Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Property in Mississippi

It is a nice house, don't you think? While doing some DIY fixes in our home, our realtor in Mississippi is also busy sending us updates of homes for sale. We wanted a big yard but, she sent us this property located in the ideal place that we want to live. No yard but, there's a good size pool. I remember this house because of the vacant lot at the back next to the road that hubby and I always took the route going home from work. The vacant lot was taken cared for all the time and this house is nice looking.

The house needs some TLC and the kitchen is out dated. The price is with in our budget but, if we can negotiate to lower it down a bit to cover the renovation, this property is truly a great investment. I truly love this property.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Good Times with Glee

I admire people who can play a musical instrument. Some of my friends play the piano and guitar, and they're really talented. I was a member of Glee Club in college and in the evening, we practice. While waiting for our conductor, one of the glees will start playing the piano. Everyone will sing-along and my goodness, beautiful voices fills the air. I miss the good times with Glee. Sometimes, I will just sit in the corner listening to my friends.

I know that most of us play the guitar. Others are multi-talented because they play drums, piano, violin and saxophone. I don't know anybody who plays lyre though. It will be interesting to know if someone did. Well, if I have a time machine to return for a day, I would love to go back during practice. I want to see Prof. Abrio and Fr. Cuna again to say thank you for the wonderful things they've done for the Glee Club.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Packing my Shoes

I am already packing my shoes and clothes, ready for moving. I know that it's too early to do this. I have no choice really. Hubby and I want to move as soon as possible and we are hoping to list our property as early as February. I told my husband that I will only select 10 pairs of shoes to use but, look, it doubled.
My most favorite Nine West stiletto.
I love shoes and I don't know how many pairs I have. I like the sexy style too. Guess what? I only wear them in special occasion and when I go to church every Sunday.

I already have two boxes in the garage filled with my shoes and the third box is almost full to the top. My husband calls me Imeldefic and I don't like it, LOL.

Audio Software

I was born in the generation when Duran Duran, Menudo, Spandau Ballet, George Michael, Madonna and Michael Jackson dominated the airwaves in the music industry. It was in my generation that non-traditional instruments such as synthesizer and other electronic gadgets were used to enhance the music. It has come a long way and today, electronic music has become more popular.
The demands of audio software is not surprising because the music these days uses sound effects and more. It is just amazing what technology can do to enhance the type of music that we have today. If I were to ask you, what music is your preference?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photos of Birds

This is what I do when I'm bored. When I want to breathe a fresh air, I hang out in the gazebo and oh boy, birds hang out there too. They usually hang out frequently on the bird bath at the front yard. They go "swimming" and later on, they play with other birds on the top of the trees. They are so noisy!

I was just taking photos of insects and flowers in the backyard and then, I saw one bird watching me, curious on what I was doing.

The other bird just observing everything around , jumping to every direction.

The other partner hopped on the wire above the fence.

Each one of them occupied their territory. There was a woodpecker on the post nearby and they mind their own business.

Here is another bird on the next wire just observing peacefully.

I was taking pictures and they don't mind. They're not alarmed with my presence. Maybe they knew me by now. After all, I always make sure that the water in the bird bath are full everyday. When I re-fill the water, they jump right in.

Monday, January 13, 2014

An Amplifier Wish List

My cousin has one item listed in his wish list and he tried to share it with me hoping that I can provide it to him. When I checked it out, it is something that I can't afford so; I told him, start saving and maybe he can have it for his birthday next month, LOL. We both laugh about it!

I don't see any hindrance to getting it. He has a good paying job and I told him to quit bar hopping on Fridays to save. He saw the new traynor amplifiers at Musicians Friend and would check it out more because it is affordable than what he originally want.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wearing Pink Espadrille

For not so tall woman like I am, I brave myself to wearing 5 inches espadrille. It's a bamboo platform woven wedge and let me tell you, it is really comfortable. When I wear this footwear, I look taller especially when I paired it with jeans or Capri. If you hate the pink color, relax! This is not the girly type pink that you imagine. I bought this espadrille footwear in Victoria's Secret and I doubt if they still have it. Just check the website and check out their shoes collection.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cuisinart Automatic Bread Maker

I ordered my bread maker on the last week of December and after waiting for more than a week, it never came. That's really weird since the other 4 items arrived on time. I called and thank goodness, the customer service representative who answered me knows what he is doing. We both tried to track the item using the tracking number and it was lost. He told me, it was lost between the warehouse and the carrier. He automatically place the order for me in the same price with overnight delivery. I got my new bread maker yesterday and boy, this product is just huge and pretty. No wonder that someone will be interested to have it in their kitchen. I was really glad that the customer rep who answered my call was really nice. I hope all the customer service representative are like him.

The original price is $134.99 in and I got it for 50% off. Today, I am baking a Carrot Cake. When I am done, I will blog about it in my Food blog and I am hoping that my first attempt of using this Cuisinart Automatic Bread maker will be a success. Good luck for me. Have a great day y'all and bundle up to keep you warm. This Polar Vortex phenomenon is too much right? Have a hot cocoa and stay safe.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Social Media Properties of Skype was Targeted by Cyber Attack

This is not an ideal day to start a new year huh? When I woke up today, the tech news had this bad news for Skype users "Skype hacked". Okay, how many of you uses Skype to communicate with your family here and abroad? I bet most of us did and it maybe one time or on a daily basis but, the frequency doesn't really matter. The cyber attack has led to access Skype's social media properties including Skype's Twitter. Is there something to be alarmed? Now, what?

Skype posted this tweet in their twitter account: " You may have noticed our social media properties were targeted today. No user info was compromised. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Now we all can breathe and relax. While you chat to your family on Skype, knowing it is private and all, just remember that there are possibilities of others spying on you. Who knows really right? You will be unlucky if you will be randomly selected.

Do we have to get paranoid? Don't be! I wouldn't! Do not let this "concern" run your life. Just be very careful though every time you use the Internet, open your email or browse the web. Other than that, enjoy chatting to your family and friends on Skype. Your info is not compromised!


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