Sunday, July 31, 2011

Angel Card Holder Free Stuff

I got an angel card for years now and this has been one of the best cards ever because it helps boosts my credit history. I love shopping online and I love the FREE stuff's from VS. Almost every month, they have an exclusive giveaway from Angel holders such as $10 off, FREE new hiphugger which is really cool and no purchase necessary.Back in PI, my cousins and friends loves VS products so, whenever there's a new item for each season, Angel holders can purchase it few days before it goes to the market display.
Now, here is another FREE stuff for August, if you purchase any amount, you will get a travel size mist, that's a $10 worth of FREE item and that makes me a happy camper!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bayside in the Old City of Saint Augustine

It was my husband's plan that we will visit Saint Augustine, Florida. I had no regrets because the place is very beautiful, full of charm and rich in history.The pictures below were taken at the the bay side area of the Old City.Watching the boats sailing on the bay during the sunset was pretty relaxing. That is why when we realized that it was getting dark, we returned to our parking lot.But since it was dark already, we missed the turn and we were lost inside a residential area LOL! It was a hilarious experience because we were not the only one who were lost. We came to the parking lot after 10 minutes.We were inside a big place surrounded with tall buildings and it was almost 10PM, few people are walking lost too LOL. We saw security guards and we asked where we are, they said we are inside Flagler College. Just one turn on the left is the parking lot whewww!The place is very quite at night except for few bars open and some homeless walking on the streets. It was a pleasant vacation.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inside Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is known to be the gateway to space exploration. KSC is also the home to America's Space Shuttle and the place where the ISS-International Space Station hardware assembled from. Last July 08, the final lift off of Atlantis served as the end of the era of Shuttle Program. This is the viewing area, the closest place where a visitor can view the launch of a shuttle.
Above is the picture of the launch pad. This is the closest viewing area, beyond this is strictly for employees and scientists only. You may click it to get the closer look.
This is the Rocket Garden and it's very unique for obvious reasons.
The big building at the far end is the assembly area of shuttle. The wide lanes are the path for the Crawler Transporter. You know when the shuttle will be transported to the launching pad, Crawler Transporter is the machine that will do it.
If you visit Florida, do not miss Kennedy Space Center and that would complete your Florida Travel.

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

Accidents happen all the time. No matter how careful we are, others drive erratically which causes accidents. Are you protected with your insurance? If you are searching for a company that offers motor vehicle liability insurance then, you are good. If you have accidents on the road, this will protect you from being sued by the other party. It will pay the damages of your car and the other car too. You should get this insurance now for peace of mind and for great savings in the long run.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Visiting Beau Rivage in Biloxi

This is our favorite hotel and casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.Just taking time to take pictures inside the hotel.I love their inside garden and these flowers are real.
Taking pictures at the garage to show the Gulf Coast view.
When you travel Highway 90 in Mississippi, you have to visit Beau Rivage, just next to Hard Rock. Check out their casual dining too. For $10/person, you will be satisfied with your meal in the buffet area.

Straight Talk 2

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sonic Boom of Atlantis

Today, I woke up around 5:15 to watch on TV the live telecast of Shuttle Atlantis landing back to earth after it's 13 day mission to International Space Center-ISC. I am always excited to feel the Sonic Boom. As demonstrated by the picture below, when the Atlantis enter the earth's atmosphere this morning, we heard the sonic boom. It is a sound like an explosion in fact, we can feel the shaking of our home.Since, 2008 whenever there's a launch happening in Kennedy Space Center, we love to watch it outside our yard. It was tiny but clear enough to see as it lift up to the sky. The Atlantis lift off happened on my birthday and it was the final launch and the end of the era of Shuttle Program. We went to Port Canaveral to witness the launch, a history making event for mankind. It's beautiful isn't it?The Atlantis safe landing at Kennedy Space Center, 5:56AM July 21,2011, just awesome! The first two pictures shown in this post were googled and the last picture was snipped from NASA website.

