Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rock and Roller Coaster Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I am not afraid to ride these fast moving rides but, every time I forced myself to ride with it, I end up sick! It will only ruin my nice day. Much as I wanted too, my body is chicken.As it moves away, there is a camera that will take photos of the passengers reaction which they can see after the ride. Most of the time, they look scared and funny LOL.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nascar Danica Patrick Go Daddy Lady on Daytona 500

The 54th Daytona 500 was truly spectacular to see. Well, I watched it on TV and the adrenalin rush seeing the cars zooming in the speedway was breath taking. We have a 50 inches TV and it really looks real. The sound of the zooming speed of the cars was amazingly real to the ear! Imagine the 195 miles per hour speed wooo, that's really flying! Anyway, my favorite NASCAR driver Danica Patrick got caught in the crash on the first few minutes of the race. She finishes 38th.This year's Daytona 500 had been a frustrating experience but, worth it in the end. Mother nature intervened and the race was cancelled on Sunday. It was scheduled 12 noon by Monday but, it started at 7PM and ended at 1 AM, first time since 1959! Rain , fire, car wrecks, and time to tweet LOL! It was a whirlwind event but awesome!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to Hollywood Studios

My niece and her daughter from Mississippi are here in Orlando. They are staying in one of the hotels near Disney World. They went to Universal Studios today and tomorrow, they wanted to go to Disney. I will meet them inside Hollywood Studios. Wanna come with us?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crestview Hotels: Comfort Inn and Suites

After the Mardi Gras parade in D'Iberville Mississippi last Sunday, we decided to just hit the road back to Florida. It was already 4PM and after 3 hours, we thought we need a place to sleep in. We followed the Exit 56 and look for any comfy hotels.We tried asking the rates in at least 5 hotels in the area but, they are asking too high and they do not look good at all. I had a coupon book from the Alabama rest area and saw this address: 900 South Crest Drive, I-10, Exit 56 Crestview, FL 32536 US.For $74/night, Comfort Inn and Suites at Crestview is a perfect place to spend a good night sleep.The hotel sits on a hill and it's only 3 years old. It's very elegant, convenient to every restaurants, and smells clean which is really good huh? Our room has two queen beds, with spec and span bathroom and I noticed, the bath tub design is handicap-friendly.The hotel has a good size swimming pool, very clean, and every stay comes with a free hot breakfast.Our well-decorated room has a small fridge, microwave oven, hair dryer & very clean towels, a nice working table with Wi-Fi, large glass window, and huge closet. It's all I need for a short stay. If you drive from Mississippi towards Florida and needs a good night sleep, stop at the exit 56 and look for Comfort Inn and Suites. I highly recommend this place.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Construction of the Fort Matanzas National Monument

When we went to Saint Augustine Florida, we visited Fort Matanzas. In 1740, the Spanish built the Fort Matanzas to control the Matanzas inlet. The masonry tower was finished in 1742. I took this picture in the Visitor Center in Fort Matanzas.If you plan to visit the Fort, you can catch the ferry at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30. It's free and it's fun!

Spanish Translation Company

In Florida, it is easy to find a Latino community which is almost everywhere. We have so many Spanish-speaking friends who came from Puerto Rico, Columbia and other countries in South America. I can hear Spanish language daily and whenever I go, I am acquainted with them. In fact, our newspaper has a Spanish translation too and when you flip the career pages, some job requirements needed bilingual (Spanish-English) applicants. In the supermarkets, some signage written in English has Spanish translations too.
Just the other day, a woman approached me asking for help about the form she was holding. But, she was talking in Spanish and I tried to help her using my broken-Spanish, LOL. It was hard to communicate because I can understand her question but, I have limited Spanish words and I replied in English but, she can't understand even simple English.
In my country, Spanish is an obsolete subject so; our curriculum substitutes IT subjects. But, here in the US, Spanish translator is a big time job. People are seeking for a Spanish translation service for translations on their legal papers. If you are seeking for an online Spanish translation company, just check out the links here. As for me, I might study Spanish language now so; I can help the Latino when they approach me for help.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras in D'Iberville

One of the best Mardi Gras parade in Mississippi is in D'Iberville. Participants have nice themed floats, thousands of beads to throw and thousands of people flocked to watch the parade. Our cousin owned a business located on this road so, our family decided to meet there. My husband and I drove down an hour earlier but, there were road blocks already. We parked half a mile away and we had to walk to this location to be with our family. We enjoyed the parade. The beads that I got this year are less than what I have the other year. It is unfortunate for me to stay in a location with so many kids LOL. The Krewes prioritized the children first then, they neglected the others and that includes me, LOL. Here are some of my favorite beads. All the beads that I have will be donated to the friends of my mother back home. Oh they love the beads!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Throw Some Beads

"Give me some beads", parade goers would scream that to the krewe. It was such a fun and exciting activity during the Mardi Gras, catching the beads. I got lots of it and ready to ship to my friends back home. The last time, I gave it to a school and parishoners of my mother's church.My sis-in-law gave this beads and I this is my favorite. Do you wanna see the beads that I got? I will post them later.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well-Decorated House for Mardi Gras

