Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let Us Spread Peace Not War

Beyond my eyes can see,
There must be something more
Beneath the surface rush of things
There's something else in store
Beyond this daily strife, there must be more to life
An underlying rhyme in things
I must have known before

Sometimes, we are arrogant to point fingers on the individual as if one mistake is all that matters. There must be Something More to life than pointing fingers of someone's fault.

Before the seasons changed,
Before I grew too wise
I watched the passing clouds
In search of meaning in the skies

We should consider that we are human. We are not perfect. We commit mistakes. Yet! people condemn us for one simple mistake.There must be Something More that is worth considering for.

I read between the lines
But the verses lost their rhymes
And though the truth has long been told,
I'm still waiting for a sign

Look into our heart. Are we perfect to condemn others? There must be Something More in life worthy of doing, of saying.

Where are you, you whom I seek to know?
Are you the one i'm looking for?
Show your face
Why don't you break your silence now?
Take the stormy seas within me
Name these shadows trapped inside me
Claim this lost and frightened child you see
In me

Let us strive to be good when others are not. Let us not hold grudges on others.
Stop pointing others mistake but, learn something out of it.

Beyond my eyes can see,
There must be something more
Beneath the surface rush of things
There's something else in store
Beyond this daily strife, there must be more to life
An underlying rhyme in things
I must have known before

There is Something More that is important in life. Don't disguise that your soul is Crystal and others are not.

I bear my private pains
I go the extra mile
Will you be there beyond this road,
To meet me with your smile?
Before my very eyes you'll shed your last disguise
And then i'll realize I need nothing more
That the face i'll recognize

Listen to this song. May it would bring PEACE to our hearts.

1 comment:

Umma said...

Actually, I've been quite about all this brouhaha thing bec I just want to keep it for myself and been waiting for some so-called friends
to bring this out to my attention.

I admit, I made a mistake about this, and I strongly felt sorry for it but I believe people are very judgmental than being more sensible.

They never know what the genuine reason behind it and behold! They condemned you as if they were all perfect and never committed a mistake.

The reason behind it was that I overlooked everything and totally forgot about it. That was the time that I was all sick for more than a week or so and my energy was being zapped away from me therefore I asked a favor from my SIL to help me write some opps for me. Since she doesn't understand about blogging, she told me that she will just find some other sources and will let me fix it afterwards. I agreed bec in my mind - I will fix it accordingly anyway.

But guess what, I totally forgot about it and wasn't able to change the entries that she made for me.. For her, it was just a favor that she complied but I cannot blame her for that, it was me who was being delinquent that caused much stir from other people. My BAD!! The damage is being done.

But I understand how they felt, and I really apologize for that. Yet, I just wish that they gave me a reasonable doubt before jumping into conclusion.

But still, I DONT BLAME them, it's their prerogative to react and it’s beyond my control. But what struck me was the circle of friends who were making buzz out of it as if they were the one who are concerned. I hate to pinpoint but I already know who my real friends are.

There’s a quote from Oprah that I can relate:
“Anybody wants to ride with you in the Limo, but what you need is somebody who will take the bus with you when the Limo breaks down “

I believe, there are more pretenders than truest friend in this world. But I dont express my strong disapproval with them bec in my mind, we are only human who are prone to commit mistakes.

Blame me for being ignorant, I acknowledged I do need to learn more from them bec they are smarter than me I guess.

Overall, I admire you for being level headed though you don’t tolerate that kind of action, even me I supposed - but instead you‘ve shown more wisdom and you choose not to be judgmental. I’ve learned my lesson and from the bottom of my heart.. my apology to the people concerned.

Thank you for this post.


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