Living in Calgary

Planning to live somewhere else other than your home? Check out Calgary Apartment Rentals where you can find the freedom to relax. When you are at the comfort of your home, sometimes you dream to have a getaway place to live. This place is the largest city in Alberta, Canada but, situated in the Grassland region and rivers run through the area. Calgary is beautiful and you can expect that the place is multicultural and diverse in its totality. A good place to consider as your second home because it is located between Canadian Rockies and Canadian Prairies. Besides that great location, Calgary is known with a low crime-rate city so; you can be assured that your stay here will be fun and memorable.

The NW and SW location of Calgary are the residential areas therefore, a desirable place to live. And if you love the downtown living just to be closer with the nightlife and restaurants, you have all the power to find a great apartment in this location too. Whichever you prefer, you can find the best apartment rentals in Calgary. Check out this place today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crowd: Shuttle Atlantis Lift Off

July 8th was the launched for Shuttle Atlantis and it was a successful event. It lifts off from the launched pad inside Kennedy Space Center.It was a spectacle that most of the attendees were weeping with joy. It was the final launched for the shuttle program so; it was a history making event.The main road heading to Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach were jampacked with motorists and visitors coming from all over the country.We were at the bridge area where the Kennedy Space Center is just accros the Banana River. The weather was cloudy but, it cleared up during the scheduled launch. The business in this area is booming especially when there's big events happening in the Kennedy Space center. The hotels are fully booked and restaurants are so busy with guests and diners.As far as you can see, RV's and cars were park on the side of the highway and the traffic enforcers allowed this to happen with close monitoring of the traffic.

Healthcare Insurance

After I submitted my resignation letter to my employer, the thought of losing my healthcare insurance dawned on me. If I can't find a new job soon, I can't afford an insurance which has an excellent benefits.I t is so hard to live without it even if I am well today it doesn't mean that I will always be healthy. Like you, I am also searching for affordable health insurance with the best health benefits as possible as I can get .

We are all vulnerable with diseases and sickness therefore, we should prioritize the need to purchase a discount medical insurance policies. The medical benefit depends on the type of insurance we need, the premium we pay and all other considerations. When you are searching for the best health insurance quotes, it would take some thorough research and there are so many aspects to consider. It usually vary to each individual depending on their capability to pay. As for me, lower health premiums is what I can afford to pay but, the coverage that I need is right here. What about you? Check the Website today for your free quotes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Decor and Arrangement

When we moved to our new condo property, I had no idea how to pull out together to make this room comfortable and jive to the kitchen area. This mirror was so heavy and finding a place to hang was really a big challenge. We are still in the process of re-arranging the furnitures and some decors at present time though.Here's the simple arrangement on the table top. A candle holder with blue candles to match the three vases beside the entertainment area.The close up wall decor, 6 sailing boats which the texture is a good balance for the room.Here's the three vases with some beautiful native "fancies" just to add the earth color condept of the room.I was inspired by watching HGTV's home design show. It's still on the process but, what do you think? Share your input and I greatly appreciate it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

GE Pro Bridge X500

I am in a dilemma right now! I wanted to buy a DSLR camera either Canon EOS Rebel or Nikon D3000. I love to take pictures. DSLR camera has complicated features that would take me awhile to fully understand its features. I am tempted to buy this camera intead and get acquainted with it's features first. Besides, I am waiting for good deals maybe on Black Friday this year. Anyway, this camera is good for me I think. This is a GE Pro bridge camera. The new X500 is powerful and easy to use. One of the features of GE X500 16MP UltraZoom Digital Camera is the 16 megapixel resolution. It delivers excellent picture quality thru the GE 15X Optical Zoom, 4.9mm-73.5mm zoom lens. It offers f/3.0 to f/5.2 aperture and features a 15x optical zoom with 2.7" TFT LCD display. The focus selection, photo viewing and movie recording is excellent. You can record movies on this DSLR camera and it has 20 scene modes. This camera can also provide creative options for taking eye-catching photos with accurate color because it has Optical Image Stabilization. It can reduce image blur Memory Card Specifications should be: Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards , Internal Memory: 13.7MB , 1 SD/SDHC Slot. The price? It's only $149. What do you think? Shall I buy this?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Netflix Notice