We were in Mississippi for Mardi Gras parade and spent at the ISLE of Biloxi Hotel for 3 nights. We had a blast! Before we drove to the Mardi Gras parade in DIberville, I decided to see my friend who works in Boomtown Casino then, along the way,we saw this well-decorated house, full of Mardi Gras spirit huh?
I thought it's nice to acknowledge the owner for the effort. It was very attractive and lively!If you can't travel to New Orleans, you can set your house into a French Quarter look. This house is located along Porter Street in Biloxi Mississippi. Enjoy the Mardi Gras everyone! Happy Fat Tuesday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adding a Dog to the Family

Guest post written by Dawn Cooper:

For year's I've put off bringing a dog into the household because I was so devastated when my childhood dog passed away. I didn't want for my kids to have to go through that too. But it occurred to me when I saw them playing with a neighbor's dog that they still are missing out on a great childhood companion and I don't want to rob them of that any longer.

I want to figure out how much a dog is going to cost us more each month, though. That's definitely something I have to consider before I tell my kids that we're getting a dog. I was trying to figure that out through some online resources last week when I saw some info on relief from credit card debt. That's an issue for us and I've been unable to find ways to help with that for years. So I'm going to do that and get us on a better financial track.

I now know that we're going to be able to take care of a dog. I can't wait until we bring one home and can watch the kids play with it in the front yard.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unique Smart Car

We were at the garage of the Isle of Biloxi Hotel when we saw this unique smart car. It was so cute and I can't help but took this picture.
It has long eyelashes LOL.
So pretty huh?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day One Laptop Tote

I was looking for a bag that can hold my 15.6 size pc and found this, a Heritage Day One Laptop Tote. It is only $35 and made of Faux Leather. It has triple compartments for my organizer. There is a zipper pocket, detachable key fob, and cell phone pocket which is really convenient. The middle compartment holds my laptop.
I will recommend this quality product to anyone.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

I have no time to go to the gym and though my neighborhood is safe for jogging, I just can't find time to "squeeze in" this activity in a daily manner. So, I decided to buy this treadmill. I have been using this for more than a month now and I enjoyed it. Though it is huge, it is easy to store in one corner of the room. As for me, I store it in the Florida room. It has 6 personal trainer workouts, has 1-10 mph speed control, and with heart rate monitor which is easy to use using the thumb sensor. So far, I love my threadmill and if you are looking for this type of machine, check this out in any superstores in your area. Live healthy everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at magic Kingdom

If you are planning to visit Disney World and Magic Kingdom is one of your theme park destination then, check this attraction: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Frontierland.I took these pictures while I was on board on the Liberty Square River Boat. You can see so many things from it including this attraction. It was afternoon and the sun was gleaming brightly on us so; some of my shots are not good. I am only using BB camera phone and digital cam.I don't take these type of rides because I feel dizzy after the ride and might ruin my day so, i won't dare. I love watching people scream from the top of their lungs though.Are you adrenalin freak? This attraction is good for you! You should get a fast pass and come back on your scheduled time because the long lines here is heavy.You don't want to waste your precious time waiting on the long line right? Fast Pass is an alternative to all the rides especially this one.We will be going there today, did you know that? Around 4PM later, we will visit magic Kingdom and just go to Adventureland. Just one area and we are good to go. We might check out the Jungle Cruise again and Tinker Bell's magical Nook, sounds good?Come back next time and I will definitely post the pictures in any of my blogs, See yah!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wearing the Green Shirt on Saint Patrick's Parade

I got this FUNNY IRISH T-SHIRT on the mail yesterday and my husband tried to put it on and did this wacky pose. Oh he just loves it! His family from the mother's side came from an Irish descent. He grew up watching the Saint Patrick's Parade in his hometown in Mississippi. I was able to see it myself and I had a blast!The parade was like the Mardi Gras where the Krewe throws nice beads but, most of them are colored green. I had shamrock beads collection and some plastic mugs with ad prints of the establishments in the town. All of us (family) would watch the Saint Patrick's Parade wearing green t-shirt like this one.Living in Mississippi was different because gatherings are always fun with lots of food and stories to share. I wish that my husband and I can go to Mississippi and watch the Saint Patrick's Parade this year. It would be real fun!

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Clear Blue Water at Nassau Bahamas

Last October, we took the 4-day cruising to Bahamas hopping three islands of Freeport, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau. While at Nassau, we took the time wandering inside the ATLANTIS luxury hotel. On our way back to the Port, we took the boat ride for $3/person. All the tourists who were with us agreed that this place is blessed with clean and blue water. The gigantic building on the left is the Atlantis and below the bridge is a small wharf for the boat ride heading back to the Port. I took this picture from the 5th deck on Norwegian Cruise Ship. This is the closer look below the bridge.This is the view of the Atlantis Marina as we stroll the area at the same time going to the boat ride back to the cruise terminal. On the middle, you see the boat unloading the passengers. We came from that area and it is just a walking distance to the cruise ships. The boat ride was truly fantastic and the view from everywhere was amazingly beautiful. Nassau Bahamas is a beautiful place to visit. You should go there and I am sure, you will be in great awe!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Earning a $6,000 a Month in Home Business Opportunity is Awesome

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I worked for twelve years and I love my job but, I was ranting regarding the expenses of my daily commute. I made several requests for transfer but, the head office had their set of priorities. I decided to quit my job with no options left but, migrate to the US. Blessings come way when a friend introduced how to make money online thru blogging opportunities. "Show me the money" and I will join in was my only demand as a proof that work from home is not a hoaxed! That was 2008 and here I am, enjoying my time at home yet, I am earning more than what I earn from my previous job.  

