Friday, September 20, 2013

Choosing Between the Four Main Religions

Many people are looking to get involved with a religion. Religion not only adds meaning and purpose to life, but can also bring you closer together with other people who share your beliefs. Before choosing a church, it is important to understand the four different types of religion. After selecting a religion, you can then choose a specific church, or choose to attend a non-denominational church such as Platt Park Church.
Islam is one of the most disciplined religions, as it is strict in rules and customs. Believers worship Allah, and consider Muhammad their most recent prophet. The Qur’an, Five Pillars, the Hadith, and the fatwas are all essential components of the religion that guide rules and customs. Islam has over one billion followers and is mostly common in Africa, the Middle East, and Western, Eastern, and Southeast Asia.

Buddhism is different from most religions in that it is not centered around a belief in God. Buddhism is centered on the search for a way to end human suffering and is led by a Buddha. There have been many different Buddha, one for every era. Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths (teaching of dharma), Karma, the Noble Eightfold Path, and Samsara. Additionally, Buddhists believe in rebirth and strive for Nirvana. The religion also consists of meditation, honoring Buddha, and worshipping at the temple. This religion began in India and is currently also practiced in Southeast Asia, China, and Japan.

Judaism began in the Middle East and now has over 12 million followers. It was started by the prophet Moses and uses the religious text the Tannakh (which includes the Torah). Jewish followers believe in God and follow the Laws of God, the Torah, the Oral Laws, and Dietary Laws. They also practice prayer, attend synagogues, and believe in Halakha.

Finally, the religion with the most followers worldwide is Christianity. It is a religion centered on God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Like Judaism, this religion began in the Middle East, but then spread across the globe to Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The religion is centered on the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Common Christian customs include prayer, song, and partaking of sacraments. Christianity differs from many other religions in that there are many different sects with differing beliefs. If you choose the Christian religion, you must then focus on choosing which sect to join, or you can choose to attend a non-denominational church such as Platt Park Church.

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