same trust on him. Yes, nobody can solve the problem overnight. Nobody can solve a problem in just a year term. But, was any of those promises fulfilled yet? Have you felt the change that the Americans desired it to be?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Marife

Here is another special person to blog about because it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday my dear sister. I encouraged her to make a blog and monetize it. But, a week before we should get our Google-ad sense paycheck we were both banned. Oh well, we were both mad at Google-Ad sense. Well, she was lazy to update her blog from then on. She will be back i know. Just to let you know that I am always here for you. Next travel is US right? Not too soon yet, LOL. I will buy a house first so you can stay here longer. Stay pretty and Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I am looking forward to see snow in our backyard. No luck yet! People here are praying for normal weather here in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Last night, we had a reading of 15 degrees, below freezing temperature. It was freezing cold, everyone was wrapped up or hypothermia and frost bite will hit you.
As we arrived home, I noticed that the rooftop of my husband's car had white stuff on it. As I get closer, those were snowflakes. I was just fascinated! The state where I live in never had snow. Florida is the Sunshine State, so; once in a blue moon really. Here in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, seldom. My father-in-law said, it did snow for few hours but that was a long time ago.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Beef Stew

In my workplace, we have FREE food everyday. We also have a break room with good cook in the kitchen. There are so many food to choose in the display area such as salad, cake, rolls, chips, unlimited drinks in all kinds and if you want to order warm food, the cook will make it from scratch. I usually love to eat rice, sweet and sour, ham, pork spare ribs and sweet potato. Those are delicious alright but, when you eat the same type of food almost everyday (for months), your taste buds will complain. During my day off, I would pamper myself with Filipino Foods such as this beef stew with Datu Puti Soy Sauce in it.
The picture above is my finish product but, I let it sit in the crock pot after using the frying pan..
I chose the red meat but it was lean so it was not tough to eat. I have pre-chopped onions, bell pepper with colors green, yellow and red.
I am not a cook but, i tried to cook the food that I missed so much.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Logo Design

Last month, I was looking for style and design of letters to update the logo of our small business. We wanted to use the color that looks professional since my husband is in the notary business. Before, we used simple bold letters with light brown combination. It looks so dull really. I tried using the mint green but, my husband totally opposed it. That color is not suitable for the business we are into. Anyway, we finally had it after so many trial and errors. Are you looking for a custom design logo for your business and establishment? You can check our professional logo design and they will offer you the quality service that you need. You will get a professional logo design that you like through this Website. We own our small business for four years now. We just change the color of the logo to make it more attractive yet, soothing to the eyes. The color is important so that our clients will recognize our business logo right away. And also, it is easy for them to identify the kind of business we offer through this style. To avoid the hassle that we have been through, just check out the link provided here to get your logo. It is affordable and no sweat at all.

Magellan 4.3 Roadmate 1420 GPS

A GPS is just one of the gifts that I gave to my husband last Christmas. He loves it so much because it's easy to locate the place or establishment that we wanted to go. We both love road trips and last year, we traveled from Miami, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana by land using the maps which AVIS rent-a-car gave us. We love reading maps but then, having the GPS will gave us time to be lazy sometimes, lol. I highly recommend this gadget if you are looking for gifts for men.
Here's the Description:

  • Navigate in style with the Magellan 4.3" RoadMate 1420 GPS. It features a bright 4.3" touchscreen, spoken street names and directional guidance.
  • 4.3" color touchscreen
  • Quickspell with Smart City search
  • Highway exit POI lets you find services near upcoming highway exits
  • Spoken street names and directional guidance
  • AAA TourBook and member roadside assistance
  • Preloaded maps of the contiguous 48 United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
  • 6 million points of interest help you find gas stations, restauraunts, hotels, ATMs and more
  • Qwerty keyboard lets you input text easily

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Losing Weight

A year ago in the school where I work, I was the smallest among the teachers in the campus. They teased me that I am a lean meat. I was not too happy about their compliments and I wanted to gain more weight. So, I made an effort to gain weight which I accomplished gradually. Lately, I noticed that I have fats in my stomach area which I find it amusing. I am not a body conscious person but, if this fat builds-up everyday then, it would really freak me out. I can now understand why my co-teachers like my body figure and I should learn to be appreciative for those endearing comments. On the other side of the coin, I was thinking what if I can not maintain my body figure? Well, there are so many options to consider in accomplishing a beautiful body. Some women consider the services of lapbandphyiscian . If you have struggled with your weight and end up hopeless, check it out. If no amount of dieting and exercise has worked, a surgical weight loss option may be right for you. If this option will build up your self-confidence then, this surgery is worth taking.