Since my visit to the Philippines, we seldom use the unlimited DVD's plan of our Netflix account. But, almost everyday, I used the unlimited streaming in my laptop or TV using the Wii Console. Both plans, we only pay for $10+ and now, here comes the notice. Was I happy? Of course not! Netflix should give something back for those who are loyal customers. I have Netflix for years now and I have no problem with them. The DVD's are on time! Now, I will opt to Unlimited Streaming Plan than the DVD. I am disappointed but, it's their business strategy so, customers can only choose accordingly. For now, I will order an old movie which I wanted to watch again titled "LOVE AFFAIR" by Warren Beaty and Annette Bening. My last DVD from Netflix supposedly!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At Lowe's

On the first week of July, we keep coming back to Lowe's Home Department Warehouse to buy materials for our new rental income property. This store has almost everything that we needed for our property furnishings such as light fixtures, bathroom accessories and more.What I like about this store aside from the self service cashier area, the returns are easy to transact. We return the door knobs that we bought because it doesn't fit and change it with another product. Some of the employees are knowledgeable in their department but, we also encountered employees who don't know a thing and can't blame them. Well, we manage to find what we are looking for though.

Real Estate Property

Across the country, there are so many families who are financially affected when the housing market collapsed! When the head of the family losses job, financial trouble comes in. If they own a house and the mortgage balloon abruptly, facing foreclosure is possible. My neighbor was affected with this dilemma so with the support of his family, they decided to find a low income housing and put their property in a short sale.For me, that is the best option to make because it doesn't hurt your credit history. This is a temporary thing to save and soon before you realize it, you are back on your feet again. If you are looking for properties to rent right now, please visit today. This is a good resource Website who help people like you search an affordable house to live. There are over 50,000 available low income housing units across the country so, you might check it now. Their listings are high quality houses. They have listings of apartments that features a detailed description, so many sample pictures and a contact information. You can call them today if you want and this may lift a little burden from your end.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fountain Display

July 4th, hubby and I went to Downtown Orlando to witness the newly renovated Lake Eola fountain display. Before the fireworks kick off, the fountain was turned on for the first time that features patriotic water, light and sound.It started at 9:30 in the evening with thousands of Floridians, visitors and tourists witnessing the said spectacular display. We all chant the countdown from 10 seconds down to 0 and the patriotic music started to play. Then, the water started to sway and the light display it's changing colors and we all watched with amazement. Young and old gasping with so much admiration and awe!
The lights in the surrounding area of Lake Eola was turned off giving emphasis on the Lake Eola Fountain. It was truly amazing and spectacular. The people living in this condominium building had the good spot to see this amazing activity!I would probably go back next year and witness the fireworks and fountain display! If you happen to pass by in Orlando next year, take time to be in Lake Eola Park. you will enjoy it!

Santa Fe Real Estate

Have you been traveling a lot for these past years? If you do, I bet you have seen variations of the local lifestyles, culture, landscape, scenery, building designs and etcetera. You probably get the idea of moving permanently to one of those places, right? That's a big possibility but, hold on to that dreams if you haven't seen the Santa Fe Real Estate and it's amazing properties yet.Knowing Santa Fe Real Estate is the best experience you should be getting simply because of it's endless array of available information. They have listings of lands, farms, ranch properties and homes for sale with numerous photos and available virtual tours. Visit the Website today and I can assure you that you will be amazed of how beautiful the place is. Check it out now!