There are other ways to earn money through online business. Amazingly, some people earn $6,000 to $7,000 a month and one mother reach that threshold is Tanya Davis. Read and Click for Full Story of this mom who finds the joy of receiving an income of 4 figures. I have known several moms who stay at home to focus on their family but, they are earning good thru home business opportunity. Weigh in if this call is for you. Check it out now and do something to out-smart the recession! .

Monday, February 6, 2012

Boat Rides at Nassau Bahamas

Bahamas is truly a beautiful and enchanting place to spend a family vacation. No wonder that celebrities came here to unwind and acquired properties to be able to stay for a long period of time. If I am rich, I would buy me a vacation house, right in the city of Nassau!In terms of area, Nassau in Bahamas is smaller than Camiguin Island in the Philippines but, three times more populated. As you can see it, the sea water is crystal blue and so clean. The gallant building above is the Atlantis which is known as the Paradise Island of Bahamas. From the Port of Nassau to the Atlantis Marina, boat rides cost $3/person. Hubby and I took the boat ride coming from the Atlantis back to the Norwegian Sky. The Bahamian people that we met are friendly. If you visit Nassau, you should take the glass bottom boat ride and I am sure, you will enjoy it. Of course, the prize is much much higher. The 360 view here was breathtaking!
If you are cruising and you sign up for a boat ride activity from the cruise line, it is more expensive but, if you have the money, why not right? After all, it is well organized and safe.You can take these ships for a short trip. The prices may vary according to the destination.Considering this is a Port area, all of us admire how clean it is. No oil spill and the water is clear, blue, and no trash floating.All the fare prices to a destination is listed in the Festival Place, a welcome center at the port of Nassau. If you ride in a van, the fare is $5/person and it should be full if not, you will pay the seats that covers for the whole trip.

Sprint 4-Day Sale You Shouldn't Miss

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The HTC EVO™ 3D is another phone that you can get for only $49.99 if you open a new line today! You should hurry since this offer is good for 4 days only. If you have an existing account at Sprint, just add it and they can ship it for FREE. $50 MIR will be converted to instant for both phones so; this is truly an amazing deal that you should not miss. Now, click the links and grab these amazing phones now before the deal runs out!

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The Gorgeous View from Our Room at the Isle of Biloxi

September was a busy month for us and I wasn't able to share some of the photos because the following months we went cruising to Bahamas then, back to Alabama by December. I only got back into blogging by January, lo and behold, it's now February! Wheww... and we will be back to Mississippi...again! Anyway, this is the view from our hotel room at the ISLE of Biloxi.We have a balcony and we truly enjoyed the view because the land mass across is the city of Ocean Springs. We lived there for 18 months and every day, I saw the Isle Hotel and Casino stood gallantly across the waters.
We like our room because the view of the bay and the Gulf was breathtaking especially at sunrise. This is the Bay Bridge that connects the cities of Biloxi and Ocean Springs along the highway 90.
On this day, I woke up early to catch the glimpse of sunrise. It was foggy and a little chilly but, it was a gorgeous day.
This is the room and the area is a good size with free WiFi.
I always like to have twin beds because I work late at night and I can have all the space I needed without waking up my husband. The picture above is taken from the Bay Bridge as we drove towards the huge building of the Isle Hotel and Casino.This month we will be coming back to Mississippi and stay at the Isle for the Mardi Gras celebration at the Gulf Coast. I will be posting more pictures soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

On the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs Mississippi

Ocean Springs is a charming city in Mississippi, was the hometown of the late Walter Inglis Anderson, a nationally renowned painter and muralist. This place hosts to several festivals and that includes the Peter Anderson Festival.These pictures were taken during the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This festival features the local artists and display their artwork, special unique decor, wood carvings and more.The prices of the products are affordable with world class quality.This town is full of charm and happy people. The community is very supportive to every events and festivals.Here is an artwork area that I love in fact, hubby bought wood carvings of birds. Peter Anderson Festival is the most celebrated event for Arts and Crafts in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This event is showcasing and giving honor to all the local painters, potters, and craft makers.
There are so many amazing art exhibit, food booths (my favorite), and there are live bands that stimulate the crowds in jolly shopping mood. There are downtown seated dining (sort of Night cafe' in Cagayan de Oro City) and lots and lots of delicious food. People who came to this festival did not only window shop but, they came here to buy the art work. I took a video but, can't find it in my folder. It would be nice to watch video online right? The picture below is my favorite art work. Oh you should check out the artist, he is just talented.Visit Ocean Springs and better check out the schedule of Peter Anderson Festival this year. If you collect art work, you will surely enjoy this festival.


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