Having Peace of Mind

My husband and I went shopping for car accessories today. I bought car seat covers and steering wheel cover because luckily, I found a good deal. Of course, I choose the color and design that I like most for my new van. I am the second owner of this vehicle and I have no regrets because it runs excellent. I bought this van from my sister-in-law and it is in good condition. We process the car insurance two weeks ago and the papers arrived this week. We add it to our existing policy that is why it was process faster. Do you have car insurance? This should not be neglected and you should have one.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pecan Health Benefits

The display during the Peter Anderson Festival which was held in Ocean Springs, Mississippi also includes food and delicacies. I love any kinds of nuts and this display will not go unnoticed with my sight.
Pecan is native to Southern Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. It is also found at the east to western Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and western Tennessee. Likewise, in south through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida. Pecan pie and pecan coated with chocolates are just one of my favorite snacks to gobble on. The word Pecan is from an Algonquian word that means a nut requiring a stone to crack.
Pecan is a good source of protein and unsaturated fats. It is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and a diet rich in nuts can lower the risk of gallstones in women. The antioxidants and plant sterols found in pecans reduce high cholesterol by reducing the "bad" LDL cholesterol levels. According to a Clinical research, eating about a handful of pecans each day may help lower cholesterol levels. A research conducted at the University of Georgia confirmed that pecans contain plant sterols, which are known for their cholesterol-lowering ability. Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as pecans, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease."

Monday, January 4, 2010

First Van

My sister-in-law bought a new Expedition and she sold her old van to us. I gladly bought it and just today, we process all the necessary documents for legality. I got a new tag and insurance today too and was really happy that I accomplish everything today. Insurance is necessary for every important possession we own and we never neglected to renew it. Having car insurance removes the hassles associated with any accidents. It simplifies claims process and that is what body shop irvine services do to their clients. Fix Auto and other car insurance companies mostly ensure us to have peace of mind whenever we encounter unfortunate events on the road.
I purchased this car in cash to avoid car loan financing option. I accepted the fact that my dream to own a Hummer last year was put on halt. I am saving my earnings to buy it this year though. I know you will be wondering why I wanted a huge vehicle. It makes me feel safer while driving on the road with a huge vehicle. This van is good for me really. It is very spacious inside and can accommodate seven passengers. This is my first van, my first car purchase and I am proud of myself to own it while working for just three months.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How Do You Get Rid of Annoying Person?

I asked few of my co-workers if this man is DUMB or DUMBER! Some of them said, this man is the DUMBEST! It really gets on my nerve every second of every millisecond that he passed by on my work area. If this man is SMART, he should stay away from my sight! Or, I will really report him to HR for harassment! This is the good action right, my blogger friends?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

I can't believe that time just zooming fast! I was so excited about Christmas and all the happenings with in that month were stock in memories now. I was not able to blog about how exciting that was. This is my second year new year celebration in the US. If I am in New York, probably it will be exciting to welcome the New Year just like what we saw on TV. But, here I am in Mississippi plus I am working so, my new year was just ordinary. In the casino where I work, we drop the balloons and less than two thousand guests but, the NOISE and GLEE was so ordinary to me.
Here are the pictures that I took at 8 AM today. We decided to pass by the Beach Boulevard in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. It is so quite!
The first sunshine for 2010 in Mississippi Gulf Coast. The weather is nice and chilly, and the sea was so calm. Taken on the bridge that connects Biloxi and Ocean Springs. The picture below was taken n Highway 90, Mississippi Gulf Coast in Biloxi area.
I love to celebrate the New Year in the Philippines. I miss the fireworks back home. SM Mall which is 5 minutes away from the house has fireworks almost every night. I miss the grocery rush of buying 13 kinds of fruits. I miss the crunchy lechon on the table. I miss the homemade ham, croquetas and fettucini of my mom. I miss the fireworks of the neighbors and loud music on the streets. I miss the family parties of my friends where we hop from one house to another until dawn. I miss singing the karaoke and I miss eating with family and friends. I miss the normal New Year celebration in the Philippines.

Well, despite of my NOSTALGIA, I welcome the New Year with a positive attitude. I will spend the rest of the day with my husband (*v*)


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