A lazy Sunday

I was not able to go to church today because I had a terrible migraine. When I had this terrible pain, it's like I am dying! My head is so painful and I have hot flashes! My husband wanted to go to church alone and I was so happy because it was his first time to attend the mass without me. After lunch, I decided to get up and cool down in the bath tub. I stayed for more than an hour just soaking my body. The next time I know, I was feeling fine!Hubby asked me if I wanted to dine out but, I don't feel like going outside. Right then, a big storm passed by and the lightning was super scary it knocks down the electricity for seconds!I was glad we didn't go out that time and we waited until the storm passes by. We are lazy to cook for dinner so we decided to go to KFC and have a take out a grilled chicken meal. Then, we came back watching an old movie Casablanca and Forrest Gump. Today is just a lazy day that we both enjoyed! The pictures above were taken after the rain. I love the smell of the surrounding after the rain. It just smells sweet and tidy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Provone Cheese

Husband and I loves any milk-based food products and that includes provolone cheese and swiss cheese. We typically use it as ingredients in all our cooking recipes. For breakfast, we love to have a scrambled egg with lots of tomatoes and cheese in it. But, wait until you see this Mexican egg skillet which I think, one of the tastiest breakfast ever. The ingredients that we love is put together in this recipe. The mushrooms and bell peppers make it delicious and very filling topped with cheese. I am planning to prepare this breakfast tomorrow and I am glad to find the ingredients and the procedures in this recipe.If you are interested to have this meal, just visit the Website for more information. Here's a friendly reminder: don't skip your breakfast!

Final Launch of Atlantis

This is a close up picture of the final launch of Atlantis, so awesome! We all join the countdown from 10 seconds to the sentimental lift off! Then, everyone saw the light as the Atlantis ascended to the sky. Everyone is cheering and in great awe!It was memorable because it was my birthday, I requested my husband that we should go to Port Canaveral and watch the final launch of Atlantis. He was hesitant because he doesn't like big crowds! It was believed that there are a million plus visitors who will be coming over to Kennedy Space Center. I tried to explain to him that we could stay in Coco Beach or on the Bridge after the Merritt Island! The picture below is the launch pad inside Kennedy Space Center. If you visit NASA, the tour will stop right where I took this picture. No one can get closer to the launch pad except the employees for safety reasons! I am standing on the LC Observation Gantry where I can view the Launch pad, the crawlerway and the Vehicle Assembly building! We saw this Rocket Garden even though we are 15 minutes away from Kennedy Space Center. And it's hard to be inside NASA because when you get out, it's not a fun experience. The traffic to get out is terrible and if you have no patience for that, it's not worth it! I was there! I witness the historic event of mankind! I just hope that their mission will be successful and the four astronauts can comeback to earth safely!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Word and Puzzle

When I went home after my tiring work, I usually play the Free Online Games using my desktop. It somehow makes my mind relax and keep my thoughts away from the brutal paper works that I brought home with me. I love to play solitaires and mind blowing word and puzzle
Free Games most of the time. It's fun and entertaining as well as keeping me alert to push in solving the problems. After achieving my main target score, accomplishing my paper work in a timely manner is easy. It's just amazing that playing games served as my motivation to do my work better and this activity is working with me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth of July

Two years ago, I was in Mississippi watching the fireworks at the Front Beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I can't remember what we did last year though but, we were here in Orlando for a short vacation at Disney. Then, we went back to Mississippi and on the way, my sister in law called us on the phone with a sad news, my father in law has died.He died of old age on July 06 at 91 old old. The last time we saw him he was alright but sad. Anyway, I miss him today and may he rest in peace.The picture above is a map showing Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. It is the location of this year's spectacular fireworks display expecting 8o,000 people in the park. The night of the fountain display of water, light and sound! It was very beautiful and a spectacular presentation!Here is the amazing fireworks which lasted for 30 minutes together with the fountain display.As soon as the fireworks display finished, we immediately go back to the parking lot before the huge crowd start moving out of the park. The activity was exciting and fun. There was a singer singing the songs for the marines, navy, army and more. Over all, the activity was successful!


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